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  1. Having said that, comp has alreayd reverted to its usual toxicity. Had a game yesterday with me and the other support being around 500 points healing less than the other team while our DPS were sitting around 10 kills each to the others' 30 kills, and guess where the DPS players thought the problem lay? Great thing about the ping system is VC is now basically optional.
  2. OW1 was, definitely. I think it's bacuse they really wanted the OW league to be a thing. We'll see if that trend continues in OW2. But one thing I've noticed in games and comments is pretty much every toon has been called OP, which is a good sign. It suggests the gooc toons are good because of the player, not the ability.* I've also tracked healing across characters and it's good to see the Lucios and Brigs can keep up with the moiras and anas. And I reckon the rankings have been fixed too. I've gone from bronze 5 in both DPS and supports after straights wins in both for rakings, to silver 1 and gold 3 respectively after two adjustments. Overall I think the game is in a good spot right now. *Not sombra and gnji, obvs. Because fuck them.
  3. I like necromunda, but the actual game rules are only half the reason. It's in a campaign where the game really shines. I haven't played Killteam, but after checking it out it struck as overly and unnecessarily complicated. The best skirmish sci fi game on the market imo is still Infinity. Complicated as hell, but not unnecessarily so. It's the best representation if an actual battle on the table top, and the minis are much better than pretty much anything on the market.
  4. My imgur app has stopped uploading my photos, so is tarted Facebook messaging them to myself and linking those. Obviously doesn't work too well, sorry.
  5. Meaning the Numenorean scenes were kept to a minimum.
  6. Due kids being little sods I have only just seen the final episode. Excellent. That's is all. Wonder if there's any correlation between that and it being Numenor'light.
  7. Awesome. I'm really getting to grips with her. Potential Moira-level healing and escape options with Zen-level burst damage.
  8. The biggest impact would be from the scales and shield, given they vcover most of the surface. In the scales case some highilighting of each scale would go a long way. It looks on first look as if it will take ages as there're so many fo them, but you can burn through just edge highlighting the upper edges really quickly. With the shield soemthing similar, however as the scales are much bigger shading and highlighting will be needed to each plate. Just keep your paint thin, take your tme, and draw the bridles towards where the drakest shade / brightest highlights will be and see how you go. After that I'd suggest some crevass shading between the different parts of the sword and where the armour and skin meet. Just some thinnend down dark brown or black paint with a thin brush in the dakrest recesses. This will helpdifferentiate between the various sections of the mini. Looks good so far.
  9. And from Bronze f5 to Silver 4 in dmg after the adjustment.
  10. Next jump I'm up to Silver 3.
  11. From Bronze 5 to Bronze 1 in Support rankings. Looks like that re organising is working.
  12. Re, Genji: Short version: characters are performing pretty much as intended right now, so no changes incoming. However devs are keeping an eye on Genji and Sombra as they're currently benefitting too much from the DPS passive. Good signs. Also, Can't help but notice the lack of Havana and the Africa map in games. This video seems to confirm they're doing some kind of rotation, so manye we'll be seeing them soon.
  13. The new ping system is great for this. You don't need voice chat for decent comp games anymore.
  14. \ Her AOE thing is her issue. Her gun damage is fine. The pusle rifle is high ROF but low damage, and the rail gun is a skill shot which puts a barrier up to her being an auto win. Gnji is an issue, though. The lack of stuns allow good genji;s to go also uncontested. I wouldn't mind seeing Cree adn Brig get their stuns back.
  15. Also once you get out of bronze things start getting less toxic as the more mature, self assured players start to take over.
  16. I'm chossing to believe this is why I got placed in DPSbronze 5 after straight wins on grading. I shall stop playing now and no one can ever say I'm wrong.
  17. He was greyed out in QP yesterday for me. Bast just plain wasn't on the list. I'm still getting used to the game without stuns. Removing CRee's flashbang and Brig's sheild bash removed the big ways to deal with good Genji's and Lucios. There's alway Mei but I have too much self respect. Id rather lose.
  18. Oh right. It did have the same feel as Noroi. I'm loving the series so far. But yeah, bearded guy I love that his first response after initial questions fail is to start wailing on people like a WWE wrestler.
  19. The ranking system is a mess at the moment. I reckon it will take a few months for it to settle at what it should be. So obvious when you get in a game with an ex plat dps in a team of bronzes.
  20. My max with Moira has been 25k so far. It's hard to get more with one less tank to heal.
  21. I said in the main film thread that The Cursed (2021) was a very good werewolf film, let down by a weak ending, but still very much worth anyone's time. Oh, except Boyd Holdbrook's ENglish accent slipped into his southern US accent more than Keanu Reeves in Dracula. Anyhoo, just watching the Senritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi Files. Soooooooo good:
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