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  1. Dunno. Maybe. But this cheeky little detail made me chuckle:
  2. First time I've seen the marines. They look better than I thought they would (Mantic's new in house painter is great), but I was put off tthat they're one peice plastic. I asked if there would be multipart hard plastic options later but haven't been answered yet.
  3. The most recent episode is up for Flight of the Eisenstein. I'm midway through it now. I love this series, thanks for bringing this up,Charlie. I just wish they'd do them faster.
  4. Reaper make some lovely minis, but the plastic they use in the Bones line is awful. I have my eye on a few of the centaurs, but I'll wait to see what the opinion is after the KS as ot whether I get the Bones ones or just pay the extra for the metal.
  5. The Deadzone Enforcers with riot shields have been shown off a little better: I can't wait to get my hands on these. I had high hopes for them and it looks like they've been exceeded. I'm especially liking the the hemet variants.
  6. Cool, thanks for the tip, Cocky. I'll give that a go when I come to the next vehicle.
  7. Thanks guys. It's not that I'm totally disappointed, it's just not quite the look I was going for. Having said that, it's been a learning experience, so I may try a difference shading technique for the infantry when I get them. Yeah, I found the quickshade really didn't suite the larger areas. I won't be doing that again. Probably for the next vehicle I'll just start dark and build highlights rather than try shading. I ended up light drybrushing around the more pronounced streaks, and I think they eased up a little, but I didn't want to go too far and risk drawing attention to them. I I'll leave this as is now and get to the basing and ani shine varnishing and post the end result later. Thanks again.
  8. So I've been painting a DUST walker. My aim was to use it as some kind of heavy gun platform for my incoming Deadzone Enforcer army, so I needed to sci fi it up a bit, and wanted to have a scheme which looked a little like this: This is the first vehicle I've ever painted, but I was quite pleased with how it was going. I added some paint weathering and chipping, and some bullet holes. It was going OK. Then I got to the Army Painter Quickshade. The guy who painted the mini above left a guide on his site which I was using. In it he also uses the quick shade, although the Dark while I was using the Strong tone (which is lighter in colour), so I did too. The effect wasn't quite what I wanted. I'm sure it will look fine on infantry, but on vehicles it left it looking quite muddy, and also left some streaking on the larger surfaces. I'm not completely disappointed with it at this point, but it does have a dirtier look than I wanted, and also there's the streaks. Does anyone have any tips on ho to lighten it up a little and hide those streaks? The undercoat is straight white if that makes a difference.
  9. Have you tried getting in contact with them, Cocky? I got mine weeks ago. Their facebook page is probably the quickest way to do that. Speaking fo Deadzone and facebook, someone was at Mantic last week and posted from pics of the DZ minis on his page. I'm really impressed with the Enforcers, espcially the ones wiht the riot shields. Something else I'm happy with are how the Maruaders have turned out: Very Rogue Era-style orks. So much better than their original designs.
  10. From what Jake said he's aiming to make MA more fun and random where DZ is ind depth and tactical. Apparently random event cards will feature. I'm hoping for a Tom Jones Event card.
  11. Mantic are going to be running a kickstarter in October to make a Mars Attacks! game. I quite liked the Tim Burton film, and was surprised to find the IP has a following the US like Dr Who does in the UK, and has been going for longer. I'm not totally sold on it yet, but I'm getting there. The rules are going to be a simplifed version of the Deadzone rules (available as they are right now on Jake Thornton's blog) and artwork and minis have been shown off already: The scenery is apparently what will be included in the agme, as is the mat, although they're apparently early shot and may change before the final version. Although I may end pledging just to get the scenery to run some day of the dead type games with zombicide zombies versus soldiers and cvilians.
  12. Awesome, thanks for that Cocky. As it would happen after I finish this dwarf army I have a wood elf one still in the box I was planning on painting with an autumn feel. I hope you do't mind if I steal your pallette DOn't worry, the end result will look nothing like yours. They'll probably be barely recognisable as miniratures.
  13. What struck me about the Dropzone Commander game was the board you got with it: Space Marine (later Epic 40K) was my gateway drug into the hobby, and it's always held a special place in my heart. This board would be awesome to play on.
  14. Only seven grand in the UK. In Australia where the exchange rate would make it $12,950 the price is...(drum roll, please) ... $17,645. One grand more and it would liable to pay incme tax. This is the main reason GW is losing a lot of ground to other systems in Aus.
