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  1. LotRO was alright as it goes, I quite enjoyed it. I'd binned WoW for a bit after clearing all of the raid stuff last summer and it was a nice way to keep MMOing, but chill things out a lot. I ended up in some odd little RP guild almost entirely populated by Scandinavian housewives.
  2. Well, I'm kinda around now...hi hi.
  3. I haven't. Because Blizzard in one of their most spectacular moments of utter spasticity won't allow you to change the email address that I originally registered with TWO YEARS AGO. /tears.
  4. The simple answer I'm afraid, is don't PUG battlegrounds. It's just a soul destroying experience 90% of the time. Your best bet is to form up a team with your guildmates. Although a full ten is great, six non morons in a wsg is often enough to swing it, no matter what the PUGS are doing. Other than that, talk to people on your realm forums, we tend to have a few premades kicking around at any one time. If you're in it for rewards or rep as well as just kicking some arse, a premade group is just infinitely more fun and efficient to get what you're aiming for. There are a lot of retarded fourteen year olds playing WoW (whereas we all know it's a grown ups game), anything you can do to avoid having to play with them can only enhance your experience
  5. Take your foot off the pedal, people. TBC will not be released until January, with the date likely to slide back from there. Will be announced officially tomorrow.
  6. Be careful with transfering to TVC. Most of the original Muk and Archaic Legion (rllmuk'ish) guilds formed The Tide, so that's where you'll find most of us. The guild isn't recruiting anybody at the moment though (and probably won't be for a very long time, what with the 25 man gubbins coming with TBC. Wouldn't want you to come over and be guildless!
  7. The Tide are by no means a 'big' big guild at all. We probably have around 60 very active players, I think we just put ourselves about a bit! We work really hard to provide enough of an infrastructure to support what we do and for that reason are one of the oldest surviving and probably the most stable guild hordeside on tvc. It's been a long time since we were a rllmuk guild, but many of us that started the thing are still there and the guild retains quite a lot of the humour of this place. And in other news, as of yesterday.... Nef is teh dead! (Kettle tvc)
  8. Another ex Order of Rllmuk'er on TVC here *waves* There's actually a fair few of us, thinking about it.
  9. If you're looking for a guild of rllmuk'ers, The Tide are still going strong on The Venture Co. Myself, Kaijin, Terria, Nicky, Kitten, Paranoid and a fair few others are there. We're active in MC, BWL and all that gubbins. If you fancy a bit of it and can cope with a re-run to 60, pop over to www.thetideguild.com and give us a shout.
  10. That's pish - I beat Aragrim time and time and time again. And that cocky little one that's *always* duelling outside Org, the one that complains if you double humiliate him by taking the time to kill his Felhunter.
  11. I'd have invited Benito Mussolini had he had a 55 mage last night.
  12. Scholo used to be *really* hard as a five man, but they nerfed it and now it's a piece of piss. The good bit though...you can still see the dead bodies of the double hard trash groups that they removed lying around. Captain Placeholder in Menethil! Everyone was gutted when they fixed the boats.
  13. Much be one god awful SLA they have with this data center. I'm beginning to think that someone there's not been doing backups, otherwise surely after this long you'd just rollback on a replacement server?
  14. I can't seem to connect - www.thetideguild.com Anyone else?
  15. I hadn't and I laughed a lot - thanks.
  16. Chintz


    I think that's the exact moment he killed me. Look down by his feet, I'd just got completely boshed.
  17. We're having a blast with it. Most members of the guild are level 25-45, they're the ones benefitting most. Accept it, stop being such a spaz and come and play with us.
  18. Don't worry, it will automatically switch to the fab new one
  19. Finally after somewhere around 50 ubrs runs (but my first on the Venture Co), I managed to get my Devout Vest! The only other time time I'd ever seen it drop, it was won by a priest on their first run. Well chuffed, but sorry Nicky
  20. You've chatted with them in guild chat then have you? Never heard of that. btw what level are you? are you 60 by any chance? this is just a guess btw.... Apologies that you've not been logged on or able to play as much as some people, but I really can't help that. No, I'm not 60. So you can say 100% that every person was online when this happened? by any chance can you show me the post in the muk forums where this has happened? SEEING AS THEY WERE ALL RLLMUK POSTERS ..... http://s13.invisionfree.com/Muk_Guild_Foru...hp?showtopic=59 You never even registered with the forum until now. I'm upset that the fact that people from the www.rllmukforum.com started up a guild and decided to make a guild where they asked everybody to join but their intention was to just take the people that hit 60 first and screw everybody else over. How are we screwing anyone over, when one of the main concerns was that we needed to fill the level gaps so that all levels would have guild members to party with? To run end game instances you need to have a healthy number of guild members, so that you can be sure that you have enough people available to commit to running it. On an average night, we had 15-20. Now, we have around sixty active members. Meaning that whoever wants to run end game stuff, will hopefully be able to. That is clearly A LOAD OF WANK. I know this from experince. I'm commited to running MC but i don't get an invite because people from OTHER guilds have better Gear than me so they get the spot, not me. This is clearly obvious. "sorry pat but we already have enough tanks" Kthxbye. As I said quite clearly in the post, the aim is to run instances as a guild. The way I've seen it in the past is that you post on the forum, specifying the dates for the run and people /sign that post. The people that sign up first will get to go. Obviously spots do get reserved for raid leaders and Main tanks that have all the appropriate add ons etc, but there should always be an opportunty for anybody to come. This system worked extremely well in my last guild on the Maelstrom. Maybe ... maybe not, this is the same shit ... different day to me. In a nutshell. You've had a bad experience. Get over it. Or don't. It's that simple. Thanks for the heads up. You're welcome
  21. Last week...."anyone got the Stromgarde quests?" *silence* Twice in the last two days..."anyone got the Stromgarde quests?" Two parties formed up almost instantly. It's been ace, come and see!
  22. Eh, what are you on about? The guild that you've never heard of that we've merged with are Archaic Legion, who are.....rllmukers. The other guild that have joined us are one that we've been partying with and chatting to constantly through the guildnet channel that we created together. We've been speaking about it in guildchat almost constantly over the last few days. We even called a meeting so that we could all have a natter about it. Not one person in the guild, to my knowledge, said that they did not want to do it. I'm afraid I can't answer your point about 'the people in charge of Muk' because I can't really see what you're upset about. The new guild is being co run, with the GM from each guild now being joint GMs and with officers from each guild underneath. What's the issue, what was it that you wanted to do that you are now unable to? Using people to create numbers? Sorry feller, again, haven't got a clue what you mean. Do you mean that we'd invite good players to the guild so that we might hopefully become self sufficient in the end game gubbins and not have to rely on *using* random players to make up the numbers? If so, err..yes then. To run end game instances you need to have a healthy number of guild members, so that you can be sure that you have enough people available to commit to running it. On an average night, we had 15-20. Now, we have around sixty active members. Meaning that whoever wants to run end game stuff, will hopefully be able to. You'd have been far less likely to have been able to had we stayed how we were.
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