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  1. I thought that game looked really cool when I came across it for the first time recently.But sadly came to the conclusion that there is good reason some game formulas from those days became plagiarised to death and some weren't tried more than once.
  2. I kind of like the idea of a He Man series more closely following the very early original concept for the character, where He Man was a wandering barbarian type, in a world of robot dinosaurs. Apparently that was the concept for the original toy line, before they made the cartoon and introduced Prince Adam and Cringer and everyone.
  3. Double Dragon arcade has been ported or re-released for just about every format that's existed since the 8-bit days though, hasn't it? And 2 as well - re-released of 3 seem rarer but I'm sure it's happened. All 3 of them are available on Antstream, for example. This is much more interesting to me, as someone who never really played the NES versions. The Kunio-kun collection even more so - don't think I'd pay £4 per game for all of them though.
  4. My thoughts after 10 or so hours - haven't read this thread, or anything about the game online, so don't know if I'm just parotting what everyone else is saying. It's great trotting around Midgard again and visiting all the locations I remember from my youth, but done in much more detail. The game feels very constricted and linear though - since this came out we've got used to open worlds and side-quests and emergent gameplay in RPGs, and this doesn't seem to have any of that. I understand that's because it's a JRPG and they are generally epic stories rather than epic world sims like western RPGs. But as someone who isn't a huge JRPG fan it can feel a bit tedious. FF7 was my first JRPG and I guess back then it was novel and impressive enough that I didn't really notice it was pretty linear. The combat is amazing and makes up for the above, though. A shame it's only the first part of the story. As I said I'm enjoying Midgar but I'm longing to see Wutai, Cosmo Canyon, the forest of the ancients, etc, and to be zipping around in the Highwind.
  5. Anyone still playing? Seems they have added a ton of content since I last logged in, last year some time I think. Can't believe its 6 years since they introduced Heists, and even at that time it seemed like there was a ludicrous amount of content for a (then) several years-old game. And they've just kept adding more. I guess there's no way we're getting GTA 6 this gen, which essentially means we've gone a whole console gen without a new GTA - undoubtedly due to the success of online but still, who would have thought, eh? Anyone play the PC version? Grabbed it from Epic while it's free but can't see me wanting to start a character from scratch again. Anything worth seeing for someone whose played the PS4 version since day one?
  6. I do wonder if this will get new content loaded on quickly enough to be worth making it another regular subscription. I've seen most of the stuff I'm interested in , well within my free trial limit. Although there's a load of stuff I'm sure the little girl will love so I'm not going to cancel it now. But long term ... It's strongest attraction seems to be big-name blockbusters and are there enough of them to keep us interested! Seeing stuff like The Princess Bride being added gives me some hope though. Is that owned by Disney ?
  7. Oh wow, really? I had that novelisation too, but don't remember that. I do remember it had a load of extra scenes, but the only ones I can recall were stuff to do with Luke on Tattoine before he meets Obi Wan.
  8. When did "Sith" become a thing? I remember hearing the term first used a good while after the original trilogy (which never mentioned the word) first came out. In the original trilogy there were just Jedi and then "the dark side", right? Years later, but still well before the prequels... I can't remember where it was, but I saw Darth Vader referred to as a " Dark Lord of the Sith". By the time the prequel trilogy came out the term was being used willly-nilly and everyone seemed to know what a Sith was, and that there were two of them, a master and an apprentice, etc. But does anyone know where/when the Sith was first introduced to Star Wars canon?
  9. The most disappointing thing about buying 30+ year old games is they look 30+ years old. I'd love to be able to buy looking brand new and shiny.
  10. As far as I can see, retro games are only going to get more expensive. Every year that goes by, more 8 and 16-bit stuff dies or breaks, so there's more demand for the ever diminishing remaining items, particularly if they are boxed or in good condition. Or just about any condition, if they are decent or rare games. It's the main reason I've started my own small collection of games that are important/personal to me - not because I think I'll be able to sell them for more in the future, but because I don't think I'll be able to justify the expense of buying them in the future, if I don't buy them now! Of course there's always the chance it's a bubble of some sort - but I don't think that's the case. I can't see what would be creating it. (unless lots of people are thinking the same way as me - and trying to secure their long-lost childhood favourites before it's too late).
  11. I will give him £5 for that Double Play adventure with Wizard Scrolls and Dragon Slayer, if he's interested.
  12. Don't think it would be "the one to have" as it wasn't 100 percent compatible but it does look like it would be fun as s curiosity.
  13. I've had an itch to play some Speccy games on original hardware again - something I haven't done for 30 or so years, bar the occasional visit to PlayExpo or something. I had a Plus 2 back in the day, and these seem to be the most available and reasonably priced models these days. I like the idea of something more compact though, and has the massive advantage of built-in tape player. I'd like to own my own real-life 48k - but I want to be able to enjoy the lovely 128k-only music on games like (I think) Robocop. The plus probably isn't the best option for the same reason. The Spectrum 128 I like the look of - combines the compactness of the 48k with the extra memory of the +2 - perhaps why these seem to be the most expensive models to buy in decent condition, bar the +3. +2a - I remember hearing in dim and distant days long gone that there were compatibility issues? Doesn't really seem to have any advantage over the +2. +3 - One of these would be cool, but again worried about compatibility issues - will still be loading most of my games from tape, I'd imagine, because bloody hell, have you seen what the disk games go for on eBay these days? Basically my question is - if there's anyone who still plays on Speccy hardware or has a collection of different Speccies, what ones do you find you get most enjoyment from today?
  14. If they are putting SNES games on there, I don't see why they wouldnt put Gameboy games. The problem with reissuing Nintendo stuff is that even 3rd party games have Nintendo-licensed code in them somewhere. Interesting that they took the Nintendo text out of Earthworm Jim. In the case of that game, that might have been all that was needed to create a licensable game.
  15. This looks cool but ... Why would I want to have all of those games spread out over 10 (and more) carts? And be constantly swapping them when I want to browse and check out different things? Particularly as I assume they are just SD cards in a fancy case, couldn't they just put them all on one , for the "all in" edition at least?
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