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  1. I decided to finally buy Nier: Automata for just £19 instead of Returnal (which also looks good, to be fair). Man, Nier is something special isn't it?
  2. Demon's Souls is still £74 after six months.
  3. It's too much for me the way I consume games these days. I like to buy cheap and and play in short stints. Sony's efforts so far have left me pretty unimpressed, I'm pretty sure an Xbox with gamepass is in my future. These fuckers, Demon's Souls remake still hasn't had a price drop.
  4. Yeah, it doesn't get much worse than "pulled from the stores".
  5. I would call it "good" at the time, and the constant crashes weren't a deal-breaker for me because of the swift loadtimes on PS5. I'm not sure making it worse is a viable strategy, for me this is borderline unplayable at the moment. I was hoping for a "No Man's Sky"-style redemption, but I really don't think that's in the cards.
  6. Decided to check in on my PS5 after finishing the game in December. Loadtimes have now at least tripled and there's more ugly pop-in. This will never be great will it?
  7. Another vote for Bowie's Outside, amazing album. On a related note, I never liked the song Heroes. I always found it cold and meandering.
  8. I froze the world tier at 4/5 when I got there, if you just let it roll you will eventually hit a difficulty wall that is totally unnecessary.Then I just played the story for a while and found a few missions that are easily repeatable and started modding my gear at around level 20. When you find some easy missions you can begin to up the difficulty which will award better loot which in turn lets you keep world tier rolling. The Technomancer has a crazy powerful build specced around blight rounds and blight turrets which helps greatly. The bosses though, seem to require more players at higher difficulty so turn it down when you meet them. 30 is max character level, but I now have level 40 gear.
  9. There's no point in trying to kill the bosses on your highest unlocked world tier in my opinion. I always gave it a shot at first but ended up dialing it back a few notches to get through them. Just finished the story, at level 30 and world tier 13. Love it.
  10. Slow sign-in and hammered servers aside, this is smooth as fuck on PS5. The framerate seems really stable, the loading is negligible and it looks really sharp. The loot is great and with significant bonuses too. Loving my Technomancer at level 15 at the moment, but will probably roll a Pyromancer trying out the crossplay with my Series X-buddy this weekend.
  11. Well, that was much better that it had any right to. Probably the best of the new DC movies. That end-credits song almost made me attack the tv though, that lady assaulted “Halllelujah”.
  12. Personally, I was heavily into Nick Cave when I read Sandman in the 90s. They're inextricably linked in my mind.
  13. Mr.Crowley

    NIOH 2

    I'm just so goddamn slow and wear out instantly, despite the light armour.
  14. Mr.Crowley

    NIOH 2

    I'm on the PS5. The boss fight is just fucking chaos, most of the time I don't know what kills me, I depend on a summon just to keep me alive for a while.
  15. Mr.Crowley

    NIOH 2

    I think I'm about to give up this game. I just can't beat the second boss, Enenra. I'm at level 30 and I'm doing worse with every try. Goddamn.
  16. Some good performances in this but overall it felt oddly rushed to me and made me think that maybe "The Stand" doesn't have much to say anymore. Curious.
  17. It's going to be a long week. Fucking inspired TV.
  18. Fuck me, this looks good on PS5. I started in graphics mode and It plays great. Like a nice rug, the raytracing brings the whole room together.
  19. Boyd Holbrook will be a terrifying Corinthian. Really happy with what we've seen so far.
  20. Awesome show. This hits all my buttons, love the new intro.
  21. AC Valhalla bored me to tears. It's probably the most boring in the series since AC3. This however, I can't get enough of. It plays better, has better writing, the gear and abilities are cooler and just keeps me playing until morning.
  22. I did a tiny sidequest and now have a ripperdoc who gives me a discount. I think leg-mods are 45000,-, but I think I paid around 35000,-. They're worth every single eddie.
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