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  1. It takes a while to get used to, me n Hog get rekt alot. It's so fast to get back into another game so not really an issue.
  2. Great win last night guys, and one guy away from a second win thanks to mad shotty skills by vinnie n Charlie. I would describe fortnite as a more casual version of PUBG, though i've not actually played it. Loving fortnite at the min.
  3. Has he not does his famous u turn yet? come on pal sort it out
  4. I sold out yesterday, the only cards going up in value now will be old TOTW i think.
  5. I'll be dropping Sunday based on last year player prices for some players i checked on futbin.
  6. I'm well jel of the peeps who have it now, fingers crossed for Thursday delivery. Dembele will get you a decent team, I would guess the prices will rise substantially between now and the weekend. Last night prices were at an all time low, bought Insigne 85 rated for 10k buy it now, cheapest right now is over 17k but I want him for me
  7. A tip for anyone doing SBC, use the SBC section on futbin
  8. I cant remember TBH, but i know you played enough to earn the bloody early access lol
  9. That sucks, think u played more fut 17 than anyone else on my FL
  10. Ive done them all, apart from some of the team ones, I just did Tigres, cost me about 7k and reward was electrum pack (6 gold, 6 silver - all players 3 rare). My best out of the pack was Higuain, and yes he's 90 rated
  11. Packed inform Mustafi too after completing SBC's, also packed Inform Valencia...
  12. Cheers for the reminder, need to get trading
  13. everyone's gonna be golfing for a while anyways
  14. I'm unlikely to be on before 10 so that aint gonna happen
  15. might not be on, 5 year wedding anniversary :/
  16. be on when i can get baby to sleep, i need to lvl up and remember how to play lol
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