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  1. Shenmue, people! And the sequel, of course. What's more chilled, is Shenmue - the Japanese versions, because you don't understand anything anyone is saying, so you don't care, and just go round aimlessly, buying toy capsules, and pissing around. In a way, Samba De Amigo is a bit of a chiller, just urm, chilling to the beats.
  2. I have a black, 24", 4:3, non rgb, non 60hz TV I win. I have a 21" Hitachi TV. Around 15 years old. Has a SCART socket, plays 60Hz games, plays NTSC games. It's ace. And...the best of all...it's not widescreen!
  3. Why are they been given out with the Mario Bundle when the bonus disk is in the box? Or are Game just giving out the Mario Kart Bundle in its component parts (i.e. one cube, MK:DD game, bonus disk)? Because the Mario Kart bundles sell out quick - so Gamestations and GAMEs sell Cubes, with Mario Kart (red box), and the Zelda disc. MY ADVICE CHAPS! Go to Gamestation. Get the Cube, Mario Kart (say you want it separately, not the bundle), memory card, extra pad, Fireblade (make SURE it's Fireblade they give you) and the Zelda disc. Then ask them before they finish the transaction, if they can trade Fireblade in against the bundle - it trades in at £22. Fucking ridiculous I know! So the Mario Kart pack for £78. Cube sells for £60 on eBay. Mario Kart goes for £30. Extra pad for £5, and keep the memory card. There, around £10 profit, including the Zelda disc and memory card.
  4. Nope, he's a cock because he argues things that are factually wrong (and proven so), and thinks he's always right, no matter what. It's ignorance personified. It's not a viewpoint. It's plain stupidity.
  5. Since it sold less units in a month than PS2 does in a week probably. Since it's best selling exclusive title is number 27 in the all-formats chart right at the busiest shopping period of the year maybe. But you're a cock, and argue over things which people have proved you wrong in many a time (see NTSC-UK). And there's only one exclusive GCN title in the top 40 too... And around 4 - 6 exclusive PS2 titles. The placing of the Xbox games has no reflection on Xbox sales (console wise), and because of the wide selection of games, and high multi-format sales, that makes your arguement worthless. TopSpin, PGR2, Rainbow Six 3, all titles which we sell a lot of. And as I've mentioned, we sell more Xboxes than Cubes, and in the US, the Xbox has been outselling the Cube for ages. But back to the topic... I think it's inevitable that Microsoft will release their next console, and it'll be hacked soon enough - if it doesn't, I'll be very surprised indeed. But where there's a will...
  6. Since when was the Xbox not popular? If anything, it's more popular than the Cube in the UK (we sell a fair bit more in the store I work at). And it definitely is in the US as recent figures have shown. Their only title in the all formats may be above the Xbox's PGR2, but hardly any sales in the rest of the chart are of mutli-format GameCube titles (LotR, FIFA etc), yet the Xbox sells them in abundance, along with the exclusives. The Xbox's selling point for some is the piracy part, but it's not that mainstream yet (although some stores actually carry out the modding) - and I still buy plenty of titles. Sadly, for Nintendo, they haven't released a main Pokemon title on the GameCube, or a Mario one for that matter (a proper sequel to M64). So they're always going to lag until that time.
  7. Hey skankaroos. Because you're poor, and can't even afford a new game, take a lookie: XIII is £17.99 on Play.com, with free delivery (Xbox version of course) SWAT is £22.99 Rainbow Six 3 is £17.99 too. If they're out of stock... Go to Gamestation. Buy ANY game whatsoever (even a 50p cheapy), and get Rainbow Six 3, Worms 3D, or XIII for £19.99 each. Spanking. So might say.
  8. I dunno mate, I would think it was in a DVD case We got them at Gamestation, but not sure about selling though - they're meant to be given with the GameCubes. So us staff aren't allowed to take them. They're in DVD cases, sealed, and with a nice cover and stuff. Hope that helps.
  9. Completed the original on the PC over a year ago (if not more), and played the Xbox version recently (after I'd played MP2 on the PC), and found it to be brilliant, the controls were great. Haven't had time to complete Max Payne 2, but I will get round to it.
  10. the xb/gc versions don't look much better, no. but other xb/gc games DO look much, much better. compared to most dedicated xb racing games, for example, BO2 is very simplistic. Soul Calibur 2 looks a lot better on the Xbox in my eyes, the PS2 version has many rough edges, it also looks dull when put side by side (when tried on the massive plasma screen at work), the effects on the Xbox version are a lot nicer.
  11. ?? What do you mean? Turok 3 was brilliant (IMO), and only on the N64 to my knowledge.
  12. Mr Spew

    Donkey Konga

    Freeloader news? Hurry hurry hurry Mr Loft.
  13. If you look at that in a mirror, the letters are all back to front. So that's you with dyslexia, my friend. Good game, but I've been annoyed a bit at it. I will accept no medal lower than a silver.
  14. It's a good game...but: You highlighted for me, the reason I haven't been back to it since. The D-Day beach thing took me many tens of goes to get through, and the village with the snipers is where I gave up (couldn't find the team, all the snipers were dead, but couldn't get out of the level). Call of Duty is a lot better.
  15. Ikaruga and Viewtiful Joe are two of my favourite games of all time. Ikaruga is brilliant, looks amazing, and is truly a test of stamina. V Joe is cool personified, it is what other games can only strive to imitate, my V Hat makes me look like the coolest boy on the block.
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