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  1. It does that when you cancel anything, I just did it to make myself feel better.
  2. Under new game downloads, HALO MOTHERFUCKING 3!
  3. FUCKING UNOOO! All the arcade games, Lumines Live, CUMMMZ.
  4. 17% on the Halo 3 trailer, it's bricking it. Now 18%, slowww. Can't fucking wait.
  5. HALO 3 trailer AND Gamerpics AND Themes up!!!
  6. Yes, the card game on Live Arcade! Fuck yer PS3s, we got UNO!
  7. IS OUT! 400 points, what a bargain, with a free 35th anniversary theme deck (I think it's just for in the game). Yay!
  8. Dude! The gattling gun (when you're a guy). Amaaaazing Second level boss room is just whoaaa. Visuals are amazing.
  9. I died. Edit - that's only one of two levels, cripes, that first one just kept me entertained for half an hour. Holy crap on a stick, the second level is so much more action packed.
  10. I don't understand - what's disgusting? Killed a boss, and there's something very cool waiting to be used.
  11. Just downloaded this, 305MB. A third person shooter, in an icy, snowy place - it looks rather good at first glance, getting used to it and it's nothing amazing, but very solid (that solidness broken by the minor screen tearing). You can do the Resi Evil 4 style turn-around by using the top left and top right buttons for 90 degree switches. Works really well. Just running through the level shooting spider things. The grapplehook thing (Y button) is a bit dodgy, grapples onto walls, pulls you right towards them and you go through them (well, through the ceilings then drop down). Back to the game..
  12. Never got a decent connection, SHIT.
  13. Yeah, through the usual Sony-type USB lead, same as the one on the top of the controller. It's used in OutRun2Coast2Coast to some extent.
  14. That's the point, they haven't built anything up. They've been stupidly quiet.
  15. That's because it doesn't have a HD-DVD drive, or anything that needs protecting. That's why everyone was up in arms about it being HD only, since most American HDTVs don't have HDMI, so they'd be buggered. So what's this big pack going to have? HDMI, component AND composite?
  16. It says five hours fifty mins left, so no. It also says 12pm PDT.
  17. Indeedy, 8pm. Halo 3, Gears of War, GTA4 exclusive, Final Fantasy games on it would be nice (instead of just XI), Q Entertainment titles, loads of other stuff too pwease. And some surprises!
  18. How though? Blu-Ray requires output over HDMI for the higher resolutions.
  19. Yes, high five, agree, top.
  20. You're debating whether to stay up for 5:30pm? Even when I was 8 I went to bed at 10.
  21. I honestly think Nintendo could batter Sony in the home market in Japan, seriously batter them. I don't think they'd be implementing the Wii controller if they knew there were problems with it, they'd have made sure it works.
  22. Oh? I thought it was software for the demo pod DS - my mistake then.
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