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  1. Grrr. Bought this on release and had a few issues with it so chucked it in the drawer until it was ready. It's now had a series of patches, including practically every quest patched, and it's £18. Why do I have no patience at all.
  2. Elliott

    Rock Band!

    Are the Pro Drums worth £100+? As an upgrade from the original RB1 doohickeys. I feel like I'm missing out without cymbals.
  3. Caught the Saturday and Sunday sets at ATP. The projection stuff was a really nice touch, felt like they'd really made the effort. Don't know if they did it elsewhere but at ATP instead of having music on the PA before GY!BE started they were just jamming on stage and eventually broke into Hope Drone the first time and Dead Flag Blues the second. Sad Mafioso was such a good way to finish the Sunday, Dead Flag Blues was incredible and the last two minutes of BBF3 that we happened to catch on the Friday (we saw in full but the glimpse was so exciting) made the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up.
  4. Shoptemp are no longer taking orders.
  5. Jagged edges on shapes annoy me because I'm convinced it's a problem with my TV specifically because I refuse believe nobody else is as bothered by how jagged the edges of some 2D geometric shapes are on menus alone, let alone the edges of 3d ones. Tearing is ridiculous. I don't think I've ever even noticed a frame rate unless it's visibly stuttering.
  6. I'm pleasantly surprised by how good this is, feels like I've discovered a new page on the DVD extras menu and it's all good.
  7. Elliott

    Mass Effect 3

    If it's anything even related to the cold war kind of era then the Russians spilling incorrect information could be part of a massive marketing device.
  8. Just spotted this pop back up again. I really enjoyed Waiting for the Barbarians and Disgrace by JM Coetzee. Also found a lot of love for Graham Greene, Bret Easton Ellis, Nabokov's further body of work and a few other things.
  9. Nintendo should go back to carts, but instead use teeny weeny little SD cards or something. Cheap to make, and a cheap/hard to break component for the console. Which means you can have twenty odd (or less) slots for them and you can have either an entire modest games collection in there at once, modular expandable storage for download services (want to download games and put them on a memory card you've bought yourself? go ahead!) and 4-disc spanning JRPGs can now exist without having to have duplicate data on each disk because they're all accessed simultaneously.
  10. Oh. Yes. This looks lovely. More into the top-down style than the isometric for my SRPGs but this will do me just fine.
  11. Always resisted online games but fancy giving Call of Duty a shot. Do I want this or MW2? Do I need a strategy guide? Do I want a pair of these Turtle Beach montrosities?
  12. This, a billion times over. I buy so much stuff like DVDs or games and just chuck them in a cupboard once I've ripped them. I'm fairly regularly unwell enough for standing up and traversing my room to cause considerable discomfort so having everything on my Wii accessible like that is golden. Wish I could do it for the Xbox, although I have bought one or two full games off the marketplace at an inflated price just because it's convenient and I'm never really one to trade in anything unless it's brand new and I hate it. It's not even a matter of laziness, it's just kerfuffle. Sega Channel was so, so awesome. Lightyears ahead of its time.
  13. Moved into student halls a few weeks ago and made a little habit of picking up GC/Mega Drive/N64/SNES stuff as I see it out and about. Problem is that the only thing here to use as a screen is a Samsung P2370HD, which while being dead good and looking really nice with the PC anything less than component looks like a bag of arse and even component stuff looks a bit stretched. It's a 23" 1080p panel intended to be used as a monitor for a computer I think. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/sony-trinitron-21-inch-tv-/150521544500?pt=UK_AudioTVElectronics_Video_Televisions&hash=item230bc87f34#ht_500wt_1156 Only Trinitron on eBay is 21" and the seller wants a shocking £50. Not even seen a 4:3 screen in years so can't remember if 21" would be too big, too. Only ones on Gumtree are Dell Trinitron monitors. Any other ideas on what I should be looking for? Their feedback includes Kings of Leon tickets, a fairly comprehensive amateur homegrow set up and something about smoking crack weed so God knows if they'd be willing to go a bit cheaper, given you can find these things on the street. Can't exactly just nip down to the local tip as I'm car-less and dragging a telly back from even residential areas surrounding Liverpool would ruin me.
  14. I'd pay full price for a new Wii if it could cope with HDMI. The exact same console but with HDMI. High resolution but relatively low size screen means my Wii looks terrible. Even native upscaling would help.
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