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  1. It's hardly the most difficult to program for if so many games get released (not forgetting the amount of small developers that create games on the console, generally shit ones). Mr Pickford, how hard has it been for you? I'm genuinely intereseted, because with the scale of releases, it just seems that people have been using the multiple processors as an excuse.
  2. IIRC, the PS2 has two. So your argument (whatever it is), is null and void! All this is just speculation though, MS haven't confirmed anything, and there will NEED to be a hard drive to be backwards-compatable with Xbox games. In all honesty, I doubt they'll drop the hard drive, but again, what's the point in backwards-compatability if you've got all your saves on your Xbox, not the Xenon? Lemon, if they plan to beat Sony, then they'll need to know what they're doing, and go a step further. And Halo 2 is set for this Autumn - Xbox 2 isn't coming out in Autumn so it won't be a launch title. I can't see any new consoles (home consoles from the main three) coming out in 2005, it'd just be naïve and stupid.
  3. No offence, but that's a stupid excuse. They've been fine with friends of mine, they don't charge for shipping, and you'll get seriously whacked on customs if you send via UPS with Lik-Sang. Oh, and Lik are very slow too - just go with Yes Asia.
  4. Why are there two small cars next to the dead blue Master Chief? And what's with the floating turd above the Warthog? The red MC looks like he has ginger hair, with his helmet off. The environment looks very interesting, with that big load of "stuff" in the middle there.
  5. Yes yes yes! That's right! This week only (just over 5 days left), it has gone down to $49, which works out at around £27ish. Which is great! I'm ordering mine now. And paying via PayPal so I get it very cheap indeed! (thanks to the dollar rate at the moment ) Just so you all know.
  6. Mr Spew

    Killer 7

    Where did you pluck that figure from, exactly? It sold a heck of a lot better on the PS2, and still is. £19.99 RRP now. Cube sold bugger all, just to the "hardcore" who wanted to play as Link. And it's Soul, not frickin' Sould. "Lost in a sea of bland"? It was parraded as one the week's best releases, in GAME and Gamestation. You evidentely don't have a clue what you're talking about. ICO would have sold better if they were still making new copies (if they are, then I haven't seen any), because it takes time to build up a want for the game in forums such as these, and by general word of mouth. That's what I feel anyway. Venice Cull: anything worth playing??!?! This is my mini list: Viewtiful Joe Steel Battalion Capcom Vs SNK 2 Power Stone Power Stone 2 Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Maximo Devil May Cry (and 2) PN03 (debatable I guess) Onimusha series Street Fighter: 3rd Strike Gregory Horror Show Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Bombastic Megaman series And loads more I can't think of. So yeah, they've made a fair few decent games.
  7. Right. US copy. Wow, it's not out yet! Next-gen stuff? Gee, what generation are we in just now? Is it the next one? NO! And "About ten characters"? TEN?! THE CLUE'S IN THE TITLE, DIPSHIT. Ah. Very cathartic. Post your own. Full stops and commas anyone? Gah, what a prick.
  8. Rubbish, and you know it. Hey, remember that game that GAME and Gamestation got delivery of just before Christmas day? It was called GTA: Double Pack for Xbox. Guess who was first to break the release date nationwide? That's right, GAME. And it has been done before. Relating to a later post: the GAME at the bottom of the Bullring is useless. I asked if they had Ring of Red (heard it was less than a fiver) in, he said: "No, we don't." I asked if he was absolutely certain, and if I was to search now if there would be one, he said "definitely won't be one there". I asked if they had Mad Maestro too. He said no. I look on the shelves, 10 seconds later, I picked out two copies of Ring of Red and one Mad Maestro, the useless cock. And he was generally just uninviting and stubborn. GAME in my town is full of pricks. They've come into our store (Gamestation), and a couple of them have dragged customers back to their store with the allure of "better offers", which is bollocks. GAME are a shit company, through and through, like has been said, the special offers are the only half decent things.
  9. You bloody what? Outrun 2 isn't out on any system other than the arcade Despite what Nagoshi said himself in this months Edge? Yes, despite what he's said. I haven't had chance to read it yet, I will do Saturday though...but the place I read it from was reliable and all that. Hmm.
  10. That's a good thing! Anticipation...and means we get some ace games next year too. I reckon end 2004, and the whole of 2005 is going to be one hell of a year.
  11. You can sell on returned stock (on a 10 day money back guarentee, or whathaveyou) - as long as it's in the condition it was sold out. Games returned to Gamestation, GAME, Virgin and HMV are NEVER returned to the publishers, and NEVER have been. And are NEVER marked second hand. Otherwise the stock would be messed up. IIRC, it was just Whohe's pedantic opinion that you couldn't.
  12. That's because GAME's head office are...well...a bit shit. If the condition isn't good, then you don't 10 day it, simple. HMV no longer do 28 day returns, they now do no cash returns. I think they just do vouchers now, or exchange. But definitely no refunds. I think Virgin still refund items within a reasonable amount of time, I know half the staff at my local, so they will anyway. At GS, we don't fuck anybody over. It's stupid, it's wrong, and plain skanky. I don't get anything out of it if I was to do it, and I'd lose my job too (which I love).
  13. That's the stuff I used! WD40 is one of the suggestions I heard that worked, couldn't remember what my dad used on mine.
  14. It's because there aren't that many new copies, it's an old game now (almost two years old), full price, and people are stupid.
  15. Don't forget online, and in the US...a lot cheaper in some places. But yeah, that's still a fair amount, and won't include the bundle packs, and pre-owned copies. Wowzers.
  16. Whenever someone returns games in our 7 day return policy at Gamestation, we don't care. As long as they're in new condition, then they can do it all they like for all we care. Good for them taking advantage of the system. There are a few eejits that do it though, one tried returning the Xbox Music Mixer after we told him (when we sold it to him) he couldn't, just trade it in (due to the packaging, sealed plastic like the pads). He didn't fricking trade it either, I WANTED IT FOR CHEAP! Gah!
  17. Super Monkey Ball I take it? It's already been announced. And it will feature LAN play too. They're trying to exploit new modes of multiplayer and such. Can't remember where I saw that, but it's going ahead.
  18. Mr Spew

