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  1. Looks like they did, then withdrew it. Anyhoo, quick, interesting point and thread. I don't see this going ahead. I think one side will blink. But then again i said Covid wasn't any worse than the flu last february so what do I know.
  2. I don't think there's another place to post this, and I've been told I need to talk about my wins a bit more, so I'm starting small on this corner of the forum. Last June I sold my first novel. It's to a publisher in NSW I've been working with for some time, providing short stories for children's anthologies, which is a nice break from the horror, dark sci fi/fantasy I usually write, and has gotten me emails from children who were effected by the stories, which is frankly the best payment there could be. Effected in a good way, I should point out. Anyway, th
  3. I think they've already said this.
  4. First pass at extreme weathering. Going for deep grimdark, so liking it so far.
  5. I can see that. Although I assume if that happens with TBC and a large portion of players split between that and classic raiding they won't do it for TBC when they inevitably do Lich King classic.
  6. Yeah< i reckon that's going to be te hardest to get for that reason. Way too much teamwork on your team's part and an obliging opposing team who are all alive at the time. Stlil, I'll stick at it. Nearly got them all now. Also, new changes on the test realm. Video below, but the short version: - Bap healing - splash healing decreased but on target healing increased - Bap - immortality field holds health at 10% not 20% - DVA - call Mech damage increased from 50 to 250 (this has killed me before) - Echo - after her ult finishes she'll return to what hea
  7. Beta for Burning Crusade is open. Has been for a few weeks now, and videos are slipping through of people doing the raids in provided lvl 70 gear. Karazhan has All The Feels for me. Blizzard have also said they're going to allow people the option to (for a fee) copy their characters to a progression server and to keep an copy on a legacy server that will never progress to new releases. I'm in two minds here. On one hand, I started playing classic to experience the lvl 60 game I missed on first released. But due to being old and having a family, I'm just breaking lvl
  8. Has anyone here managed to get Doom's 'six people in his ult' achievement? I'm trying to squeeze out every e character achievement and this one is killing me.
  9. While I wait for some weathering enemals to arrive I'm starting on these two Ten Thunders crews for Malifaux. Trying out some contrast paints to try and get them table ready asap.
  10. Archive event up.
  11. Nice scheme. Very Menoth from Warmachine. Maybe check if they have any decals? Also, get some micro set and micro sol. they make using transfers so easy.
  12. First time I've evr used decals. Next up is weathering, so they won't be so shiny.
  13. Really? I'm uses to n having that happen to Australia. Anyhoo, it's Metallica For Whom the Bell Tolls, Seattle 1989.
  14. Noice. For me part, I completed this 6 point viking warband, with a variable value for 'completed'* *The eagle eyed may noticed the sheilds aen't done. This is because screw painted 30 shields in a row. I'll doe them in small batches between projects as palette cleansers.
  15. Holy changes Batman! OK, hot take time... The Ana changes back to 14 ammo is interesting, considering everyone keeps saying she's already the best healer. The self use ult has been a long time coming, surprised it took them this long considering it's been in death match. The Bap changes to lamp are odd. I don't think it will make a huge difference. Great clean up chances for a Moira orb. I like the Bastion change, and he probably needed it. The Brigitte nerf is unnecessary, IMO. She's a hard to play healer and this just nerfs her usefulness for
  16. That is the only real rule change. Everything else was a tidying of the language and terminology.
  17. Wolf Guard pack markings are finnickety as hell.
  18. Well that made a huge difference! 5 out of 6 wins. My healing has dropped considerably but my damage has gone up a an equal amount. And I have discovered the joy of damage orb plus ult for quickly melting squishies.
  19. I've gone away and watched on GM guides to playing Moira, especially the ML7 unranked to GM guide. While I was correct on my resource management and positioning, they all played a lot more aggresivly than I do. I tend to heal bot, and the vats majority of my orbs are healing orbs.. Whereas watching ML7, most of his are damage orbs and he relies mostly on his healing stream. What was interesting was he came mostly gold and silver damage, in addition to being gold healing, even though his healing was much lower than my averages. I i'm rarely out healed in a match, but I was always un
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