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  1. The cars look pasted on, and this is their showcase? Seems like they've got fuck all.
  2. That looks naff. As in just like GT4, in the daylight, and, well, we can't tell the difference.
  3. Wait, SONY were the ones that said it wouldn't be playable at E3, and now they've said it will be, contrary to RUMOURS. LOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  4. Instead of butting in, listen to what's being said. The developers have said that the console simply can't do it in games.
  5. Dell 2405FPW? It's pointless on such a small screen, it's for 50"ers and higher for any real benefit.
  6. Mobile, PSP, four controllers and an EyeToy or something.
  8. I really think you should stop posting, lol!
  9. It doesn't work when you do it.
  10. Means we don't get two of every video as well.
  11. It's only two pages, not even that in fact. And no, it doesn't look like it'll be any better than the latest ones, but...it could be.
  12. I can't change it through a VGA lead, and like fuck am I when I'd have to change it back again to play my other games.
  13. Oh right, on the third page. Nice and obvious there.
  14. Then it's not on my screen. Where are you guys looking?
  15. Test Drive seems okay. There's no new Dead Rising trailer, it's the same one that's been on there for ages.
  16. 6%! Yeah, man, ROCK! Test Drive Demo is out for those starting in the thread at this page.
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