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  1. Each to their own, maybe he just gives me no reason to pay him much attention. I must say thanks guys for pointing me to this futbin club upload, never heard of it before and it's pretty sick.
  2. Yea i noticed hulk looked sweet, look at that physical ffs, plan on picking him up Sunday/Monday to go alongside Fabhino and Talisca in center mid. Those two have both been playing well but Casemiro has been disappointing.
  3. honestly i think everyone is going that way due to Lucas, which could b a bit of a pain.
  4. Once you guys saw by braziliant team you all seem to be sporting more Brazilian players
  5. I was gonna spend £10 the other day on promo packs but i couldn't bring myself to do it
  6. This is mine, bout half a mill and I enjoyed it a lot more than my ragtag bunch lol
  7. Just chilling this weekend with the below team as i didn't have enough time to qualify for the WL, gonna buy a nice Brazilian team Monday when hopefully the prices drop.
  8. I made one based on the cheapest liverpool players, https://www.futbin.com//19/squad/100025593/sbc Got some of the players cheaper by bidding.
  9. the one with Liverpool players, waited till today as the prices have dipped and cost me about 15k, also got an electrum pack with it i think because it was a set.
  10. and yes, tradable, also nice work on varane dude
  11. Who said the SBC's arn't worth doing lol, however can anyone guess wtf is wrong with this pic, genuinely just captured it on my ps4 when i packed it.
  12. I don't need the coins and missus loves opening packs so went for tradable. Not opened yet buy also got some to open form other means.
  13. Fyi his price has rocketed, same with all the gold versions of those cards, out of interest what did u pay? 25k?
  14. check your club for eredivisie players aswell, nice bump on them
  15. For anyone that wasn't aware, the new sbc has put liverpool players up to 9k plus. also bumped the other 3 teams big time
  16. I don't think Lucas POTM is op but he's been ok for me, 4 goals 5 assists in 8 games. Gabriel Jesus has been a beast though, 9 goals in 4 games.
  17. guys the markets gone absolutely mental due to the OTW players dropping and the POTM sbc's being up. Whatever you do don't sell any prem players until the prices have topped
  18. My advice would be buy any players/investments around midnight/1am tonight. Players will drop with the full release initially.
  19. Just think of team you could buy at the minute with the 120k those two are worth lol.
  20. yea i told him that, unless he wants to build a starter team. If the prices of all players are down it's a bad time to sell but because of that it's a good time to buy
  21. Those packs were so so, only player over 3k was rakatic, still worth peeps doing them. I haven't done any trading, just sold my starter pack contents then worked through the SBC's. They are so good value compared to the cost that guaranteed to get your money back off quicksale values. For anyone that doesn't already know, use this link to make it as simple and cheap as poss https://www.futbin.com/squad-building-challenges
  22. Further to the point above, after some reserch it looks like the shiny gold are the best to make monies on as IF are too unpredictable, Kante 108k on ps4 - 220k xbox
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