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  1. Just a great package, I've spent about 2 hours on Blackjack alone so far. It was one of my most played games on the DS. I don't quite understand the globe "assistant" thing though. I don't pay for online, but I'm looking forward to Local Play at some point with my daughter who has a Switch and she can download a version of the game and piggy back onto my purchased copy for some 2P action. The only oversight I've noticed so far is there are no options/settings whatsoever, so only time will tell how annoying the music might be be, as there isn't an option to turn it down or off.
  2. Watched Wild at Heart : the audio was completely out of sync from 1:40:40 though, so be warned. (Watched on PS4 app, the PC version was a little better, but still there)
  3. englishbob


    Just a word of advice, the Sign O The Times album on Spotify is a disaster of inconsistant levels in volume, its horrible.
  4. Same here, probably took 5+ hours to download and then it's offline. Just demonstrates how hollow games are now without online connectivity. The future retro scene is already dead
  5. Delaying the presentation is wise here, especially in the US, got to be pretty tone dead to proceed. The delay will also afford them extra time to optimise, potentially get the games near to 30fps.
  6. englishbob


    Hopefully under £200
  7. englishbob


    Following on from the 1999 boxset, expected to be annouced officially on his birthday in June, prepare your savings, book that meeting with the financial adviser, remortgage your home...
  8. With the toxic waste dump of humanity that play this game, I'm still shocked to be honest that all 3 of these words aren't blocked/starred out on the chat window. I'm guessing the makers and the publishers really don't give a toss.
  9. Completely changed my mind on the sense of humour, Cultist Base is just a two alphabetic characters away from what it should be called, I'm sure that's intentional. This should be called Doom Marmite
  10. It doesn't take long, maybe the 2nd mission half way through, where you go from "this is great" to "this is terrible", and from then on in it ying and yangs between both states. I think I lasted 30 minutes play today in mission 3 and turned it off. The game seems to have lost its sense of humour too
  11. It looks like they just don't want any members of the public to actually post anything at Reddit. Clowns
  12. Recently started playing on PS4. The state of the text in this, especially the button contexts, its a joke.
  13. Looks like it. After my last attempt, if I removed any more words it wouldn't have made any sense!
  14. @moosegrinder since you mentioned Reddit I thought I'd give it a go. They shut down the official forums, hardly ever answer their Twitter feed, and when they do its useless bullshit like clearing your cache, but fuck me what the hell do you need to do to get it noticed? I've tried a few times and the instant second I click on POST over at Reddit it is blocked and deleted! Fucking sick of games companies banging on about "the community" - GTFO with your hot air!
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