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  1. So, this just updated with plenty of promised new stuff and fixes, but it's unplayable on PS5 due to the character moving by herself. I never had this problem before the patch. Well done, I guess.
  2. I haven't touched Hazard Zone myself. It sounds exactly like what I don't want in my Battlefield.
  3. There are usually a few conquest-points better suited to close combat weapons. Like the stadium in the desert map, I've spent entire rounds just fighting for A-2 and A-3.
  4. The graphics are stunning in my opinion.(PS5) Just had a real nail-biter on Battle of the Bulge. Running around with just a bazooka and my sidearm is more nerve-wracking than I remember.
  5. It seems like some changes just randomly revert to default. I keep having to change outfits and loadouts. I just unlocked MacKay too, havent tried him yet though. Does he have an awesome wingsuit and four different types of grenades?
  6. Play Rush on Portal mode. It's fast, focused and you get to use mortars and mines. Otherwise, I'd try to learn the maps and sometimes just stick with a capture-point and hold it. Edit: And play as Sundance. Why anyone would bother with anyone else is a total mystery to me.
  7. On one hand I think the gameplay is some of the best Battlefield since BF3 but then there are the worst, clunkiest menus in every possible way, dragging it down. How bloody difficult can it be to let you easily pick a spawn point or to determine your loadout. The menus fight against you at every turn.
  8. Played two hours last night and(PS5) it was pretty spectacular. This might be the one, everything is so slick and fast. Portal is a game changer but the standard conquest is eye-poppingly great too.
  9. Hopefully they'll bother to fix the performance, but cruising around Liberty City, blasting Flasback FM remembering pretty much every nook and cranny hits me right in the good nostalgia center. GTA 3 is probably permanently imprinted in my brain.
  10. Luckily for Bethesda, I'm probably in a tiny minority. I loved it at the time though.
  11. I'm probably beating a dead (but extremely profitable) dead horse, I think Skyrim has aged pretty badly. No amount of mods can disguise the grey, lifeless textures and frankly, shallow systems.
  12. Having downloaded the PS5 version now and other than very quick loading I can't see any difference from the old version. Bethesda really knocked it out of the park with this one.
  13. So, does this unlock at midnight on PS5 or not? I've seen conflicting reports.
  14. We get to enjoy the awesome Sam Neil in one of his best roles.
  15. Are the mods on PlayStation still hobbled and mainly useless then?
  16. Just watched Malignant. What a fucking ride.
  17. That's weird, I consistently get headshot-kills with even the handguns. There's really no reason not to equip all guns with armour-piercing (unless you want poison or fire, that is).
  18. Three episodes in and I'm rooting for the invaders to just fucking kill everyone. I don't know what's worse, the glacial pace or the most unlikable bunch of characters since Nazi Germany.
  19. The ability to immediately restart a mission is almost worth the admission alone.
  20. Aaw fuck, this may give what I actually wanted. A slightly improved version of three of my favourite games with modernized controls so they're actually playable in 2021.
  21. "The passion, she is back". Listening to Fernando Martinez on Emotion 98.3 while cruising around Vice City is one of my fondest gaming moments. I doubt the remaster can live up to my memories.
  22. I wish you could change ammo types on the fly, but so far I've had to use the workbench. I still haven't met an enemy that doesn't die from a stealthy arrow to the head, though.
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