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  1. I'm late in here - meaning to watch these for years - so started S1 and raced through those and enjoyed them. S2 though, 2 episodes in - not great so far - in comparison
  2. For some reason I thought it was 24th March - not a week after Elden Ring. Gonna be a busy gaming period Strangely other racers have chosen the week before to launch - Assetto Corsa upgrade and Grid Legends - going to be tough competition for those titles, but it will give something to the Xbox owners I suppose Also it reminds me that we live in a good time generally with global release days for gaming. Remember the 6 month wait for Japanese titles to make it out?
  3. I'm hoping they have managed to fix the terrible patching system for this game when it releases on the PS5. Sport just won't currently run on PS5 and patch update itself if you you seemingly have any other games installed, the patch system for it is just a massive space hog. PS5 storage is premium and needs to be treated with some respect - upgrade options are still expensive.
  4. The Daily Bastard are saying its Covid RIP Meat - again another unique person gone
  5. Since (I believe) that haptic feedback broke one of my triggers on the controller, I turn it off now. Took Sony 5 weeks to replace it under warranty
  6. Until reading this thread I'd assumed that this was PS5 only - no PS4 Given the huge gestation period of any GT we may never see a version of this game running on native PS5 power
  7. Guitar Hero controller Realistically any controller that can take the brunt of your rage
  8. The original Xbox one. The face buttons are like pebbles that indent your fingertips. They weren't exactly flat either on the 360 version too. No idea if it's changed design as I left Xbox at the 360
  9. Finally they have acknowledged this thing is fucked
  10. I know once my missus sees this high up on the Netflix home screen that she is going to want to drop everything and watch this, but I found Series 2 pointless - the characters other than Gervais' weren't really expanded on, especially Sandy, and they all seemed to like him too. If Paul Kaye isn't in it this time, I'm definitely out
  11. After a rather staid 2020 on the albums front (IMO), my first Q1 of this year is really busy. New ones from Nilüfer Yanya Rolo Tomassi Beach House Big Thief Mitski Aldous Harding
  12. Just blindly clicked pre order on the new album without hearing a single note of this
  13. englishbob


    Agreed on Chelsea Girl - a powerhouse that one. I think the first time I saw Ride was on their release of EP2 - they where unstoppable then. Saw them again when Nowhere was out, nowhere near as good - something had happened and I lost interest
  14. englishbob


    Right, yeah I remember now. Gave away my original vinyl copy of Nowhere to my best mate for his birthday this year as I never played it really, the aahhhhhhs got on my nerves in the end. I hope he realises its worth a fortune these days!
  15. englishbob


    Ah yeah forgot about EP 3 - those tracks ended up on Nowhere though IIRC
  16. Well, if they aren't going to update console versions then I'll download the PS5 version for a week anyway, and the shelve it for GT7. In the meantime I'll certainly not pay for any DLC if they are going to abandon the console updates
  17. Yeah PS4 version. Have they not been rolling out updates for consoles in the same way as PC then? How far behind is it?
  18. Is Open Championship only with the DLC? Wow 11 tracks with the main game IIRC
  19. As great as the actual physics and racing are in this, the shell of a game around it is shit. I can race either a 2018 or 2019 Championship with the same 5 tracks in slightly different order, and that's it, leaving the other default 6 tracks going begging. You can't even create a custom Championship, the only way to race those tracks is in a custom weekend single track selection.
  20. englishbob


    I'm going to the Roundhouse gig in London this year where they are going to be celebrating Nowhere - best friend is a massive Ride fan. Me, not so much, I bought the first 2 EP's back in the day but didn't rate the either Nowhere or Going Blank Again LP's. They peaked with the first 2 EP's IMO.
  21. Latest patch today for the PS5 version - that won't install until tomorrow - completely locks you out of the whole game. Yes even Campaign Fucking clowns https://twitter.com/DvgRappz/status/1480971170740645888?t=wowrU3zEUqHPxRauSYpVWw&s=19
  22. englishbob

    The Spurs Thread

    Ndombele is French, probably had already done his hours for the week by the time yesterday's match started. Eriksen, can't believe he'd get insurance to play anywhere right now
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