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  1. Just downloaded the free UK scenery pack which I think is supposed to add photorealistic buildings in London or something - but I'm not quite sure it's working right - everything looks very odd, kind of like I'm flying over a post-apocalyptic London that's been hit by a nuclear blast or something ... Is is supposed to look like this?
  2. How sad. My condolences to those who knew him.
  3. Really? It seemed to me like CGI started to creep in around season 3 - perhaps not spaceship stuff but other spot effects, and little animations here and there. Can't remember any specific examples though.
  4. I think we've been over this before, but if you close your eyes then he could literally be Partridge.
  5. What I'd really like is a new Game &Watch with all of the original g&w games built in. And online high scores.
  6. This is just phenomenal. Only had a couple of flights so far which were completely comical, honestly I was pissing myself with laughter the first time I tried a runway takeoff and ended up flying upside-down, somehow, diving straight towards the airport control tower but somehow managing to pull out of it (using GTA flight skills alone). I've already got about a grand of spending planned out, on a VR headset, yoke, throttle and pedals. Only the feeling that I'm never going to have time to get the most out of it is saving me from bankrupting myself to play a game.
  7. Dunno why it isn't to be honest! I thought just pasting the URL in usually does it.
  8. Amazed I'm still finding stuff on YouTube Ive never seen before. At least, I don't remember seeing it. https://youtu.be/4w021jVKjBw
  9. Literally the only word you could have used that would make it seem less appealing to me than it already did was "Winslet".
  10. I haven't watched Mare of Easttown at all, I keep seeing it mentioned though. Sounds like I should watch it. I think the name put me off, I assumed it's about a female horse. Or is it Mare as in shorthand for "nightmare"?
  11. It's just my opinion at the moment. Maybe someone could do it and it would be great. But there's a specific reason I don't think it would be. Which is that the first film is set in a realistic world rather than the sci-fi/cartoon world of Batman and Joker. I just can't imagine Phoenix's Joker commanding an army of goons and stuff like that. Maybe it would work, I dunno. It would be better if he was treated more like Hannibal Lecter or someone like that, rather than having him suddenly morph into the Joker we're all used to.
  12. Why can't I help reading that in the Chris Morris Brasseye "gunishment" voice?
  13. I get what you're saying about the movie feeling like a build-up but ... Nah. What made this story compelling was Joker's experience of the world, as a psychotic outcast. Take that away by making him a charismatic leader of a gang of super-villains and it just wouldn't feel like the same universe. I'm sure it would be possible to make a great movie about the rise of the Joker, starting off from pretty much where this story ends. But it shouldn't be connected to this film, or star Phoenix. Ledger's joker could have done it.
  14. Love how we got to see the Oasthouse as well.
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