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  1. Also, how dare you give away my assist, it was a peach of a cross. #ih8gooner
  2. there wasn't one listed below 186k when i checked.
  3. 81 average i think, might have to spend 100k on it which is why I can't decide. I kinda feel obligated now that I'm one step away from boosted Sterling.
  4. 185k if you want a quick sale. 190-200k if you don't mind relisting. You are a pack wizard sir.
  5. I've completed two of those squad builder challenges, can't decide whether its worth building a city team for the mega pack and untradeable 84 Sterling.
  6. Hi de hi team, haven't even made my pro yet but can be on wed night for praccy. As for position, I'm easy like Sunday morning.
  7. Get the F out of this thread you non Fifa scum, go back to your German friends.
  8. Gutted to miss the first 3v3 tourney in like a year, damn
  9. Team c 0 - 2 Team d Team c 4 - 6 Team d Team c 3 - 1 Team a Team c 4 - 3 Team a Team c 5 - 1 Team b Team c 7 - 2 Team b Team c 3 - 2 Team e Team c 2 - 3 Team e
  10. I can give you a few tips, taught @Theholyhogg everything he knows.
  11. I knew
  12. It was a nice touch that you got the winner before extra time, considering getting the 3 goals to level in 25 seconds was impossible.
  13. I couldn't spot any #wasteofmytime
  14. Can I be the first in line to drop out, Hog's poor execution in running this has made me dissillusioned
  15. Hello again Mr John0, you helped me break my rocket league tourney virginity. Sorry to say I still f it up almost as often, should be fun
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