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  1. Day 2: Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica An electronic album of sounds and cut ups and noises - with some phat synths on top. Listening back recently make me think that reworked elements of this would have fit much better in the "Blade Runner 2049" film soundtrack - rather than the lacklustre and largely forgettable rush job it ended up with. Favourite track: All of it really Still good? I'd say so yes - but avoid if you like your electronic music with beats. I think this is his (Daniel Lopatin) masterpiece - everything I've heard from him before or after hasn't really come close.
  2. englishbob

    The Spurs Thread

    Lloris played alright in the World Cup I thought - I don't think he is the issue here
  3. englishbob

    The Spurs Thread

    Do you really think another change in manager makes a difference to this club though? I said club - rather than team or squad or whatever - I still think the reason is at a club level - the players are good enough - they just give up or can't be arsed. I'm Spurs until the end - but I'll maintain my stance - it's a club where great players go to end their careers on some sort of cushy number
  4. Day 1: Pink Floyd - The Final Cut Probably the most polarising Floyd album ever released - but I love it as I was 12 when I first heard it - and at that time we were growing up in the 80's cold war paranoia of annihilation (Threads was put on TV a year later) - so the lyrics where just straight talking - there is no pissing about here, it's blunt People say it's not really a Floyd album - it's a Roger Waters album - that is true - but then the other post Final Cut Floyd albums are Gilmour solo efforts. Waters was correct in saying Floyd were a spent force creatively after this came out - but was misguiding in not realising the potential of the Floyd brand and name, the same way Gilmour and the other members did - they saw the value and the money side of it clearly and went on to create what was probably the first mega stadium legacy act in a world now full of them. Favourite track: The Gunners Dream Still good? There aren't too many unflinching albums on the subject of war, the Falklands, world leaders and death - so I'd say yes - but it's marmite, if you want Floyd dreamy psychedelia - which they stopped doing in 1975 - steer clear
  5. I use it sometimes to discover what I've read about here, and maybe try before I buy - but I don't really listen to Spotify in any serious sense - my daughter uses the account really. All I have saved are some Bollywood soundtrack albums that are impossible to buy on CD or a decent copy/price on vinyl I've been frustrated in the past with the way Spotify cobbles together albums - such as Sign O the times by Prince - before the recent deluxe release - it was a mess of really quiet and then really loud tracks as it's collated tracks from various sources from duplicate entries, usually single cuts or compilations. Also see Deee Lite's "World Clique" album - Groove is in the Heart is x100 louder than the rest there. There is also an issue I have with sound quality overall, more really about the shitty digital remasters the industry seems obsessed with churning out. When they do a new remaster it will almost certainly replace the older version of that album - forcing you potentially with a really bad sounding version of your favourite album - and it's tough shit. That's one of the main reasons I stick to physical media
  6. Great first choice - I can join in My fav track on Hot Rats is "It Must Be a Camel" - the last track - such a beautiful way to end it
  7. Thank you. Assume it's a hopefully intelligent mix of account activity patterns with a bit of IP logging going on. Using IP address only would be a clusterfuck with so many potential false positives.
  8. What is the definition of password sharing here? I'm the bill payer so the account is in my name (email address) and we all use it under my house and each member of the family has their own profile - and this will be across multiple devices - TVs, laptops and phones During the pandemic I set up my parents as a profile and went over to their house and set up my email address/password and sometimes they watch it to. But if this is password sharing - how do they technically know it's not me living at 2 different addresses during the week? I pay for the most expensive plan there is - stupidly thought their film selection would be in 4K - it's not really (only Netflix produced films and a very very small handful of others actually are).
  9. Really Absolute bellend. But amazing guitarist, better than Jimmy Page - I said it.
  10. In comment to some selections already posted. Oasis "Wonderwall" is such a morose and depressing sounding tune - and yet it gets trotted out for just about any occasion. The DJ we had at our wedding reception also played it - I was enraged at the time - it was 1996 - but still - it's agelessly depressing sounding Oasis "Don't look back in anger" I just never understood what it was about - the opening lines "Slip inside the eye of your mind" is fingers down a chalkboard cringeworthy- along with that "is that all he can play?" Noel guitar riff/solo/string bend thing is just horrible. Fast forward to today and again it's another track that somehow has some sort of relevance - and yet the song makes no sense whatsoever. It's a Manchester thing Robbie Williams - well, anything really - and yet Angels now only appears at weddings or Steve Wrights Sunday Lovesongs show - so I find it easy to avoid. No such luck with Rock DJ "I don't want to rock DJ, but you're making me feel so nice" I don't get it - along with the awful backing vocals that stab "ROCK" - "DJ". The worst one for me though is Let Me Entertain You - vocal straining (see also Lewis Capaldi and James Arthur) like trying to induce a rectal prolapse whilst on the toilet - just can't stand that vocal On the subject of vocals - yes Bon Jovi - everything again, Living on a Prayer can get in the sea, but if you are ever unfortunate enough to endue "Lay your hands on me" trapped with no escape - that last ringing "Layeee your hands on meeeeeaaaah" will scar you far deeper in a single moment than multiple "Prayers". Amazingly successful band, one of the most prolific live bands where people actual clap and whoop at the end of everything they play - to encourage them to do more songs. Often dreamed of being at a gig of theirs where they finish a song and are met with complete silence from the audience, and they walk off and never come back, anywhere, ever again.
  11. englishbob

    The Spurs Thread

    Richarlison out already with an injury! Stuck in a pre and post World Cup timeloop
  12. Nearly done me today with variants Wordle 555 6/6 ⬛⬛⬛🟨⬛ ⬛🟩🟩⬛⬛ ⬛🟩🟩🟩🟩 ⬛🟩🟩🟩🟩 ⬛🟩🟩🟩🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 You must be incredibly lucky with that score if it's an honest one
  13. Rename Elden Ring.'s performance mode to "gave it our best shot" mode +1 on the BOTW weapons thing
  14. Seen a few end-of-year album lists around the net these last few days - seems that Beyonce is the winner - the album hardly anyone is talking about
  15. Great news on the next M2 Triggers / Cave edition - instant buy. Personally would have liked at Mushihimesama Futari though
  16. Thanks @ImmaculateClump Hahaha what bollocks!
  17. Got my physical Japanese copy of Akai Katana Shin through today. I'm going to have to look online on how to play this again, I can't remember. There is absolutely nothing in the box whatsoever and there is nothing in the menus to tell you how to play the game - terrible really for new players, it's no surprise it's a dead genre
  18. That'll be PSVR3 on the PS6 when you have to buy the hardware all over again
  19. Saw trailers for it and instantly put it into the "ignore" part of the brain because Claudia Winkleman See also Jimmy Carr and Alex Horne
  20. Didn't know Park Chan Wook had a new one At least 5 out of the top 10 there aren't released until 2023
  21. RIP Terry - Fuck cancer (It's on returning to old vinyl how much more alive it is in terms of sound against the new stuff - it literally jumps out at you, amazing cut this one)
  22. My man is a beacon of hope in a dystopian urban wasteland of illegal racers and car thieves I'm pretty sure that someone had a sense of humour that wrote the script - it's not quite social satire levels - but pokes a bit of fun The soundtrack most of the time is not inclusive
  23. Weird I did today's and got in in 5, but I've returned to the site now (purely by selecting it as an open tab on my phone) and it's saying I haven't done it and my streak is reset I have an account too. Fucksakes
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