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  1. Well both teams have the later kickoff: https://smash.gg/tournament/rlcs-season-3/events/eu-qualifier/brackets/113907/353366 https://smash.gg/tournament/rlcs-season-3/events/eu-qualifier/brackets/113907/353362 So A team are bracket D12 and we are D14
  2. best view of you and Beejay forfeiting?
  3. I've registered with the proviso that I'm not 100% sure i can make it. Thought i'd leave late incase another regular stepped up and haven't been on the forum much since the new baby.
  4. Fancy the B team @Jamin? Happy to try n sort the day off if I'm on the piss about team.
  5. I'm sorry but there's someone else, It's not you it's me, we can still be friends.
  6. Ur always mardy when we lose a couple so nothing new . I don't see the point in going through the effort of committing to it and then not enjoying it cause I've lost us the game. I would of said u n Jam could handle it and we play well, but I don't think he can wangle the day off n ur now a grumpy hog
  7. I would be the same if i was normally free Sundays, with 2 kids n the Mrs I would have some serious work to put in to free myself for the day , its all the harder because they can't give us a bloody time until after signup.
  8. Much like Jam I think I'm too erratic for the tourney, I would only be doing it for the lols and think Beejay would literally shit a brick if he got me on his team.
  9. I'm not fussed about being a reserve and I won't make the 'top 3' . Maybe next time.
  10. Don't worry i wont be in the a team ;), u should start worrying Benny
  11. might give it a crack
  12. New baby due imminently I'm afraid, don't want to commit to anything for the first few months.
  13. I have players from Sweden, Inter, Barca, PSG and Man u - hope they go up more when peeps are online later or I'll be well annoyed my predictions came to nothing. Looks like the Prem IF's were the only ones i got wrong.
  14. I just bought Gears 4 for £25 in the xbox store sale, so count me in for some horde action.
  15. As per the convo last night I'm sure well make a good strike partnership next season.
  16. Mack v Gooner https://www.twitch.tv/average_bros_mack/v/95957253?t=01m01s Mack v Benny https://www.twitch.tv/average_bros_mack/v/95957253?t=12m35s Mack v Hog https://www.twitch.tv/average_bros_mack/v/95957253?t=26m13s Mack v JDub https://www.twitch.tv/average_bros_mack/v/95957253?t=38m22s Mack v Angel https://www.twitch.tv/average_bros_mack/v/95957253?t=49m52s Mack v Baz https://www.twitch.tv/average_bros_mack/v/95957253?t=01h01m06s Mack v BJ https://www.twitch.tv/average_bros_mack/v/95957253?t=01h13m38s
  17. 8 would be a pretty good number, we can atleast all fit in the party so Beejay can sort out the brackets. If it's left in the hands of Hog to work out we will be in danger of being late for Thursdays bappage...
  18. At first I thought SBC were a waste of time, but now I think the value of the packs or players can massively out way the cost and time of completing them.
  19. I got Azpilcueta then Kompany in two consecutive 7.5k packs. 60k but they both went straight into my PL team
  20. Not looked at them on this version at the moment.
  21. Got a couple of decent squads on the go. My La Liga needs some TLC and I'm totally addicted to SBC.
  22. Fair play to yourself, all we heard over both games from Gooner was get lost Charlie. Up to that goal you had him in your pocket and he was fuming.
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