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  1. Will do! Yeah, I get that there isn't the same level of interest in computer stuff these days. Also that stuff just undeniably doesn't age as well - cassettes and floppies tending to perish quicker I guess, and even the boxes and packaging weren't as durable, as they were often just cardboard rather than plastic!
  2. I am probably going to pop along to The Retro Hunter/ Neon Nights this afternoon/ evening - got half a feeling it might be popular as it was featured in RG this week! Quick question for any locals that are familiar ... does the shop have much in the way of retro computer stuff, or is it all consoles? (Looks mostly consoles from the pics in RG - which I'll be happy enough with, sure I can find some MD or PS1 stuff to keep me occupied. But it would be great if they had some home computer stuff too).
  3. The Namco place with a bowling alley? It was still there just before Covid kicked off.
  4. I'm thinking of popping down to Neon Knights tomorrow evening if anyone else is around and fancies a visit? I know we talked about doing it as a mini-meet in the other thread. It seems it's just open evenings at the weekend, anyone know if that's right? And does that mean it's not possible to visit at a time when the arcade and the shop next door are both open?
  5. Nice to see some slightly more positive coverage of a certain streaming service specialising in retro games!
  6. Do you guys think I should get this on PS4 or PC? My PC has a RTX 3060 card so should be buff enough right? (Steam doesn't have the specs up yet). But I only have a 1080p monitor right now. Will PS4 (Pro) let me play at 4K? If I play on PC, will it be closer to the PS4 or PS5 experience? Anyone know anything about this yet? Playing a From game on my 22" PC monitor will be a bit strange after I've played everything from DS1 onwards on my 65" downstairs TV. But will the presumable increase in graphics quality make up for it? Or just bite the bullet and (somehow) make this the reason I upgrade to a PS5? (or buy a better monitor for my PC?) Decisions decisions!
  7. My friends' parents who were teachers certainly took the ones from their school, when the school upgraded to PCs and Archimedes. Always used to take them home in the holidays, too.
  8. Possibly. Also, there's the fact that they'd really need to license the WHD drivers to make it a decent end-user experience. Amiga emulation using ADF files is slow and clunky. Particularly for multi disk games, where it requires you to manually switch between files. At the end of the day, I'm pretty sure that the overall reason is just that there are a myriad of ways, both technical and licensing, in which Amiga emulation is a less smooth experience than console emulation, so they decided to go 100 percent console.
  9. No ... Plenty of people have licensed kickstart so that isn't the reason.
  10. If you're going to use neoretro it should be paleoreteo and mezoretro.
  11. Somewhat about homebrew games for the Spectrum that came out in 2021? (Runs away)
  12. Over four seasons it's inevitably transitioned from being something genuinely mind-blowing (Karate Kids, 40 years later) to being something very comfortable and formulaic. But it's still very watchable, mainly due to great performances from the main cast, and Johnny and Daniel in particular. They are clearly scraping the barrel now in terms of characters to bring back - Terry was the worst baddie as his movie was the worst of the original trilogy, but I'm glad they did bring him back just for the sake of completeness.
  13. Maybe they are though? Maybe the animals in video games are avatars of real animals in another reality, like The Matrix. And when they die in our games, they die in real life.
  14. Weird. DD1 is certainly no harder than 2 or 3 to "get running". Unless they just saw the slowdown and didn't realise that's how the original game always performed!
  15. At the very other end of the spectrum from all this talk of Absolute and Deluxe editions - I've just bought all of the Sandman trades for around £3 each on Kindle/Comixology, where they are on sale at the moment. I already own all of the Absolutes but having the whole series in my pocket to carry around and read whenever I want was irresistible.
  16. The Amiga Shadow Of The Beast death screen guitar music is ripped off an episode of Miami Vice or something similar, according to a @Kim Justicevideo I was watching recently.
  17. It's weird because this game does look amazing, but I don't remember any excitement about it, or even hearing about it, back in the day - the magazines (and kids in the playground) that all raved about Shadow Of The Beast seemed to completely miss this game. I only found out it existed years later in the internet days.
  18. Do you think there will be sound issues with this? One thing I've noticed whenever I've tried Amiga emulation is that the sound is often very crackly. It's possibly because I've never messed around with the WinUAE settings particularly, to try and get it sounding better. Is it fairly simple to put right if you know what you're doing? It seems to be something that's always been an issue with WinUAE for as far back as I can remember using it, which is like 25 years or something probably.
  19. Having finished them all, I'd say the Ultimas before 4 are not 10/10 material, but I would argue and 4 or 5 possible are.
  20. Dungeon Master. It's just so far ahead of its time. Real time lighting, physics engine, awesomely flexible spellcasting and levelling up mechanics that piss all over what other CRPGs were doing at the time. Monkey Island 1. Amazing cinematic storyline that basically brings Lucasfilm quality storytelling and production values to adventure games for the first time. While also being miles ahead of the competition (impossible to die or get stuck in a dead end) in terms of gameplay mechanics. Basically redefined player expectations of adventure games and pretty much all storytelling in games.
  21. So anyone actually managed to do the Flight Simulator training using the Quest 2? After finally managing to get it working using my headset (thanks to advice further up in the thread) I'm now sitting in the cockpit - at the start of the first training mission with the Cesna sitting on the runway. The instructor tells me where the yoke is (in front of me) then says, "In this training mission you'll be controlling the plane using your peripherals of choice ... so let's hide the yoke for now." I'm not sure what this means - I want to control the plane using the yoke so why do I have to hide it? The interface tells me to "point the cursor at the yoke and hide it pressing A" - so I point at it, using the Oculus hand controller cursor - the yoke highlights in blue, but pressing A doesn't do anything whatsoever. I can't progress any further than this as the game just sits there telling me to "point the cursor at the yoke and press A". Very frustrating because I can't tell if I'm being stupid and doing something wrong, or if something isn't working like it's supposed to ... I just want to take off in the plane and fly around in VR!
  22. Sega tend to want a lot of money to licence their games, particularly the big games you've mentioned. I am not sure I have seen Capcom games (classic arcade games at least) licenced anywhere.
  23. Yeah - it only shows me C when I click there. There is another option under settings - general that lets me change where it installs by default. But even if I change that to D, the next time I go to install a game, it only offers me C as a location.
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