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  1. I loved that game, that was Raven Software wasn't it?
  2. Good news is they're managed to get loading times on PS5 back to approximately how it was at launch, 20 or so seconds. The "free dlc" is pretty pathetic.
  3. Fuck this game! I had one day off this week and spent most of it playing this. (I beat the second boss though....)
  4. This was exceptionally silly, and pretty enjoyable.
  5. Great fun this show. Anyone who says different is a shit variant.
  6. I really enjoyed this on PS4, have they fixed the super-jerky PS5-version yet?
  7. I remember it crashing frequently and I was impressed with how quickly I was back in the game
  8. The relatively quick loading on the PS5 was one of the few positives at launch. Last time I checked they had drastically worsened. It seems that in the race to getting the PS4 version over the hurdle, the "back compatible" one has been sacrificed.
  9. The lesser known Aerosmith song.
  10. Why am I watching this? It's totally putting me off gaming.
  11. This is so expertly plotted and acted, despite having played through it before, I'm all in with Ellie's hate-tour at the beginning.
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