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  1. Another spiffing idea I had today, whilst playing the mediocre GBA FIFA game... ...PES3! Or something similar and ace. That would work well, consider the goodness of the GBA visuals in FIFA. It would be nice if such visuals were accompanied by a decent game. Yes!
  2. I do remember it a tad, wasn't it canned in the end? Alone In The Dark GBC, however, was released, and is visually brilliant and stunning. How about the first AitD on GBA? Could work very well indeed! Wowzers...that would actually be great. Aww, all these games, no possibilities...
  3. In my opinion (yes, really!), there aren't half the amount of games out on the GBA that should be. I was thinking the other day about the linkability of Animal Crossing from the GameCube to the GBA...and how that was pretty cool. Then I looked at how detailed some of the games are now, such as Max Payne (not a bad game, just some fatal bugs). And it occured to me: why don't they make an Animal Crossing GBA game?? Wouldn't it be great? On the train/bus/road to work, chopping down some bastard trees, or visiting some friends, or moving the furniture round, or going for a spot of fishing...it'd be so soo very good! Anyone agree with me? Or have I really gone crazy? I just feel that the GBA could replicate the feel of the GameCube game perfectly, because not that much detail would need to be lost, and the play area (well, town) isn't that large either, it's just right, and homely. Annyyways, onto my next "visualisation"! Think...Red Alert...on the GBA! Wouldn't it be great? The PlayStation game was fairly decent with the pad, not totally unplayable, but with the GBA, would any detail need to be lost? Or maybe just a tad? The 2D visuals would work perfectly, especially for short 2 - 4 player skirmishes, with LINK UP! Oh the possibility of it all! I really hope they do get their cracks into gear, and release a link-uppable Red Alert, that would seriously rock my socks. THINK ABOUT IT! It'd be great, wouldn't it? Ohh, ohhh deaarrr... And I can almost guarentee you that they won't do either of those titles. And I'm going to die a sad man. Oh.
  4. Mr Spew

    Animal Crossing

    Get it! It's great. Subtle. And just brilliant.
  5. Mr Spew

    Animal Crossing

    HAHAHAHAHA! You fool! They don't even go for that as PAL on eBay! Sorry, but I have to mock you, they've been less than £20 for months! Haha!
  6. Mr Spew


    250gb HDD. CD-R, DVD-R, DVD-RW (and +) writeable drive. Nice graphics card. What more do you need?
  7. Mr Spew


    Get a fucking Shuttle Cube then, or a decent case. And stop complaining.
  8. Keane - whatever the second song on the single (Somewhere Only We Know) is.
  9. Hey there, Getting Xbox LIVE middle of next month, and wondered how fast a connection you need for one Xbox to host at a decent speed (8 to 16 players). Mainly looking at MotoGP2 and PGR2. Maybe RS3 too, but I don't know the player limits on that. Anything I desperately need that I've forgotten about, apart from the LIVE kit, the router, CAT5, ethernet card for the PC, and broadband connection? Cheers.
  10. Mr Spew


    If it was very recent, e-mail the seller, and say you'll pay him/her £50 for it. And that they can just tell the winning bidder that they've lost it or something.
  11. Elbow are boring and shit. They aren't innovative. Then again, I could be thinking of another band, but you're wrong anyway. I went to see Brand New in January I think it was. Supported by Straylight Run (bassist and guitarist from Taking Back Sunday before the big bust up) and Moneen. Straylight were boring, and a bit crap really. Moneen wanted to be a crazy-type band, a la Vendetta Red and The Mars Volta/At The Drive-In, but came off as sounding too samey and heard-this-a-meeeelllliooonn-times-ey. Brand New were pretty darn good, had a nice sing-a-long to them, spoke to the singer/guitarist before the gig in Selfridges in the Bullring. Pretty cool guy, has an iPod. Which is nice. Can't remember any other gigs. Going to see The Ataris this Thursday though. Which is rather spiffing. And free. Woo! Haven't heard much by them, it'll just be a fun gig I guess. Also got free tickets to The Stranglers in early March sometime, for a laugh. Joy!
  12. Mr Spew

    Happy Hardcore

    Surely this pornographic thread should be in the Film & TV forum? HOHOHO!
  13. AC should be made into a GBA game. It would work so well, just sitting on the train, picking some fruit...buying some clothes...fishing some fish... Rar!
  14. It actually looks like it's been dipped into a big bucket of tippex.
  15. I be listening to Brand New. The latest album, Deja Entendu. It's ace. You should all buy it, because it's ace. Mmm.
  16. That would be fucking ace. Simultaneous worldwide release of each episode. On DC and Xbox. Episode one: Yokusuka - £9.99 Episode two: Kowloon - £9.99 Etc etc. And with Yokusuka, you get a special box to contain each of the 10 (any more would be a tad excessive, but I'd buy them all none the less) episodes in. Almost like the crappy magazine series' you buy, first episode, 10p! Every other episode, £9.99! Maybe even come with a special Art of Shenmue magazine with each? Ohh the possibilities!
  17. The first part (named: Yokuzuka) was Shenmue. The second, third and fourth are Shenmue II. Obviously there weren't going to be sixteen games now...but I really hope they do get round to releasing it on the DC, in a nice LE boxset. PAL and NTSC. We can but dream. I have yet to complete my DC Shenmue II (bought it release day), because a fucking bastard cock bitch scratched one of the discs, and I can't get past this certain point in the Yellow Head building now. Anyone know if the disc doctor works okay on DC discs? Please?
  18. 'A Crow Left Of The Murder' by Incubus (the album), is pretty good, and is just how I'm "feeling". I just don't want to work, and I'm a bit indecisive right now, so, meh.
  19. I hate the single. It's boring. It's been done a million times. And the lyrics are crap and naïve. IMO of course. The 'Pumpkins should have just all died, then we wouldn't have to put up with all this shit now, like Zwan (who are thankfully no more) and this.
  20. If you mean The Sims, then you're wrong. Such a stupid company (EA), for making them that size.
  21. Haha, I agree. I actually laughed when I read that. Well done. Hackign, why would there even be cart racing?! Let alone pictures on walls!
  22. Is this a cryptic picture...? It's a photo, with a PSP in it?
  23. Gamestation: £28.99 new. And you get better trade-in prices. Morrowind: £28.99 new. I'm guessing there's no local GS for you then. You got seriously fucked. Like they said, you should have gone to Virgin. Or HMV. Anywhere bar GAME. Bunch of cocks.
  24. That was fucking terrible. rllmuk, Metroid Prime was fucking terrible too. Boring piece of crap.
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