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  1. You find Hazard to be particularly special?
  2. One more thing to add, I could have a billion coins and wouldn't touch that ICON SBC, what a bag of shit.
  3. Honestly I did ok with the loan version but not amazing, fact is i'm a sucker for an SBC and did it for significantly under 700k due to getting players early / already having them. I also justified it to myself if you look at the value of the packs and how much IF Hazard costs, really it was just an expensive luxury because i'm such a baller lol. I haven't yet played with IF Hulk yet but hoping he's sweet, also haven't tried Firminho or this formation so looking forward to the WL
  4. Look on the bright side. I'm clearly compensating for my small penis
  5. after you left I flew a chopper and literally got rocketed 4 times in the first minute. Hog took one in the face and died on the chopper but me and vin managed to jump before it crash landed. What gets me about this game is it seems so simple on the surface, but then loads of epic scenarios play out over the course of a few hour, me n hog would normally have gone off an hour before but just couldn't stop playing.
  6. Guys, if anyone wasn't aware the gold cards that were extinct had a price rise just after the icon SBC dropped. Cards such as iniesta, parejo, david silva, busquets, veratti are now selling for a lot more now they are back on the market. For e.g. i personally bought 10 parejos at 21k (that was his max price) and have sold most of them for 42k (his new max price). Dunno if anyone was even aware of these players being unavailable, but if you have any cash in
  7. got my gold 3 with bout 7 games left so called it a day. I wonder how not taking part in the first weekend league will affect my monthly rank :/
  8. FYI guys i've had IF Talisca in my team since he was 38k, and I can tell you the only way hulk is getting in my team is upfront. Talisca is a beast, great at heading for a midfielder.
  9. Too much of my coinage is tied up in investments to think of icons, one day maybe.
  10. I wonder how much higher than 2.3M I could get if i liquidated Up to 11 wins from 16, shame i can't get close to the 30 game mark this weekend.
  11. Managed to get 10 games in and got 6 wins, i'll take that.
  12. BTW guys note that its high rating requirements, so low rated players probably no good, even players like giroud might go down.
  13. I decided pre release i wasn't going to do it, gonna be mad cost
  14. guys, this shit just got real, 300k invested in chelsea players, boom
  15. never a bad idea to sell on the hype, as steely said guarantees profit if thats what your after
  16. Yea but it's an FA thing not Fifa thing, so the reveal is not up to EA, and i think EA like to bring it out with reveal but all guess work at the minute.
  17. there are currently less than like 20 hazards on the PC market, so they would essentially make it unavailable if your unlucky enough to play on PC. I just think there's not enough hazards about but could be wrong. BTW it could be released as soon as 11:30 and there will be some mad buying opportunities.
  18. I meant any inform, i could see them putting a requirement of 1 inform player but to need hazard would make it so dead.
  19. you might be right about needing an inform, but i can't see hazard being needed.
  20. Just a heads up, looks like Hazards been leaked as POTM, though it was likely anyway. More importantly it could drop today so get them Belgium/Chelsea players bought!
  21. I get where your coming from, last fifa in particular I was bad enough to not enjoy it. Face it though your not going anywhere
  22. I'm qualied for it but not sure if i will have time to play half the games. I like the fact that you start to earn qualification points for a second WL when your already registered to one.
  23. Btw @Theholyhogg OTW Anderson up to 130k (we both bought him last night for 110k), My thinking was it was only slighty higher value than his inform card, but the OTW card will upgrade whereas the inform won't.
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