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  1. I'll give the series a go. This thread's enthusiasm for it, plus Filoni's work on The Mando is more than enough to warrant a look.
  2. Isn’t that the current first team?
  3. Klopp and Queev is the Christmas romance we didn’t know we needed.
  4. Plenty of keepers let headers like that in. Adrian at Everton for one. Queev did well to push it high and away.
  5. It's a good enough side to do the job, just hope everyone makes it through unscathed. They won't, will they?
  6. Pep would still overthink the Champions League, play a 4-2-3-1 and lose to Porto in the quarters.
  7. Been rumours flying around that Alisson is out. Hopefully just people being bored during the last day of lockdown. Annoying, 24 hours later and there would have at least been some fans in Anfield. A couple might have even been in with a shout of playing.
  8. Guess you’d get numerical variations of a player goal-hanging and being man-marked. How many players teams choose to commit to either at any time would be the fun part. Could also see the return of tall target players, and a lot more direct balls into the box. Imagine a few CBs would become forwards depending on who had possession. I’d love to see a game unfold just for the sheer novelty.
  9. I’ve not watched a second of either and really enjoyed the latest episode as much as any this season. That said I’d heard of the Jedi before, probably by virtue of reading through some EU lore in the past. And also recognised the big bad name drop for similar reasons. More than anything The Mandalorian has reignited my enthusiasm for Star Wars. It’s a hokey Saturday morning serial show, the kind that partly inspired Lucas in the first place, and it’s made with a lot of love. There’s reverence for the universe but without the insecurity of needing to over-explain everything or throw
  10. Thankfully that’s a much better line-up than the rumours suggested.
  11. Ouch. Didn’t expect Burnley to get much given the gulf in resources between the two. Hopefully the sequence will end next season.
  12. Burnley love a trip to the Etihad.
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