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  1. We're nigh on half way through the year, stop being a pedant and accept the fact you're wrong again. They're not going to release it on Christmas day, you don't need to count until the end of December.
  2. At E3, not the pre-conferences which aren't the biggest showings of third party content.
  3. It got to 90 fucking per cent, then bummed out, and again, and again.
  4. Go to the Marketplace, New Games (right hand menu), it'll be there.
  5. The most wrong thing in the world ever. It launched at the most perfect time ever. What, you'd prefer it to launch at the end of the year at the same time as the PS3? What's the point? Getting in last Christmas was ideal, people were desperate for 360s, coverage in the media was immense compared to a mid-year release, and already has millions of sales under it's belt with a half-decent set of games and a great online service.
  6. Then you're not a massive Sony fanboy.
  7. Xbox Live works, but I can't connect to the Marketplace now, haha.
  8. Fucking hell, 31 people online, 25 downloading stuff from Marketplace.
  9. Halo 3 trailers. WMP High-Res: http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/b...ounce_large.wmv Quicktime Low-Res: http://download.microsoft.com/download/5/b...ounce_small.mov
  10. Microsoft announced a fuckload of stuff, in our little chatterbox on MSN, we agreed they'd really taken it to town. They gave people what they wanted and more, Nintendos was good, but really, didn't offer that much.
  11. Yay, it's a 360 pad with shit sticks! They haven't gotten their arses in gear, no one has used the online service, it doesn't exist, it could be a pile of wank like it is on the PS2 - which they deemed a success. Lololol
  12. 12:54: I get the official Rockstar Games announcement of Grand Theft Auto IV in my e-mail--it says that the game will be release simultaneously on Xbox 360 and PS3. Moore said it was coming to 360 first. What the...?
  13. 12:22: "Major announcement about one of greatest franchsies of all time." Says its so exciting that he has to take his shirt off. Shows Halo 2 tatto--GRAND THEFT AUTO IV tatoo on other arm. Grand Theft Auto IV October 16 2007 to Xbox 360 ONLY.
  14. We will know, look on Gamespot for fuck's sakes.
  15. Actually, like Meh said, they said ONLY ON XBOX 360. Christ.
  16. Fuck. Just, fuck. 64% on my Halo 3 trailer. It's getting raped like a mofo.
  17. No, it's over in America and Europe.
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