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  1. What men want (2019) on C4 last night Impressive that studios still plough tens of millions of dollars into poorly realised, unfunny shit like this Zero/5
  2. The Mule (2018) now on Netflix Love an Eastwood film 4 runs / 5
  3. It transpires that this COD ends up being the best one ever made. Or maybe another game they publish this year is the best game ever made by developers you love. You out then?
  4. Most revelatory thing about COD in recent iterations is no paid-for DLC map packs. You could argue that these should be ready for launch, but updates come in quite quickly overall once the boredom kicks in. There does seem to be a dearth of original maps though, nearly all the ones that come with the updates you'd played before somewhere else. I don't know too much about the business machinations of Activision, but I think I paid about £45 for Cold War and certain have had good value out of it over the last 9 months. It still ends up being my go-to 10 minute game to shoot people in a FFA match.
  5. Or how we won World War 2 by bunny hoping, sliding and running around in complete silence https://www.callofduty.com/blog/2021/08/See-Them-Rise?cid=cem_c000049&deliveryName=DM29841
  6. Espgaluda II for Switch is September 9th https://nintendoeverything.com/espgaluda-ii-coming-to-switch-in-september/ Great you say, and then you see this tweet and its all gone fucking Cave again
  7. All the menus in this are a bit of mess, needs some new perspective from some new team. The constant back and forth of menus and loading in the career mode must be absolutely punishing on the last gen consoles
  8. There are so many editions of this being released that you can just get the standalone album on 3LP and 2 CD editions, but it's a "remix" version
  9. The original was a triple album. If you want a 45 minute album look elsewhere As for coloured vinyl, normally not that popular with serious vinylheads, it is more of a gimmick.
  10. This would mean that all other 3D audio games would suffer the same fate though?
  11. 3D audio is the latest PS5 feature to be patched out. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/08/now_3d_audio_has_been_disabled_in_f1_2021_on_ps5_with_latest_patch It's all gone very Codemasters aka business as usual
  12. @5R7 I've been playing Step-Grandma video at least a couple of times a week, great video. He's gone and done another video
  13. Congrats to the Kenny duo, but thankfully now because of Jason's efforts, he beats Sir Twat Bradley Weller from the top spot
  14. That'll come down at some point. The most ridiculous set is Prince Welcome 2 America box. The vinyl album, a CD of the same album, a Bluray concert disc and some old bollocks in an envelope - £150
  15. Don't forget to adjust the VTA. It's all in the manual, in fact re-reading the set up in the manual is well worth doing and checking against
  16. The best sound upgrade you can make to a SL1200 variant (outside of a new cart) is to stop using slipmats and revert to using the thick rubber mat (Some new models don't seem to come with these as standard!) Otherwise a SL1200 or similar Technics is all the turntable you will need for life. Just make sure to oil it once a year (follow instructions in the manual)
  17. Anyone suffered an issue where, on the dashboard, the L/R/U/D doesn't work (either via D pad or stick) ? I've had this more than once lately, neither the controller or remote worked. Disconnecting and reconnecting didn't do anything either. The only fix was to power off/on the entire console.
  18. Spoilt for choice during the Emerson years. I settled on this one, because its part of the same family of tracks such as Daft Punk's "Rollin' and Scratchin'" + "Burnin'" and the 1-2 punch of the Chemical Brothers "It doesn't matter/Don't stop the rock" - whereby when I play it in the house there is some either audible complaint during it, or relief expressed that it has finally finished I enjoy the live version too, the video clip especially, probably taken just on the cusp of the gig going experience about to flip into moronic smartphone usage at all stages of the performance.
  19. The PS5 version of this, just the multiplayer aspect of it (not the single player or zombies or anything else) now consumes around 150 Gig of space I've no idea how much space the other modes and options take up, but could be looking at just having a single console to play one game on it soon if they have their way. The matchmaking in this is also bollocks. I'm at level 75 of something, I think its prestige something level, and I was pitched last night in a FFA game against someone that was 600 and another one at 1001. That someone is level 1001 is frightening to be honest (I think the levels reset down a bit on each season), to think they are probably sitting in a chair whilst someone feeds them Doritos and Mountain Dew constantly. As an older player - the stats in this just don't matter to me. It is interesting when talking to younger players (such as my best mates two boys that play this) that they put so much into these. They laugh at my 87 odd percent of wins overall, but I like to point out that I play FFA and winning can be quite rare, unlike other modes. I'll also quit a FFA match too if someone has 25 or over kills (out of 30) within the space of 4 minutes of the game starting, fuck it, there is absolutely no point in sticking around until the end. I also notice that the "block player" feature, although still there and present, does absolutely nothing whatsoever.
  20. Quite enjoyed the latest 90 minutes. I couldn't give a shit what the Guardian say about it to be honest, they have made their point many, many, many, many fucking times that I don't know why they bother to waste their own time watching and reviewing it, other than to try and tell you "we told you it was rubbish" in some Tenent revolving door of time.
  21. englishbob


    What is the Blu-Ray like?
  22. Another great Rhino / Chris Bellman cut reissue for not a lot of money - I think this might just edge out my rather crusty original now.
  23. englishbob


    It's not £150 worth it
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