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  1. Got me curious, they have a nice Streetview walkthrough on Google Gives a good idea of what games are there.
  2. Fired this up in an emulator on Sunday, very impressive. Would have blown my mind back in the early 90s to have this.
  3. Got these four from a local FB seller for $30 AUD (£17), was actually just an advert for the Super Famicom Mario World, but then he said he had a few more if I was interested. I love the Japanese boxart, looks nice on the shelf!
  4. Never through to check for a demo, shall grab this later. Got the game on my Switch wish list, so this will help me decide. Ta.
  5. Hah, I came in thinking "cool topic" then see my replies from 2005, back in I come!
  6. Bounced off this since the Aus launch, in an attempt to get me back in to it I've added everyone (god damn Nintendo, those codes!). Mines is 7340 6980 117
  7. I'm behind on this thread so need to catch up, just to add I've ordered one of these as I have a Wii U Pro controller and felt cheated that I didn't get much use out of it, so this seemed worth a try. Will report back when it arrives and I've tested it.
  8. Madjock

    SNES Mini

    Unirally does not, when you get a head of the computer player, they appear in the middle of the screen, it's weird. That and Rock & Roll Racing failed for me (black screen with R&R).
  9. Madjock

    SNES Mini

    Ah I see, I've not tried a premade build. I just don't turn it off, leave it sitting on OSMC ready for use (which is daily).
  10. Madjock

    SNES Mini

    PI Shoddiness? I have both a 1&2 at home, both are on 24/7 as they use so little electricity, it was better than turning off and on. The 2 which is my main livingroom unit runs OSMC (a fork of Kodi) with an Lakka on the menu (a fork of Retropie) which I can select, boot into and run with my 8bitdo controller. Never needed a fan, are you overclocking or trying to get N64 running on it? As for quitting, change that mapping to something more complex? I forget exactly what mine is without checking but it never gets triggered by accident. Was my main console
  11. I can see the appeal in this, just something a bit different. Keep it super slim, without the need for AA batteries and cartridges, could it be half as thin? Reminds me of that Super Retro Boy by RetroBit, which was due by now. A check on their Twitter feed confirms that it wont be out this year:
  12. Madjock

    SNES Mini

    My five to add/will add if a hack becomes available are: Pilotwings Actraiser Unirally Simcity Lost Vikings Still think Pilotwings is a weird omission.
  13. I'm on a self imposed gaming freeze until I make a dent in the dust on top of the pile of shame, but this is going to be an exception I'm sure, looks fab.
  14. More Yakuza! I missed out on the PS2/3 releases, just started with Zero, its bloody good. Got Kiwami in the post from Base, not sure when I'll have time to play it!
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