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  1. On the subject of pack weight I'm not too fussed, I get all my packs far cheaper than they are worth by virtue of SBC's and  if I get a good pull great. I would say that the amount of money EA make on Fifa now compared to pre FUT makes me wonder if there would be any point in them tipping the scales even more.

  2. Yea I usually get sweet FA in packs, before this year my best pull was under 200k, not spent a dime on packs in years probably under a tenner in FUT's lifetime.


    Also Pant's I've done all the SBC's except most of the high rated players and not touched the new league SBC's yet. 60% of my coins is from trading and 40% from my two lucky pulls.

  3. 2 hours ago, Mitchell said:


    He'll get you 60% of a CR7!


    I have enough coins to get him anyway just not sure If i should go Mbappe, Ronaldo or both?


    I watched the 3.5.2 vid and gonna give it a try. Also love you too Gooner, i feel bad you never pack anything.......................

  4. This is the team I fancied for the WL, about 12 wins from 20 games and my thoughts are as follows. Van Nistelrom was a nostalgia purchase and he hasn't impressed, I succumbed to the Dembele club and I also haven't been impressed. What has impressed me is my defensive additions of Nesta and Semedo, really good at their jobs. The biggest surprise i've had is Rui Costa, scored a a load from a not perticularly offensive position and completely outperformed Dybala I had last week. 


    Think I'm gonna sack in the front 3 and look to bring in Ronaldo for next week, may very well have a change in formation as my attacking has been below par, lots of 1-0's keeping me going.




  5. 14 hours ago, Pants McSkill said:


    Was that a spur of the moment decision then? Or did you go in with some sort of plan? 12 Oblaks at 48k... Dropping half a million coins on an investment at 6:01pm when the SBC drops seems mental to me if it was on a whim.


    I've done my fair share of grabbing players at 6:01pm when SBCs drops, so I know how well it can work. But I've also seen it go horribly wrong - Last Fifa it took me weeks to shift all the Kagawas I grabbed that one one time.


    I hear ya, last year I bought a 100 Kepa's when a Chelsea SBC dropped then spent a week getting rid for 500 coin loss each.


    The two key things to look at at 6pm - how popular will the SBC be (better pack will mean peeps are willing to pay more coins to complete) and avoid players too heavily pre invested. This one was a pretty straightforward invesment though, POTM is always popular unless really expensive. As far as which player to buy, Oblak is 91 rated and was 40k, considering the SBC needed multiple 85+ rated squads he was always going to be one of the best players to use and appear in most of the cheapest solutions on FUTBIN. 


    I also make sure sell on the hype most of the time, sometimes when a specific team is needed you can hold your player and watch them keep rising, but most of the time the best money is selling your players about 6.10pm before the panic selling starts. I can't take all the credit for my 6pm dealings, I watch a youtuber who spend 10 hours a day just trading, he hasn't even played a game just likes making coins. 



    I usually put his stream on at 5.50pm, just be mindfull there are a lot of viewers and he can cause a player to rise or crash fast.

  6. On 11/10/2019 at 20:04, Ballzzie said:

    Tell me about it.


    Good shout on the Oblaks.


    Next time let us know too eh? :bye:


    It was a 6pm invesment and they rose pretty fast, i go for invesments every day when sbcs drop. Also this is my team, 16 wins with 5 left to play, really want elite but not gonna happen this time.




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