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  1. Can't play in this weather anyway, the PS4 would melt in the menus!
  2. You are a bit fucked on PC now running a 265GB SSD... https://www.pcgamer.com/amp/cod-warzone-file-size-200gb/
  3. I swear every time they try and make the game look hard and dubebro it comes over more camp. The latest unskippable CGI intro now has some bloke, who is obviously wellhard, sitting on the side edge of a helicopter with a big gun, and somehow he doesn't fall off. Cringeworthy stuff Get me a sitrep motherfucker and light it up
  4. Looks like most of the new update is about Warzone, so much for the fucking game I actually bought! (MW) Booted up : have they fixed the fan noise in the menus : no they haven't - Update fucking 24, twenty four, no fix
  5. It was my screen shot yes The update downloaded but will not install until 5th August at 07:00 !
  6. If you have a 500GB PS4 console, you have just enough space to have this single game installed, and download / install the update for the single game you have installed! Bananas
  7. Latest 1.24 update for MW is out. 36GB download on PS4 that requires more than 172GB+ in free space to fucking download!
  8. englishbob


    I'd prefer to say anything from 79 (and a bit of 78) to 88 is essential in my book, like a flat line of greatness that you can juggle around depending on mood. I'm sure Dirty Mind didn't start off as your favourite, but ended up there over time. At least there is no NPG post 90 stuff in that list, although you missed out Purple Rain you pleb! I've been catching up on a lot of post Prince albums that I missed out in his no major label contract wilderness years, and I've really enjoyed Rainbow Children and the One Nite Alone set - with probably his best live band setup since the SOTT crew and The Revolution, although no Eric Leeds. I still steer clear of the NPG band nonsense though. I recently replayed the Graffiti Bridge album and it wasn't as bad as I remember largely (the last couple of tracks are awful, and he fucked up the start of Joy in Repetition, the best track on it)
  9. Bottas let him have that.You may continue now to slag Bottas off
  10. Ah that's why Steve Lamacq isn't on Radio 6 Music this week, he has taken it off to masterbate furiously to the Fontaine's album.
  11. Spent a very long time today (longer than I'd readily admit to!) trying to sign into Xbox Live after I powered up the 360 in what has been a few years now. Then I recalled that your Microsoft password on the 360 console cannot be greater than 16 characters. Fucksakes
  12. englishbob

    F1 2020

    Always, always skipped it in any mode in any game it appears in. The real race itself is also pointless, but it will always remain on the calendar.
  13. It looks the part, but may not play like it. Looks very floaty. The arcade racer is a lost art. Personally I don't think every single one now needs turbo/nitrous, and Burnout type collisions. Having said that, the last really decent arcade racer IMO was Split Second, (even if the AI was a cheap bastard.) Since then not a lot, unless I've overlooked something
  14. Twin HDMI's were introduced with the 4K Blu-Ray Players to help the huge financial burden of upgrading your TV and AV Amp just to get 4K pictures. Normally yes you would route a single HDMI output from a device straight into an AV Amp, and then AV Amp to the TV. But if your AV Amp doesn't support the latest HDMI standard, those Twin HDMI's help a lot by allowing you to buy a new 4K TV set AND keep your existing AV Amp just for the audio for it. (Not bothered about new audio codecs, Dolby HD and DTS-MA are perfectly adequate for gaming audio) For all of its convenience though, I've found HDMI's constantly shifting standards bollocks, and it's clear they just want you to keep binning perfectly good equipment every 8 years or so and buying new shit.
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