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  1. I'm looking for a decent CRT for my two new (old) Spectrums at the moment. I'm pretty much limited by what is available close to me on FB marketplace but are there any good tips on what to consider for a decent retrogaming CRT? Looking for something pretty compact like 14" for the authentic 80s bedroom vibes.
  2. A lot of people, myself included, loved Fallout 4. The base-building elements pushed the template forward considerably imo. I don't think it was considered a failure was it?
  3. I think one of them at least is coming a lot quicker than we previously thought it was going to, now this has happened. Microsoft will want the impact of this to be felt in the first year of the new consoles' existence.
  4. All the others built successful cloud businesses by leveraging their one core business capability that they were undoubtedly best at into a cloud service. Apple's is hardware design, which just doesn't have a valid use case for cloud delivery, unfortunately for them.
  5. No , New Vegas is one of the cleverest story-driven RPGs ever in terms of narrative structure and world building .
  6. Microsoft have won the next gen already haven't they? Who is going to pay £70+ for Elder Scrolls 6 when it's included in your tenner-a-month Gamepass (that you don't even need to own a console to use)?
  7. Which one offers what I guess is probably the main thing that people want from a movie distribution service - mainstream blockbusters? Personally I think the endgame for all streaming services - movies, games and music - is that they end up packaged together by umbrella services, maybe offered by telco's , and the consumer no longer has to make the choice. The content can all be displayed through a combined interface and the content providers are paid directly for what is consumed. I am sure there would be resistance from the service providers and someone must have tried this alrea
  8. Anyway, looking at your first question again- isn't it a winUAE issue rather than an Amiga Forever one? I haven't used AF for a long, long time either but I seem remember it acted mostly as a front-end itself, for winUAE? Meaning it would be a case of setting up the button assigns in winUAE - if you haven't thought of that already?
  9. I used to use Gamebase as an Amiga frontend, it was the only one I got to work. It was many moons ago though so there may well be more now.
  10. Maybe the games I have played are lag-tolerant.
  11. Really impressed with this now. The only real negative for me is the lack of games specific to my own preferences - which is why I've pretty much skipped XBox and Microsoft this gen, I guess. But it's nice to get the chance to catch up on a few I missed that were of interest, like Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2. Is there anything else on there that someone who has been exclusively a Sony gamer for the last console generation should check out? Sea of Thieves looks ok... On the tech side though, it seems great. Everything connects and launches flawlessly . No game-breaking lag, jus
  12. Great theory about how this story is going to play out eventually ... Amazed I hadn't thought of this (or seen it speculated elsewhere, though may have missed it...) - will spoiler as although it's only a theory I guess some people might not want to hear it...
  13. The streaming service is phone and tablet only at the moment, but it would be silly if they weren't planning at least console and TV support for the near future. PC too, considering that apparently the service includes PC games. I say "apparently" because I don't think I have seen any on there yet.
  14. This seems to work really well, just been playing State of Decay on my Pixel 4 using a Moga 2 controller and it works great. Perhaps games take a little longer to start up than I would like, and seemingly longer than on other streaming services I've tried (Geforce Now and PS Now). But overall it seems very good so far.
  15. Out today isn't it?Anyone using it yet? Can anyone confirm if PS4 or other Bluetooth controllers work at all ? I know they aren't supported officially, but are they completely disabled in the release version? Also are MS still doing that thing they talked about a while ago, where there's s subscription tier that gets you an actual console thrown in?
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