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  1. I was thinking there would likely be at least a couple of peeps that turn up that haven't posted. At 9pm just get everyone who plays RL into a party and take it from there.
  2. Yea I saw that a bit ago, hammers are probably favourite.
  3. Looks like 2v2 with 4 - 6 teams? Your lucky I love this game so much as United are on tonight.
  4. JIMMMMMMMM Lets get it on, can do daytimes as I work from home and my regular nights are Wed, Thur & Sunday.
  5. I can't say i'll be on definite till Wed night, though I can pop on during and morning/afternoon now the kids are back at school.
  6. Most of the cards are beyond my level, I gave my only archer earlier
  7. Im in and it's nearly full :/
  8. You don't know the times by now? 10PM mate
  9. This is the player list I'll submit before tonight's games, let me know if you want to make any changes. Alfromsleep - Pablo Ibáñez - CB, CDM Bleeders - Michel Salgado - RB, RM Tomaka - Marcos Senna - CDM, CM, CAM Klaark - Xabi Alonso - CDM, CM Kriess - Iniesta - CM, CAM, RW Mackenie - Francesc Fabregas - CDM, CM, CAM Gooner - Joaquín - CM, CAM Shalo - David Villa - CAM, ST
  10. The big kick off tomorrow night, will be on tonight if anyone wants to join. I've picked Gooner and Tom for backup reporters, and we need to finalise player selection before tomorrow night.
  11. Mackenie 2 - 0 Gooner Girl Tight game, which I usually bring out in people. Ended up taking two of my chances, but not much between us. Thanks for the game Alison.
  12. I should be on both times, though it might be more like 8:15pm on Thursday.
  13. @Alison94 Not sure but safest bet would be Wed, Thur, Sun night this week. Can do most times in the day up to 2:30pm as I work from home.
  14. Sounds good. Need to boost our height a bit.
  15. I wouldn't accept anything less than a 6"4 CB for Al the beast.
  16. I thought you'd like him. I'm Fabregas and I'm thinking Xavi, Garcia, Joaquin, Iniesta all look good candidates for Gooner and Kriess. Tom and Klaark I'd like you to pick bigger centre mids, there's two or three good ones around 6ft.
  17. Great stuff guys, I'll be back to normal on Wed night.
  18. Ok so I've had another look, and I think Spain is the way to go if we don't need a big striker. David Villa looks good for you Shalo (can play at ST or CAM). Fabregas for me, Xavi, Iniesta or Joaquin for Gooner and Kriess maybe? two 6ft CDMs for Tom and Klaark as well as a 6ft4 guy for Vidic. Even RB seems to have a good choice in Salgado. Everyone happy with that?
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