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  1. Binged the first three, I think it makes every other SW-show look like a toy commercial. Genuinely invested, and it looks and sounds just great.
  2. Well, you won't see that on Rings of Power.
  3. Fucking loved it, the visuals are off the chart for cinema never mind tv. After two episodes I'm fully invested in every storyline. It's going to be a long week.
  4. Although I've really enjoyed the first 2 episodes this new one felt pitch-perfect for what they're trying to do. Loved it.
  5. Digital Foundry has sold me on this, I'll buy it when it's around £40.
  6. I really enjoy the driving in this. The world is so dense and filled with breakable objects, the car chases are proper intense and amazing. One side-gig had me driving an ice-cream van halfway across the map. The preceding firefight had left me with a flat tire which certainly added to the difficulty (I'm sure I could have restarted the checkpoint but decided to run with it.) This chase is probably in the top 3 of gaming moments for me this year, due to all the wild stuff that happened, several crazy jumps, a body count easily in the hundreds, two wheels over the edge of a bridge at one moment.
  7. You find them on the map (a car running into a person).
  8. My personal favourite activity so far is "Riding Shotgun". Absolute mayhem.
  9. Thank god they dialed back the madness.
  10. I love 4, but I think it scratches a totally different itch than this does for me.
  11. Worth it for Daemon Targaryen's armour. The rest was pretty great too.
  12. Sounds good enough for me. I really need this kind of game now.
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