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  1. Haha, I finished up WFH early, cat decided to sleep on my lap and was too comfy to get out my chair and go downstairs, so thought I’d try it out. But in all honesty it’s not really grabbing me, so probably will get shunted off before it becomes full backlog material or played long enough to count as abandoned. Backlog rules are very complex these days.
  2. Not a full post as it may only be a fleeting addition, but downloaded High On Life through GP. Already come close to uninstalling twice in the first hour, so will see if it gets properly 'backlogged'. Also, did watch/listen to an hour of Griffin McIlroy Youtubing Animal Crossing, and now I want to get that game, which will essentially occupy all of my waking hour, so I probably shouldn't buy it any time soon.
  3. I hope Chandler, who has barely wrestled since he came to the UFC, folds McGregor up like pretzel. Wouldn’t be made if Makachev does the same to Volkanovski to be honest.
  4. Think the record for the Premier League is 10, but not sure about across all leagues. If this season is already at seven, there’s a fair chance of that being equalled with Moyes, O’Neill and Jones currently under pressure. Rodgers and Viera could also be outside chances, but imagine both are relatively secure barring absolute disastrous form over the next month or so or doing something stupid like losing to Liverpool.
  5. It’s the most undemanding game… but also so, so compulsively addictive. There is a moment of stress when you see the objects caked in grime, but that soon subsides as you realise you get to clean it. And the levels look pristine once you get washing. It’s a beautifully calming way to while away hours. Genuinely, and not in an ooh jump on a trend way because it’s doing something wacky or fleetingly novel, it’s one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in the last decade, if not longer. #nozzlelife
  6. ANY punishment is possible, but NONE will happen because Man City spend more on lawyers than the Premier League does.
  7. Probably lose all the league games but beat Madrid 5-0 (not saying we won’t then lose 6-0 in Spain)
  8. Speaks to how cyclical football is. We’ve been spoiled the last few years. In fact, the lowest I’ve seen us finish in my lifetime is eighth, which will more than likely be beaten this season, but still. We’ve had it good, almost footballing immortality good last season, but the pressure to sustain success is increasingly relentless. Even in the most dominant era of the club, the 70s and 80s, the club won the league just over 50% of the time. That they won one title in Man City’s era is remarkable enough, adding in everything else and it’s been a golden period. The collapse appears inexplicable, but articles like that do a good job of explaining why we’re languishing. There’s no one solution, but I hope Klopp is given time enough to change things up. Addressing key areas in the summer will help, but guess that very much depends on FSG’s position as owners and what’s available for upgrading the squad. Suspect at least a half-dozen will leave, and even in an ideal world it could take a season or two to even challenge for the top four again. But we’ve climbed the mountain before and will do so again. Just hope it doesn’t take another 30 years because I’m not getting any younger and I’d quite fancy the big old beano in Liverpool that never happened in 2020.
  9. Croft Manor 91% cleaned. I’ve missed the chill satisfaction of making digitised objects and locations sparklingly clean.
  10. I’m clinging onto being bemused by this season, but thank goodness we had a cluster of wins before and after the World Cup, because this squad just doesn’t have any fight left in it. Even six points less than our current total and I’d fear for them. Everton need only to play half as well as they did today to get something next Monday. Will be a long limp into the summer, with hopefully a decent break for everyone at the club.
  11. You can still buy money backing Everton next week (6/1)
  12. Pep going to grow a goatee next week for the Arsenal game to shit Arteta right up.
  13. Dyche has managed to improve Everton and set Arsenal back about two years. Pretty impressive. Agreed. Similarly no real nostalgia, more a fascination of what was acceptable for supporters to be herded into. Remember the bogs at Craven Cottage just being a concrete box, with a channel carved out on either side. The channel probably went straight into the Thames. And they were posh bogs compared to some. There was also that shit period when a lot of clubs were upgrading their stands, and seats were just bolted onto terraces. At least rail seats are becoming more viable.
  14. I imagine most of the games I play this year will be from my backlog, or additions to GP / PS+ but wouldn’t mind tracking anyway as I’m sure I’ll buy more than I currently expect to. January The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Switch) - £39.99 Year Total: £39.99
  15. Arsenal pretty fortunate to be level at half-time. Not sure I like Burnley’s new blue and white kit, but they’re tenacious today.
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