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  1. Some of the tweets can be seen quoted in this thread (from someone who is 100% unaffiliated with gamergate and has actually been harassed by the same kind of people harassing Rapp, for what it's worth) and the thesis can be read online here (page 48 is the most relevant stuff). As for the 'it's their culture' stuff, it's some weird orientalising thing that does this and assumes there is no movement within Japan against this kind of material (there actually is). No-one says it's okay for Spanish people to be paedophiles because their age of consent is 14 and it's jus
  2. I've seen numerous people, including social justice bigshots, justifying them all over the fucking place last night and they're being minimised in this very thread too.
  3. The harassment campaign against Alison Rapp was bad but so were her repeated comments, both in her published thesis and in numerous tweets (even recent ones), about how child porn laws should be more lax and 'men who like kids' shouldn't be judged and that 'child sexual agency' should be taken into account. The fact that Gamergate and other misogynists seized on this as a convenient plank of their argument doesn't make it something actually worth defending or minimizing, it's fucking horrible. Also I think it's weird that this is the Last
  4. Best video we've had yet: the beginning of a long playthrough with two of the devs (including the person in charge of AI) showing off the game.
  5. Someone like me has a much easier time on twitter, regardless of what I tweet, than someone who is more marginalised than I am and makes this obvious. I might get the occasional drive-by libertarian with 3 followers who's got twitter alerts set up for 'socialism' or 'feminism' or whatever but I don't get the sustained campaigns of targeted hate and harassment which others (friends of mine among them) are subjected to. god dammit, sorry, i'm replying to neg. please neg this post to remind me not to do this again
  6. I'm so excited for Stellaris I can't really articulate it. Hearts of Iron 4 is out on the 6th of June, too (the D-Day anniversary lol). Sort of unprecedented for Paradox to release two of their big-ticket grand strategy games within a month of each other; maybe they're counting on the fans buying both, while Stellaris will have wider appeal.
  7. He means 'Biffo, toonfool, and the Pickfords', which probably isn't enough to be a statistical trend really.
  8. even when you're in the right you're utterly unbearable mate, and that's coming from me. give it a rest
  9. [user]Rudi von Starnberg[/user] [votes] Game of the Year 01. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt # An absolute triumph of a game in almost every way. Like Alien: Isolation did in 2014, this game has wormed its way into my consciousness ever since I played it. There things I’d like to change or improve but they’re extremely minor in the scheme of things. The Fallout 4 trailer being revealed at a time when I was already playing this made me realise immediately that I had no interest in playing a Bethesda game again until they actually take some risks again. Similarly I knew I would never go back to D
  10. Declaring himself a gamergater was just a shit joke, but he is unironically raving about censorship and free speech and making jokes about safe spaces and trigger warnings so he's indistinguishable from the rest of the shitheads anyway.
  11. I don't think that's any justification for other people to signal-boost the paranoia as Another Valuable Perspective though.
  12. It felt very, very similar to the wanky stuff in Hotline Miami to me, and that bored me just as much really. I do love the aesthetics of the fake OS and the way they play with older-looking graphics and so on, but everything holding that together? Nah, not interested. Having fun with Endless Mode. Much more of what I want.
  13. This is a lot of fun but the framing 'story' is tedious as fuck and increasingly gets in the way towards the end of the 'campaign' or whatever you want to call it. Shame, because the aesthetics of the framing stuff are spot-on, it's just not doing anything interesting with them. Endless Mode is good though. That's basically the meat of the game, I think.
  14. This is actually a common right-wing idea. Richard Dawkins is probably the most prominent person to have espoused it.
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