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  1. As I’ll only buy one next gen console, and I’m 99% sure that will be a PS5, I did ponder whether the acquisition could tempt me over. However, of the existing IPs MS now own I’m only really interested in a new Fallout. After the debacle that was 76 I’m not buying a console in the hope Fallout 5 is amazing. I hope it is for those that will be able to play it, not least because it would be weird not to wish for others to find joy on their chosen platform. I’m content to stick with PlayStation though, and the sequels on their platform that I’m currently more interested in, such as God of
  2. Here’s my ‘active’ backlog: The Last of Us Part II Ace Combat 7 Detroit Become Human Soma Resident Evil 7 Killzone Shadow Fall Amnesia Collection That’s a combo of games I’ve bought, traded for or ones from PS+ I’m interested in playing. I’m not even sure Detroit belongs on there because I found it to be a chore. I’ve drawn a line under everything else, either selling or trading them in. I could cling on to them but they were just gathering dust. Was a relief to cut ties to be honest. But no, I didn’t clear it in the strictest
  3. There three certainties in life: death, taxes and UFC hype trains getting derailed.
  4. He should. But Blachowicz has those wily veteran smarts. Guess the Pole will be looking to make it scrappy. Vegas has Reyes at around -250, the heaviest favourite on the main card as it stands (Adesanya is currently -175)
  5. I take small satisfaction from being at the last occurrence (205) What a stellar night. Adesanya Vs Costa deserves a baying crowd but will be fascinating match-up all the same. Feel like the champion will need to control distance and somehow evade being swarmed by the powerhouse that is Costa. Not quite brains Vs brawn but wouldn't be surprised to see Adesanya fight at range, with sniping leg and body kicks to slow Costa down before moving forwards in the later rounds if the power in his opponent is in any way nullified.
  6. January Injustice 2 (story) February Don’t Die, Mr Robot Untitled Goose Game Titanfall 2 (campaign) March Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Middle Earth: Shadow of War April Rogue Aces Burly Men At Sea COD: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Prey (2017) May Prey: Mooncrash Far Cry: New Dawn July Stardew Valley (will go back once the 1.5 update releases) August Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell What Remains of Edith Finch The Last of Us Remaster
  7. Definitely helps not having twats booing as soon as fights go to the ground! Off the top of my head, think there was only one mention of inactivity during the weekend, and that was during a stand-up clinch. I feel for some of the fighters not having the crowd to vibe off, and it must have sucked for Cormier to retire in what is essentially a shed, but I’m really enjoying being able to hear corners etc
  8. I just want someone to flatten him. He is probably the second best fighter at welter though so it’ll probably have to be Usman again and that could lead to some really unsavoury build-up, which I’m not sure I’ve got the appetite for at the minute. Yeah that was a rush of blood decision by Markos to go to the mat after Dern slipped. The way Dern controlled her was beautiful. Glad Cruz was on comms so got some decent breakdown of it too. Just brilliant to watch
  9. The missus is on ep four. I’ve pretty much tuned out. Went to do the dishes at one point then came back and Sharon Stone is vamping around like she’s in a film noir but a film noir directed by McG. It’s a shame. The cast is decent, the look is excellent but it’s just a histrionic soap opera at its core. With a surprising amount of gore.
  10. Suarez looked to be going to Juve, but now might join Atletico. Suarez and Costa managed by Simeone. That will be... fun.
  11. Just came into post about this. Albeit style over substance for me. It’s not bad, it’s just a bit unnecessary. Nurse Ratched is one of the greatest villains in film, she doesn’t need a dot-to-dot backstory. I’m just going to pretend it’s American Horror Story: Madhouse and pretend the connection to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is an unfortunate coincidence.
  12. Oh I hope so. Another two isn’t so bad if they’ve been planned and mapped out.
  13. I did get a rush of blood, ooh let’s try on normal... noooooope. I’m glad I stuck with normal for the main game, but for the optional stuff afterwards ‘easy’ was like a nice reward. So amped for the sequel...
  14. Phew... So relieved to have that out the way. Now can spend a leisurely few hours hunting the remaining treasure and a dozen or so ravens that are left to get the platinum
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