  15. Finished this now. In short; well worth it. He hits the mental attitude of space marines just right, and keeps the action ticking over, with ever increasing stakes nicely. I'd really like to see a sequel to this.
  16. Cheers for that, Cocky. I did some googling last week and got some guides (and some latex gloves). I have no idea what the guy used to cover them all, but the detal was filhty twice over. I soaked them for 24 hours, but not everything came off, even after a good scrub, and the dettol was a black oily goo, so I soaked them for another 24 hours with fresh dettol. This time everything did come off, but the dettol was the same goopy mess. Anyway, these are the first space marines I'm seeing up close since about 1996, and I'm amazed at how much better they are now. So much more detail. I'm deciding on what chapter to paint these guys, currently tossing up between Sons of Orar and Raven Guard. I reckon Raven Guard, but with a slightly different colour scheme. The whole 'black all over thing' doesn't really appeal to me. I'll posts results when I finish them.
  17. Looks like i was using the wrong stuff. i got some with the chloroxylenol. question: do i need to thin it down as it suggests for cleaning?
  18. Ah, that was probably it then. I'll check tonight and see. Having said that, the effect it had on the general was pretty good, and i decided to keep it and just touch up the details a bit. Also, fresh smelling minis are nice.
  19. I think the Dettol in Australia is different to the one in the UK. I tried to strip the paint off an Empire General using it and all I ended up with was a very clean, pine-smelling mounted general with a pleasing glossy shade. It didn't touch the paint.
  20. As far as cheaply goes, does it have to be GW models? If you go Empire, which is good idea plus I like Empire, Perry Miniatures make some lovely infantry and mounted sergeants, and FireForge games' Teutonic Knights are some of the best in the market at the moment, and both are near half the price you would pay for GW minis.
  21. I like 'em, nice work. What range are they? The Mantic Nature army list is out now and apperantly they have gnomes, but they don't have the minis for them yet.
  22. I've finished all the After Ullanor episodes now. Thanks for the recommendation, Charlie! I can't wait for the next one about Flight of the Eisenstein. That should be coming out soon I think. I also picked up a copy of Death of Integrity by Guy Hayley, which just came out. It's a Blood Drinkers and Novemarines take on a genestealer hulk story. So far so good. I'm a big admirer of Hayley's, and given I may be in a collection with him soon I thought I should have a better understanding of his work.
  23. If those are the minis I think they are, that's very good work.
  24. It's about time someone brought the tone of this thread down. I believe I am that person. I finished my cannon battery over the weekend. I'm not 100% happy with it, but it's the first time I've painted more than a single mini ona 25mm base. I learned a lot from this part of my project. First off - don't fix large models to the base until after they've been painted. Some of the primer can be seen on the minis where I couldn't get a brush after I'd already pinned them to the base, and that's going to bother me in future. Second - test out basing schemes beforehand. I was thinking to use the same grit I do on my infantry, but thought it might be too much on a 50mm base, so I decided to break it up with some Stirland Mud textured paint, and IMO the result ended up looking like an iced donut. As an aside, the flash really makes it look like the terracota pigment I used to fill in gaps on the grit stands out, but to the naked eye it's pretty much indistinguishable. Lastly - don't use the Army Painter quickshade dip when it's cold. You can see on a few parts of the minis where it glooped together. The Mantic dwarf capes are a particular pain for this. I'm going to thin the dip down with soem white spirits and use a brush from no on, I think. Aside from that, I'm on target to finish this amry I have before the end of the year, which would make it my first fully painted army, something which I never managed when I wargamed as a teenager, so I'm happy about that. I'm taking a break from the dwarf fantasy stuff next though until I've painted up this DUST Walker I've had sitting on my shelves for the past few months.
  25. Cool, thanks for that. I'me finishing up listening to the False Gods episode and I'm really enjoying it. It's not the Guardian literary podcast, but it's too guys who really love the subject just talking about the books, and they're really fun to listen to. Plus I learned some tsuff I didn't know. Anyone else not know the first three books were meant to be just a trilogy? That actually makes sense now I look back. Next episode is Galaxy in Flames, and while I've enjoyed it so far, I don't know how much I'm going to enjoy it. I really disliked Galaxy in Flames. I said above how I don't rate Counter as a writer, but we'll see what they have to say about it. Yesterday I couldn't find the book I'm currently reading (Sharpe's Rifles by Bernard Cornwell, in case you were wondering) and the first book to hand was Brotherhood of the Snake by Dan Abnett. So I started reading that again. My god, Abnett is good.
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