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  1. I've just hit the 40 hour mark and I think I'm nearing the end of act 1. In a year with Tsushima and The Last of Us 2 this is probably easily in my top 3. It does crash on me occasionally but the PS5 loads so quickly it barely matters, apart from that I've not had any bugs of notice. I really hope the developers are able to continue to add features to this amazing world and give it a bit more depth around the edges, what's already there is amazing in my opinion.
  2. Finally got enough cash to afford fortified ankles. A literal gamechanger, I can now hold X to jump much higher.
  3. I just watched the first episode and despite hating the trailers I thought this was really good. I had my doubts about the non-linear storytelling at the beginning but it came together beautifully in the end.
  4. I just binged all four episodes of the new documentary "The Ripper" ,about the Yorkshire ripper. It feels like a real snapshot of society of the time. The "usual" tale of misogyny and police getting things wrong. Highly recommended.
  5. I remember a feeling of almost limitless opportunities when I got "Under a Killing Moon"(don't laugh)with my fancy new CD-ROM all those years ago. This has given me the same feeling. Bugs and crashes be damned.
  6. Goddamn, I it 20 in street cred and can now have the ripper doc implant a
  7. I got a sweet rare katana in a side mission so I've used it to finish of stragglers. Rushing into the last guy and decapitating him never gets old.
  8. I'm only starting to get to grips with how dense and massive this city is. Bloody hell. Playing on PS5 and thoroughly enjoying it.
  9. It's total fucking chaos in death match. There are some fun guns and all the classics are there, sheep, holy handgrenades, ninjarope. Of course, I suck at it.
  10. Yikes indeed. Thankfully, Microsoft has all those awesome exclusives coming any day now.
  11. The hype has pretty much plummeted for me. The reviews would have to be absolutely stellar for me to bother playing this before the next-gen versions drop next year.
  12. I had a main mission checkpoint two fjords over in Norway, and I love the fact that instead of taking the longboat I could climb a huge mountain (plenty of secrets on the way) and trek across the landscape.
  13. Almost did a raid on power-level 150 while being only level 15 myself. Was on my third try and feeling god. Suddenly this fucking giant of a man with a huge mace slammed me face down in the mud and stepped on my head. Bastards, I'll be back. I love how frantic and chaotic the raids feel, people running all over the place, the air gradually getting thicker with the smoke from burning buildings. I almost feel I have to apologize on behalf of my ancestors.
  14. Played a few hours on the PS4 Pro last night and it looks promising. I especially love people reacting to arrow-kills, it looks really nasty.
  15. I think I'll try the "let Ubi decide"-mode.
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