    POP and BG&E

    I have it. PoP that is. Nicely sitting on my Xbox hard drive. Aces it is.
  19. Clean the four (I think that's the number) gold prongs with some WD40, and it'll be fine and as new.
  20. You've never cleaned inside your DC have you? If you did, then you would never get the resetting problem. Foo!
  21. Methinks I'm going to buy and return loads of GameCube games, hoho! Then I'll have all the receipts, and the stocks will be just fine!
  22. I'm guessing the Anthology is a CD? If so, CDs come out on a Monday, games on a Friday. Oh, and you're WRONG! The Dreamcast itself came out on the 14th of October (delayed from the 23rd of September, so Sach, you're WRONG too! It wasn't the smootest launch or whatever you said). And SC came out at least two weeks to a month later.
  23. that web page is incorrect. I promise you from my own experience of being in the store on launch night, that there were 17 games available. only SA, SR2, R2R and Power Stone were any good, but that's still a great launch. I agree with that website being incorrect as it says that Soul Calibur 2 was out in December 99 but I got it with my Dreamcast quite some time later and it was near the time that the game came out in the UK Er, Soul Calibur did come out in December, and I can tell you why - I got it for Christmas with my Dreamcast that year. I don't recall there being 17 games on launch and I can't find anything to support the claim. Sorry if I don't believe you I'm pretty certain Soul Calibur came out in November, although it could have been October. I bought my DC soon after launch, got it with Monaco Grand Prix (it was the free game, for £199.99), don't regret it one bit, but was really annoyed I couldn't take home Soul Calibur. Frickin' eejits! SC definitely didn't come out in December, as I bought my DC before then, and it was out. I loved Speed Devils (need to get that again methinks), Powerstone, Sonic, Soul Calibur, and Expendable. Even if some were PC ports, I loved them like my own. Best console ever, yes.
  24. "Not Very Ethnic" Perhaps. "Sega" - is a nice one. "Underneath, I'm ALL black" I thought the "0001 of 1000" was pretty ace.
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