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  1. I'm chossing to believe this is why I got placed in DPSbronze 5 after straight wins on grading. I shall stop playing now and no one can ever say I'm wrong.
  2. He was greyed out in QP yesterday for me. Bast just plain wasn't on the list. I'm still getting used to the game without stuns. Removing CRee's flashbang and Brig's sheild bash removed the big ways to deal with good Genji's and Lucios. There's alway Mei but I have too much self respect. Id rather lose.
  3. Oh right. It did have the same feel as Noroi. I'm loving the series so far. But yeah, bearded guy I love that his first response after initial questions fail is to start wailing on people like a WWE wrestler.
  4. The ranking system is a mess at the moment. I reckon it will take a few months for it to settle at what it should be. So obvious when you get in a game with an ex plat dps in a team of bronzes.
  5. My max with Moira has been 25k so far. It's hard to get more with one less tank to heal.
  6. I said in the main film thread that The Cursed (2021) was a very good werewolf film, let down by a weak ending, but still very much worth anyone's time. Oh, except Boyd Holdbrook's ENglish accent slipped into his southern US accent more than Keanu Reeves in Dracula. Anyhoo, just watching the Senritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi Files. Soooooooo good:
  7. ...that dude who shags the senator in The Boys...
  8. This has been on my radar since it first came out, but I've only just gotten around to starting it, and holy crap this might be my favouite show of all time if it can keep up the energy of the first two eps.
  9. U saw this and it made me lol. But it got me thinking, I don't think they actually interact in LOTR, just kind of stand beside each other. Frankly if no one else writes Lothlorian but The Sixth Sense then I will.
  10. The Cursed (2021) This gave Dog Soldiers a run for its money for my favourite werewolf film of all time, only let down by a slightly poor ending. But so, so pretty. 5 good doggos out of 5
  11. We've only seen him twice. No indication in the show who he might be. My thoughts are (lore spoilers):
  12. Credit where its due, the whole 'who is Sauron' thing is awesome and totally unexpected.
  13. I asked Nighcafe to create "lenny henry theophilus p. wildebeeste as Sauron", and.....
  14. It's how you all sound to the rest of us.
  15. Couple of thousand years between the two.
  16. I got ten out of ten wins for dps. Bronze 5 too.
  17. GW - Thanks for being a valued customer. Here, have a voucher. Also GW:
  18. So this is just the Beast Must die but with a less funky soundtrack?
  19. Ep7. Enjoyed it, but have several rather more issues.
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