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  1. No HD either on the basic model, which is $500. lollers
  2. Where the two HDMI ports Sony? WHY CAN'T I USE MY TWO 1080P SCREENZ?!
  3. Doesn't E3 start today, so shouldn't it be the E3 conference?
  4. The pod thing just doesn't work, no one has the DS demo units out anymore since there's no room or they're smashed up, so the downloading of demos is pointless when you can't get them. It'd be nice for new demos and stuff, but only if they were downloadable and they didn't have to have a big demo pod set up, as it'd be put in the back room after a month.
  5. You need a theme, let's say the PS3. You need a reason for people to go, hmm, The Prodigy sound good. You need a reason for them to stay afterwards, how about cake? Sorted.
  6. The games so far don't look anymore impressive. RE4 was 2.72GB on the GameCube, half a DVD.
  7. Virtua Fighter was a Sega console only series until the fourth. Tekken will be the 6th, all on Sony consoles (three on each so far). There's no real interest for VF in the UK. Who cares? Discussion is discussion.
  8. Nintendo are synonymous with loads of FMV. Rollingeyez! That's the complete opposite message they're trying to portray with the Wii, it's all about the games, not flashy intros and cut-scenes.
  9. They're different types of cartridge - SD carts cater for 1GB+. P.S. It's a prediction thread, stop trying to point score.
  10. I didn't say it sells anymore, I'm saying that's the brand of fighting game that people recognise - people don't buy fighting games anymore (the Tekken and VF-style ones) in as large a quantity as the system selling games like Final Fantasy, GTA, GT and MGS.
  11. And how many have filled them? Even San Andreas is two or three gig. Most GameCube games fit on mini-DVD-Rs, less than 1GB each, the Wii isn't likely to be any different. I'd be surprised if the DS carts were bigger too, they don't pack nearly as much info as a console game would require.
  12. Of course - but it's hardly a title that appeals to the other regions so much, Tekken is the brand everyone knows.
  13. I didn't think it sold that well on PS2, I should probably check. Japan isn't the area that accounts for the most revenue anymore.
  14. DS Lite is constantly selling out, the DS is selling a shiteload, the PSP isn't even close, the DSes (and all the other handhelds) are constantly outselling the PS2.
  15. I'd like you to name a 5GB game on any Nintendo console so far. Then bear in mind it'll have graphics similar to that of an Xbox (roughly the same speed) - so why would the games be any bigger?
  16. It doesn't cost a few pounds per DS cartridge or GBA cartridge - ever seen how many pirate copies are about being sold for a pound a time in some cases?
  17. Virtua Fighter sold piss all in Europe, piss all in the US and not too much in Japan either, unless I'm remembering something else. I don't think it'll sell as much as people expect with the 360 to face upto, but only if Microsoft really get their arses in gear and show some decent fucking games that people want to play.
  18. The minor uproar over the $400 pricepoint in the US for the 360 shows that $500 simply won't be tolerated, least of all $600 for the High Definition PS3. They'll go bonkers.
  19. Blu-Ray requires HDMI for High Definition output as far as I'm aware, so anything else won't do, the security isn't there. I can't see them trying to 'confuse' people with a component lead via multi a/v, what'd be the point? You're misunderstanding the importance, or maybe I've over-estimating it - I'm not sure. But there was nothing defining shown, other than the fucking ridiculous pricing. The USA is going to laugh heartily and buy 360s.
  20. Because the audience hardly clapped, there was no enthusiasm, and everyone is laughing at them? Most of the games shown were CGI, people see through that after the debacle of Motorstorm and Killzone. The games that were shown didn't look impressive aside from Heavenly Sword which looked rather nice. Blu-Ray, for the premium pack. Online features literally copied and pasted from 360 Live. Gran Turismo was Gran Turismo 4 on PS2, in 1080p (the original on PS2 did 1080i didn't it?). Final Fantasy was extremely generic, I'm not a great fan of MGS so can't really comment. GTA - 360 exclusive? May well be since they showed loads of GTA-clones.
  21. The weight! Really? The Blu-Ray drive will be spinning like a motherfucker trying to get all that information out, especially for 1080p, which isn't available on the basic/core/cheap pack.
  22. They may not use DVDs or discs, is what I'm saying - there's a big surprise under that flap, and carts could be it. DS cartridges aren't the cheapest, but the proprietry Cube discs weren't either (or the drives). I can see it being one controller, but have a feeling (thanks to Wah) that two and Tennis could be bundled in.
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