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  1. We've already had Mortal Kombat X for PS+
  2. What I love about derby day is that it will instil a false sense of hope for Arsenal winning lots of trophies afterwards, and cement what I already know as a Spurs supporter - it's not going to change until the whole team is recycled.
  3. I can't see any of this - only what the BBC Sports page tell me - but as its 3-0 the Tottenham supporters might as well leave now for the early train.
  4. Why is this game series long overlooked in the reissue / remaster stakes? Everything else has been done to death, but not these. Too much hassle in clearing the music used maybe? I'd love a complete collection - c'mon Blamco
  5. Twitter's next big hit will be decrying cultural appropriation on the leads here no doubt
  6. 28 Days Later (on Disney+ now under Star) A film of 2 halves, the second half At least I have not seen that twat solider (you know the one) in anything else since, as he spoils this big time 2.5/5
  7. I'm wondering if I should buy this now for the PS4 at £20 - or wait for the PS5 version at £30 - which includes something called the "2020 GT World Challenge Pack DLC" - if that is worth it? (I've understood that PS4 owners will get a free update to the PS5 version next year)
  8. Things wouldn't be so bad if they just let you use a PS4 Dualshock with PS5 games
  9. I was obsessed with this song as a teen when I taped Philip Oakey of the Human League when he did a radio show and picked his Top 10 tracks at the time
  10. Got through to them - the person on the Sony line was very honest - its all fucked is the impression I've got Your hardware goes to a holding company that then forward it on - presumably some other part of the country/world - and then when they get it the repair tracking updates. Until that happens though you get automated emails saying they haven't received your return yet. They admitted that there are issues at this holding company right now getting it out to where it needs to be - they have no idea what the issue is, if anyone is looking into it, or how long it takes, so for now just got to wait. Prey something doesn't go wrong with your hardware, you are in for a very long and frustrating wait that appears to need micromanagement every step of the way and long phone call waits to actually get any progress You could put it down to a pandemic world, or that they are a shambles and it's simply not good enough. Either way I'll be wanting a refund on my wasted PSN month(s)
  11. All I remember from MW2 was that FFA mode was fucked due to tactical insertion, and that actually turned into part of the game to listen for and hunt the cheaters and spoil their fun.
  12. Week 3 of no controller being repaired. Got an email "You recently contacted us about returning your PlayStation product, but we haven’t received it from you yet." Yes you have - I've tracked it - 9th September delivered using the label you sent me. Now a 30+ minute wait on the phone Fucking useless
  13. I think Sony have fed Richard some old bullshit here about losing money on the disc based version...
  14. The Matrix Reloaded Still has some of the best editing I've seen for action sequences 4/5 The Matrix Revolutions Half bollocks, half quite good 2.5/5 I think both of the sequels have aged more severely than the original, probably due to the amount of bendy man effects shite in it, and what happens when the directors are given free reign and shoehorn all their S&M fetish shit into it.
  15. Seriously get the 19XL instead, the 35XL's are fucking massive and heavy when full of records!
  16. I thought the animated bloke said it all really. I'll play a bit more later either today or tomorrow, but so far it ain't that great. I think a lot of players thought Cold War was a step back from MW before it, Vanguard feels like a giant leap backwards, pole vaulting even.
  17. I've made a quick 3 minute video on my impressions so far
  18. Should be named Call of Battlefield Open PS5 Beta this weekend. Good luck finding it on the store!
  19. The Matrix Still a great experience 22 years later 5/5
  20. Finally a new track! Looks like he has signed to XL Recordings, so maybe some proper releases will now appear.
  21. Even the Nintendo Switch has a better store than this. Surprising since Sony had a massive head start with online and yet are regressing
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