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  1. Hustle (2022) Simply amazing. No notes. 5 hola beetches out of 5
  2. This is my biggest issue, although this is mostly through Celebrimbor. His chararcter is not being given the attention it deserves. The rest are just elfy enough. Anyhoo, interview with Wayne Yip, one of the series' directors.
  3. Deeper look into the playtime. Looks fun.
  4. It was in one of the trailers. I reckon the season will end with a big hint at who or where Sauron is. For my money (lore spoiler):
  5. Arcady sounds fun. I thought Bad Company 2 was a more arcady BF and was probably the best in the series. Cool, I'll pick this up.
  6. I'd heard that. I think we're going to introduce some custom rules outlined in the Greendragon podcast to help even out the bumps. not 100% sure what they are, but one change is to allow anyone to start anywhere, to remove the issue of some sections of the campaign map being a bit shit.
  7. I recently updated my PC and BF4 was scratching my modern war shooter itch, but it's an 8 year old game. I'd heard BF 2042 was a bit shit. Is this new CoD what I should be looking for for a more current game?
  8. I've really gotten into a LOTR kick recently. I have my fully painted Irvendell army and am midway through a decently sized Isengard army. I also have e tonne of other stuff from a big gumtree purchase over lockdown. I realised I have a lot fo stuff to put together most of an Angmar army too, minus a few characters. A guy just started up a Battlecompanies campaign at our club tooo, so I'm painting up the Angmar to play as them in it.
  9. Yep, the geologist / biologist going off on their own sequence were dumb, but I hold those were the only disjointed decisions in the film. Everything else pretty much holds up within the universes continuity. Taking an example from the same franchise - the colonial marines in Aliens. They're supposed to be the best of the best. Instead they fall apart at the first sign of stress, can't follow orders and are ill disciplined. But without them, we wouldn't have Aliens.
  10. This one irks, not because it's in the film, but because everyone commenting on how it would never happen can be easily disproved by googling googling three seconds and coming up with dozens of examples like this: There are lazy writing examples, or films where for whatever reason scenes had to be changed at the last minute, but they don't apply to Promethus, where Theron charcter was under huge pressure and had other things like alien killers on top of being in immediate life threatening decision to worry about. Anyway, Patrick Willems sums up most of these examples better than I could.
  11. That is just it. But they can't change the viewing numbers.
  12. This video is a nice break of the elements in the episode as they relate the lore as a whole ,including lots of stuff in the background I missed. The host seems nice, but us woefully ignorant of world history and events and how they would inform actions with characters in the show. Lore spoiler warning.
  13. Ep 4 picks up the pace nicely. Really enjoying Durin and Elronds bromance, and I can't help but notice we havent met Anarion yet. I believe he will enter like Rik Mayal's Captain Flashhart. Also, really like thw detail of the orcs covering themselves in chalk to act as sunscreen.
  14. Very much enjoyed this too. Tchaikosvky quickly made it into my favourite list of authors. That being said, I'm nearly done with the sequal now and it didn't stack up to the first IMO. Middle Book Syndrome, I think.
  15. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) Going through Shane Black films at the moment, and hit this little classic. All Black films are basically the same, but this is one of the best and sadly overlooked. Extra points for the immortal line, "Still gay?" "No I'm knee deep in pussy, I just love the name." Also it was thanks to this film that Robert Downey Junior got the Iron Man role. 5 peed on corpses out of 5
  16. The Mummy (2017) I heard this got slammed in reviews, but it wasn't bad so long as its seen in the non-serious delivery it was intended. Not the best film ever made, but not a wasted watch. 3 oldest sergeants in military history out of 5
  17. Great, Now I have to rewatch this. Not sarcasm, it really is great that I have to rewatch it.
  18. It is, and you're right, apologies. I'll mark lore spoilers as such.
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