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  1. Well, series ended up finishing up quite disappointing after its early promise. Heavily suffered from its early reveal with a looooong stretch out of events meaning daft logic, linked narratives and a damp dragged out close. Kinda lost interest in how they covered up and cleared Terry's name. Had hints of some good drama wrung dry by unnecessary tension building. And as to the reveal during the credits....
  2. I did it! Found some kind sunlight bro. No-way I could have done it alone.
  3. I'm getting wiped by Lorian with his cheesing teleporting and never ending combo's, never mind getting to the 2nd phase of this boss battle To be honest, Ive found the bosses really difficult since Yhorm The Giant, which I consider where the game became weak because without googling I would never have known about using and how to use the Storm Ruler. Because I've come to the game so late on, I assume the options of having a online jolly co-op are now a lot smaller, and again looking at Lorian the way to get some NPC support seems to be too far gone without specifically knowing what to do in advance. I've never seen Sirris for example. Tempted to give up at this point now....
  4. I've been waiting for the next episode for season 7, hadn't realised that it looks like it stopped at episode 10 - that was the finale!!??
  5. I found last weeks episode the weakest when different historic events were being linked up, slightly too quickly and apparently.
  6. It'll be interesting to see how the market reacts to the RRP pricing of the next gen games, with the current gen still averaging RRP of £54 to 59.99 ( ignoring discounting ) the next gen releases are likely to go over £60 to demonstrate their prestige/newness etc I know people talk about Street Fighter days etc, but still paying over £60 for the latest version of a franchise is surely going to take it's toll at some point. Confirming the idea that outside of those mega-hits, the market will only really live on inside subscription models and collectors.
  7. 01 - The Barr Brothers – Sleeping Operator 02 - Chromatics - Kill For Love 03 - Spoon - They Want My Soul 04 - Nils Frahm - Spaces 05 - Dawes – All Your Favorite Bands 06 - The Delines – Colfax 07 - Neil Halstead - Palindrome Hunches 08 - Family Of The Year - Goodbye Sunshine Hello Night Time 09 - The National - High Violet 10 - Electric Youth - Innerworld 11 - Bill Fay – Who Is The Sender 12 - Cave - Threace 13 - Jason Isbell – Something more than free 14 - Spoon - Hot Thoughts 15 - Nick Mulvey - First Mind 16 - Olafur Arnolds - Living Room Songs 17 - First Aid Kit - Stay Gold 18 - Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest 19 - Calexico – Edge of the sun 20 - Cut Copy - Zonoscope Grizzly Bear - Shields Grimes - Visions The National - Trouble Will Find Me Turin Brakes - Lost Property The Head And The Heart - Signs Of Light John Smith - Headlong The Barr Brothers - Queens Of The Breakers Van William - Countries Sons Of Bill - Oh God Ma'am Dawes – Nothing is wrong Dawes – Stories Dont End Dawes - Passwords Hollow Coves - Moments Andy Burrows - Reasons To Stay Alive Jason Isbell – Southeastern Vance Joy – Dream your Life away Andy Burrows – Company Vance Joy - Nation of Two Cut Copy – Haiku from Zero Roo Panes - Quiet Man Ben Howard - Every Kingdom
  8. Well I'm still gripped, although I hope the reveal doesn't disappoint after all the tension building.
  9. How will the physical discs versions of this work? For Halo Infinte will there be two different disc versions for original xbox and the new gen ones?
  10. Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers originally started life as The Dust Brothers, producing tracks like Song To The Siren and Chemical Beats, and remixing Lionrock and Leftfield. After objections from the original The Dust Brothers, known for writing and producing tracks for Tone Loc, Young MC and The Beastie Boys, Rowlands and Simons changed their name. EZ Mike and King Gizmo of the actual Dust Brothers would go on to contribute to the Muppets In Space soundtrack with a cover of Earth Wind and Fire's Shining Star
  11. With that free cassette coming from Select magazine, can look to their first issue which also came with a free casette featuring music from acts including House of Love, Electribe 101, Dusty Springfield, The Fall and Yello Yello obviously made a tonne of brilliant music including
  12. GAME is saved https://www.mcvuk.com/game-launches-the-new-year-sock-swap-and-offers-store-credit-for-unwanted-christmas-socks/amp/
  13. So Tina Weymouth goes on to help produce this dirge from shaun ryder, the proclaimed poetic genius by Tony/Anthony/Tone H Wilson. Money spent on ryders love for crack cocaine and bez's driving licence contribute to the end of Factory Records
  14. Any else find remote downloading through the Game Pass App hit and miss. I have the settings correct but some attempts will just remain as queued and not download unless I do it on the Xbox. Also the play later tab in the App will still show games that I have already downloaded.
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