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  1. Weakest gunplay in recent memory. The sound of the gun firing too sounded tepid. Otherwise it looked great, but the FOV would make me feel sick for any longer. It's a pass from me
  2. englishbob


    He made the album I think in 2010 but shelved it. Someone noted that there was a CD-R on his desk in the pictures leaked after his death with "Welcome 2 America" on it. I originally thought it was just a live album, but turns out its a studio album. The estate are taking the piss again with the physical versions of this, more so than ever. Its £35 for the double vinyl, which contains 3 sides of music (4th side is just either blank or etched with something). There is also a deluxe that has a Blu-Ray in it of a gig, and the CD and vinyl copies of the album for a cool £150.
  3. I can listen to Andy Stott all day, so I can't critique it
  4. It's a dead cert to be patched, right after Bloodborne
  5. englishbob

    The Spurs Thread

    I almost forgot, in the shitness recently, that we still have the EFL Cup Final at the end of the month. If we don't win that I reckon Jose will be off (after all the bigging up of "silverware") - or even worse, Kane
  6. Not sure what happened on the previous Xbox, but I know that for PS4 Pro running the game a patch was released that unlocked the framerate. It ran like shit, so ended up shelving it and not fully completing the DLC. It was a shitty decision at the time to do this and then not allow PS4 Pro users to lock it to at least 30fps, but now it pays off on the PS5
  7. Andy Stott "Never the right time" - Happy Friday!
  8. After playing through Demons a few times on PS5 I returned to this and its amazing how much of it I have forgotten. Its bloody massive. They really went all-out with the final one in the series. There is so much in this game in comparison to Demons - it must be x5 times the size of it. Initially though I didn't welcome the return of the bullshit enemies targeting lock that means they can change the direction of their hits mid-animation, like they are spinning on the spot. Its amazing how brutal this is too, in places just no mercy at all. I don't think its as brutal as
  9. Post apocalyptic zombie mode confirmed if nothing else. Low confidence here already as they can't even get the video title correct on YouTube for it (says F1 2020) Not actual gameplay - PRE ORDER NOW https://www.ea.com/games/f1/f1-2021/news/announcing-f1-2021
  10. Sound of Metal Finally it arrives on Amazon Prime UK streaming. Riz is superb as are the rest of the cast, and the sound design and mix here are great. Its a bit too long though at a full 2 hours 3/5
  11. englishbob


    Sort of a promo for the new vault release of "Welcome 2 America"
  12. I wonder when we can move on from this observation, ever , it's very self-deprecating. Do you listen to music by white people and instantly think this all the time, and then beat yourself with a stick for being white and liking it?
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