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  1. The Matrix Still a great experience 22 years later 5/5
  2. Finally a new track! Looks like he has signed to XL Recordings, so maybe some proper releases will now appear.
  3. Even the Nintendo Switch has a better store than this. Surprising since Sony had a massive head start with online and yet are regressing
  4. First video I've seen of this that makes it look decent. All the other videos made it look a bit janky. Bravo again DF
  5. I suppose you are correct. Being online only has killed the retro possibilities of such a high percentage of games though.
  6. For those of you that have gone through the repair process with Sony (mine is for a controller) how long does it take them to actually say they have "received" it? I checked the Royal Mail tracking for this and it was signed for on the 9th - its the 14th today...I'm assuming when its "Received" here is that someone has taken it off the massive pile of boxes that are stacked up for repairs? Worth a chase-up?
  7. You'll never see it (unless you do online races I suppose) Also as they are adding tracks as they go on, that will fuck up any current in-progress career mode won't it? I.e. you won't race these new tracks
  8. Single Player should mean offline in my book I hope they sort out install sizes on this one - I've just tried to install GT Sport on my PS5 that has 177GB free space and it told me I don't have enough. Fuck that
  9. Probably what broke the R2 button of my controller
  10. Horses for courses, I'm interested in trying the MP beta next week (if Sony can ever get around to sending me a working controller back) but my initial impressions of the alpha was this was a bit tragic. Cold War, as a package, is hardly a shitstain
  11. Cloud Atlas - Blu-Ray Spurred on from the new Matrix trailer I thought I return to this and give it another go. It's impressively made, but in film the constant fliting between sequences doesn't build any kind of suspense or immersion, probably works as a book but not a film 3/5 Star Trek II - The Wrath Of Khan - Blu-ray I'm not a huge Trek fan, but this is the Empire Strikes Back of the Star Trek films. I remember seeing this at the cinema and clearly remember one kid crying on the way out, his dad unable to console him. The film is terribly out of focus though for the most of it. 5/5
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