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  1. It makes business sense (and there will be less outrage towards far bigger businesses doing the same) but it remains an appalling bit of PR. And less than 24 hours after the club captain is admirably linked with NHS fund-raising. ’This Means More’ can get in the fucking sea ten times over.
  2. Bulletstorm is an absolute joy. OTT but totally self-aware, and most comparable with Titanfall 2 in terms of audacity and creativity. Might give it a third play as it goes... ....... January Injustice 2 (story) February Don’t Die, Mr Robot Untitled Goose Game Titanfall 2 (campaign) March Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Middle Earth: Shadow of War April Rogue Aces Picking through some PS+ games, found this little retro flying shooter... it’s bloomin’ aces! Takes a few goes to warm-up and isn’t particularly deep but for a few hours distraction it’s a lovingly made, well-realised throwback. Burly Men At Sea Another PS+ download; a brief fable but nicely told thanks to a quirky art style. Had three play-throughs in an hour, the different branches are fun to explore. COD: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Played it for review; just a really fun campaign (with not-so-fun themes) A worthwhile follow-up to the previous MW, the story now feels somewhat darker given the global shift in politics since the original release. Inched through it on Hardened, which feels the right level for getting more out of the game. Dipping back to get the intel pick-ups on a lower difficulty feels strangely relaxing! In terms of levels, the favelas are brilliantly claustrophobic, with relentless action. The other standouts for me are the oil rig raid and taking back Whiskey Hotel. Fun trip down memory lane.
  3. And a few months after announcing a pre-tax £42m profit. Feel like players taking a 40% cut, rather than a 30% reduction would mitigate much of the need for top-flight clubs to rely on government bailouts. As a Red I’m really disappointed; on top of an existing upwards trend in revenue, the club will be making a small fortune off their incoming Nike deal and probably could cushion the current financial blow better than others. Its a shit look for the league leaders, especially in one of the few Labour strongholds in the country. But football clubs gonna football club.
  4. glb

    Abandoned Games

    Detroit Become Human Got it as a PS+ download so perhaps that’s why I’m not rushing back to it but man alive it’s a slog. Everything feels so overwrought and pedestrian once past the initial good impression of how pretty it looks. Occasionally there is something intriguing but that quickly gets lost in the painfully slow and restrictive nature of doing anything. A spoon-fed, facade of a ‘game’. Well done Cage, you did it again!
  5. January Injustice 2 (story) February Don’t Die, Mr Robot Untitled Goose Game Titanfall 2 (campaign) March Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Middle Earth: Shadow of War Clearing through my backlog and happened across a copy of Shadow of War. Enjoyed the first game, and for the most part the sequel is a welcome return to that fun gameplay loop. And then it becomes a bit of a trudge. Feels quite aimless in places, with too loose an approach to what to do next. Well, besides hack, slash and dominate. That fun loop, while still moreish, isn’t quite as pleasing. Finished the story, will do the remaining epilogue between playing other games. Good game, but if a third comes to fruition will need a bit more invention to really sparkle.
  6. Sure, getting irate at what people in positions like Levy pay themselves is essentially shouting at clouds. Still though, what a cheeky bastard!
  7. I’ve been itching to use it! How does Levy still get a bonus when Spurs’ new stadium was significantly delayed? KPIs usually aren’t quite so forgiving...
  8. If anything this period of limbo might dispel the myth that football is awash with unlimited cash. Even the world’s richest side has an annual revenue dwarfed by Gregg’s, and yet so many sides live like wideboy sales reps aboard a gravy train they think will never end. Big house, fast car, lavish spending and an eye-watering debt propping it all up. All good when things are ticking along but throw a spanner in the works and it highlights there’s very little contingency to stop things quickly falling apart. Well, besides non-profit organisation FIFA’s two billion pound cushion. They might actually have to spend some of that now.
  9. Imagine that’s more to do with the club having a €400m player wage bill and a shortfall in revenue than any sense of charity. At least their PR department is still WFH though.
  10. What Men Want - 2/5 Lacklustre comedy with a sparing amount of laughs. Assassination Nation - 1/5 First film in an age I’ve come close to turning off. The epitome of style over substance, and the style runs out halfway through.
  11. I do agree, and do hope this season can eventually be concluded, I just don’t see the majority of Premier League clubs voting for an indefinite postponement again. Saw points per game being touted as a possible solution, but effectively that’s just using statistics to finish the season (clubs have had late runs to avoid relegation, PPG deprives them of that chance). Any title or promotion under such circumstances would also be hollow. As an aside, I think parts of the sports media is leaning into the season being voided stories to give them something to print; they’re already seeding the idea and will relish the column inches that can be generated from such an outcome far more than another few months of limbo. Not that they make the decisions, but they can influence opinion, creating a fascinating cycle.
  12. As soon as the clubs work out the best way to rebate broadcasters, the vote to void will happen. 14 clubs needed to pass that vote, and, optimistically, would say only four would currently vote to finish this season. In all reality, there is little chance of games behind closed doors going ahead. It would be in really poor taste to host games while the virus is still a public concern. There’s also the questions of insurance for liability, which will likely be prohibitive, matchday medics, policing* etc *a police presence to insure people do actually stay away from stadiums would be a necessity Based on present forecasts, I would be extremely surprised to see any sort of large scale sporting events again this year. Over the coming weeks fully expect the current season will get voided, the ramifications will be dealt with and next season will just happen when it happens.
  13. Binged Tiger King today. Felt it ran out of steam by the final couple of episodes, but episodes 1-4 are deliriously good. Was always going to be tricky maintaining that pace. That’s a fun doc, another one with ‘they can’t be real?!’ characters.
  14. Of course it will be cancelled, but c’est la vie. Think it’ll be domestic competitions only next season too, whenever that might start. We Reds can go back to saying next year will be our year...
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