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  1. If u look at the values compared to xbox you can see what i mean about the values being dirt, right now u can get kane for under 40k, hes over 100k on xbox because people can play the game on xbox. My advice to anyone would be liquidate everything and buy a load of players the day before PS4 early release, you could triple/quadruple whatever meagre coins you can build up.
  2. Got these beauties from SBC's waiting for the wife to get in, cost about 25k. Will let you know if i get owt good Had similair amount this morning and did ok, another IF Xhaka and a couple of 7k players the highlight. Shame the values are dirt before the early release.
  3. done a few sbc's and packed IF Xhaka, only worth just over 10k because of the pre release prices.
  4. already the plan, you don't listen do you bro lol
  5. in for a Fifa 19, I know Fifa 18 is poo but that never stopped the BAP league before. If you build it, they will come!
  6. Was a good laugh, specially after we blew of the cobwebs and started playing some decent shit. Luseth hattrick humiliating them into quiting
  7. Also how did i not get that simulation monies...
  8. I praise your decision to add that bit about open play for the outside of the box goal now all i need to hear is the official time of the last goal was in the 89th minute lol. edit: bugger u edited ur post, £30 quid just cause he picked an openening team. some pricks have all the luck. MO better bag a hattrick tomorrow, including goals from outside the box and a penalty, getting a red for taking his top off............
  9. are you shitting me, is that a £30 free kick??????
  10. Disney Paris is pretty sweet, very busy though so give yourself an hour for each ride... American diner is the best place to eat IMO
  11. bloodbowl 2 is good fun but takes an age per match. looking to give this a try.
  12. This is on game pass right? tempted to do a trial or see if i can get another month for a £1 to give it a try.
  13. 2nd, f ing lag
  14. Im in, but mine's 10 I'm starting to get worried I can't beat him easily on every game anymore. I can kick his ass on RL though.
  15. I've sold it before the next version for the first time in 10 years, sad times.
  16. new life goal, get all four squad members running around as bushes.
  17. New update today guys, and I think it will make Vinnie complete. Yes you can actually be a bush, its a consumable like a shield and its like your wearing the bush.
  18. I'm usually shit at building but this one I just had plenty of time, started of building up, then did a massive platform to keep me in the circle.
  19. This is what you call a victory pic I sniped the last guy from my super high sky base, dunno how I didn't fall lol.
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