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  1. I mean wireless connectivity from the DS to the Wii, I guess it's a forseen thing anyway. Nah, the GameCube hardly ever dropped, they want the same thing with the Wii (just like the DS). Ah, I didn't think about the Virtual Console, good point.
  2. The PDF says so. And it looks like the PSU will be external like the 360 too. So without the PSU, it's 5kg. Absurdity consoleified!
  3. The 360 doesn't have a HD-DVD (yet) or Blu-Ray drive. The PS3 does, and it needs HDMI to output HD, yet the 'basic' $500 model doesn't even have HDMI out.
  4. Price: £129.99 No discs. All games on SD cards, no memory cards needed since they're SD cards with space for the savegames. A demo cart in the same ilk as Metroid Prime Hunters on the DS, with Tennis, Cooking and Fishing. Ships with two Wii controllers, white and black. Wireless built-in so DSes can communicate with it and connect to the online service without the PC adapter or a router. The ability to plug in three or four Wii carts (under the flap), boot the console up without having to switch carts, and just select the game you want to play. Tennis is free with the console.
  5. The PS3 is FIVE KILOGRAMS. Compare this to the original Xbox which was 3.8kg. That's amazing. There's no HDMI port on the cheaper version, WHAAAT. So it won't output High Def! Christ on a bike.
  6. I can't see it much less than £400. Fucking absurd, really shot themselves with this one.
  7. $400 for a 360 in the US, £280 over here. $500 for a PS3, plus VAT, looking at £350 - £400 for the 20GB version, ahahahaha.
  8. THEY ARE FUCCKKKEDDD. £400 for 20GB, £500 for 60GB! AHAHAH. $500!
  9. AAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!! It doesn't even match up. AAHHAHA.
  11. LOOOOOOOOL it's a 360 controller!
  12. That's the same Madden pre-rendered shit they showed for the 360!
  13. That's just like the old Sonic games, fun and cheesy!
  14. It did look good, until it looked like the rest of it. Very brown. It looks okay. Very much like the Flood.
  16. What a load of pre-rendered fucking rubbish.
  17. It's interesting, I don't want to watch people singing that I've never met, or even ones of people I know. I couldn't care less.
  18. I don't get it, you appear to have ignored everything that's been said. LAL ALALALALALALALLA.
  19. Do you read the shit you post? That's GT4, GT4 on the PS2 is already in 1080i, hardly impressive. Not to mention this'll be running from the hard drive - developers have said numerous times that the Blu-Ray drives simply can't keep up.
  20. And you call me a fanboy? Sod off, ta.
  21. Seven controllers. Four pads, a mobile, a PSP, and an EyeToy or somethng.
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