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  1. Premiership: Barings Mean Machine Miner Willy Pompey88 SaintM FC Manic Minor Paddyo Donnie Darko's Dynamos Humdrum Benji Banton AS Choochaco Mitchell Steelys Villains Championship: ASM FC DigImmortals Scratch FC Gus's Grasshoppers TylerFC FC Porko LittleJoe Wallace Bravehearts Wincho09 Sean_L_99 Slotter's Tribe Backdrifter Town FC League 1: FC Webbinho Themomentbefore Gambit Giants Tomox FC Harbeyfield Wednesday Tsunami1 Yawdib Animis FC Joffy 2018 DangerM Parakeets Razzle Billy Brown Petey’s Puppeteers League 2: Mackenies Old Boys Sithlordx Legendary’s Lions Andzy1uk AS Mortis Muppets Bash Tobert’s Tornado’s AFC Sloces Warszawa FC Paul Jeffery bph athletic Sporting Goat Keeper FC Cup Winners League Cup: Pompey88 Champions League Cup: Barings Mean Machine UEFA cup: Gus's Grasshoppers Here’s my selections, most of the people I’ve put at the bottom is ppl I don’t know and I just couldn’t help put myself at the top...
  2. i know it doesnt usually happen on monday nights but i havent been able to make any 5v5 recently, tonight me and andzy can be on all night if anyone fancies trying to get together a 5v5 or if theres 2 ppl that want to play 2v2.
  3. ill have a change please, looks like psg are gonna be getting relegated anyways
  4. thats the gist of it, looks like another season in the basement league
  5. i could do it tonight if danger is up for it.... not to be thick but does 2x7 min match mean 2 legs or both half are 7 mins each
  6. The Goat Keeper 0 - 5 Mackenies old boys: I came on and played a warm up and then started my games with goat keeper, the first game started off with a miss off the season open goal and before i knew it the game was on 60 minutes and still 0 - 0, clearly his first win of the season had given him some confidence and i was really worried about lightning striking. but then the outcome of the nights games was changed by the goat disconnecting. Very unlucky getting a disk error and i do feel bad for taking advantage of it. the game was started from scratch and after the first 15 mins i was 3 up, clearly the error had swung the match in my favour and i ran the match out 5 0 Mackenies old boys 9 - 0 The Goat Keeper This game was basically if i shot i scored, or i got a rebound and scored. after the first game i took my foot off the gas but this time i kept going all the way, 6 - 0 up at half time and this was about the time the goat had a player sent off for 2 yellows. then in the second half i didnt score for 30 mins until i got 3 goals in the last 15 mins, at the very end of the game the second of the goats players departed the field. Very good games mate and i cant help but think what could of been if the first game had disconnected. atleast you got your first win that night and these games have really put me in the mood for the league leader paddyo who i play this week. ps is this biggest win of season?
  7. i know youve got a couple of fixtures before our game but our fixture starts on sunday so ill see if i can get on sunday night
  8. i dont think anyone wants read another story of how both matches were played so i concur with gus, its unfortunatly true that defence is my strongest point. i would prefer to be stronger at attacking but begers cant be choosers. very good games and i think 3 points each is maybe fair although i was fortunate in the second game towards the end. i hope u get top 2 gus cause if i get in the playoff i dont fancy another 2 games of defending against u
  9. My PSG are now a 3 and a halfstar down from 4 starts, but i cant see much difference to the old team except loosing a first team player
  10. Mackenies old boys 3 - 0 Unleashedmaniac Unleashedmaniac 0 - 0 Mackenies old boys 2 Good games with Unleashedmaniac with the first game alot closer then the score suggests, it was 1 - 0 until the last 5 mins. the second game was abit duller with a few good chances for each team but nothing remarkable. im glad to get the points on the board and i didnt have much trouble getting my game arranged with Unleashedmaniac. Cheers mate
  11. oh no ive lost my only right winger :/ and ive gained 1 player i dont know or need
  12. i thaught the cup match would wait until after my holiday, (i got back today), i was about to play it the day before i went but my oppenent couldnt make the arranged time :/
  13. FC Porto (Mitchell) 3 - 1 PSG (Mackenie) calamity from the keeper pretty much ended the game in the first half, until then we were reasonably hapy with proceedings, once the goal came it was clear it wasnt going to be our day and the only consolation is scoring a late goal and not playing 3 matches without scoring. with the league 2 leaders to come after the team brake to spain, we will have to hope for a big change in fortunes
  14. well no goals in my first 2 games is abit pants but i only let in 1 in the 90th min so im not to unhappy , im off on holiday in 2 days guys so ill see ya around the 7th when i come back.
  15. they play quite well but im happy enough with psg
  16. i cant believe u beat me to shalke gus, u must of done it 2 seconds before me , i was practising with em all day
  17. I will have: Shalke 04 PSG Sunderland
  18. yes there is a thread for each cup and the fixtures are on the website
  19. im looking forward to league two as nobdy really knows who will be the best, also ive drawn lg 1 opposition in both cups so it should be fun
  20. PS i have fifa 08 and would be happy to play with that
  21. I would be up for playing in the league as soon as you have the space, just let me know.
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