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  1. The 2nd weekend open to all PS4 beta window is now running - finishes Monday at 6pm
  2. ME1 was poorly implemented on the 360 ME2 was brilliant, rinsed the whole thing. Would probably play it again. Best thing about it was the episodic nature of it all, I could play for an hour and actually achieve something.
  3. englishbob

    NIOH 2

    Similar to watching those that can do all of the Soulsbourne games taking no hits, dressed in rags and not using any weapons....I wonder why they play videogames....clearly there is no challenge there for them?
  4. Missus has started watching "Orange is the new black". I've tried but I just don't get it. Looked it up too, seems totally overrated to me. If Grange Hill from the 80s was made in the last decade it would have won all the fucking Emmys
  5. Can't do 60fps locked, never mind 120
  6. The menu system is an exact carbon copy of MW, including the ramped up fan noise in the lobbies. Excellent work
  7. I recall the first real game breaking they introduced was in MW2 with tactical insertion and allowing it into Free For All games. 2 friends would buddy up and just throw that down, shoot and respawn and repeat until calling the nuke and finishing the game. FFA mode ended up becoming hunt down and destroy the fucking cheaters. There are quite a few things in these games that I think are totally daft, such as running around in complete silence. Its bullshit IMO. Jumping obviously will stay, but make it almost impossible to get a decent shot off if you do it, it's just twattish and s
  8. Of course you can read about it, or play the beta for bugger all money and see what you think. Personally I don't understand most of what the jargon means with the game to be honest, for me it's a bit of light rage relief in a lunch hour where I can play free-for-all and shoot people. Certainly my experience with the alpha/betas for this game so far are: * Turn off Crossplay * I found spotting enemy players is harder than the recent MW. In the latter if your crosshair managed to cross the path of an enemy player, the name would appear above their head.
  9. New Beta that is free for all players this weekend on PS4. It started at 6pm Saturday so is expected to still run until Monday 6pm I reckon. No pre-order bullshit required Next week too I understand for all platforms (including PS4 again)
  10. Do modern consoles actually have sound chips like the old days though? I thought since the invention of samplers and digitising music, everything was recorded externally by other musical hardware, digitised (if not already digitally recorded) and then uploaded in various quality settings (carts being compressed because of the size, but CD/DVD/Blu-Ray pretty much uncompressed).
  11. Classic Soulsborne thread stuff. "Boss X took me Y attempts and is bastard hard. Boss Z though was a piece of piss"
  12. Assuming this is for US consumers only, and anyone else can wait for a random date in March? Or actually released worldwide? Would be a first for a Pixar film, I'd usually import the US DVD or Blu-ray just as the same film opened in the UK...
  13. Alright, 50 seconds
  14. Seen the crows, but there are definitely bats now too. Daft
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