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  1. Sad to see this albeit in Nurse Ratched she leaves behind a legacy of having played one of the greatest villains in cinematic history. What a film that is.
  2. 10 hours in and past the title screen now Really enjoying just wandering around Night City. Posted previously that the driving is pap, but that was before I got on motorbike, which feels a far way better way to hoon around the streets. Bumbling through the menus, crafting and upgrades, but found an outfit I like; think I’ve worked out how to change the items without changing the outfit’s look. Also, loving hacking enemies from afar, then running in with my double barrel shotgun. Early days but it’s a pretty impressive world to be in.
  3. Do Revenge - 3/5 (Netflix) Gets by on the charms of Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes, plus a decent soundtrack but is a bit long and a bit too in love with itself by the end. Fun, disposable rehash of Strangers on a Train. (#709)
  4. Don’t tempt me! Played a bit more tonight. I’ll be honest, I whacked it on easy because the flurry of mechanics got a bit overwhelming, and I didn’t want to not play on. More than happy to blunder through the story until everything gets a bit more familiar, then I’ll bump the difficulty up. The inventories sort of make sense, the driving is pap, but the world feels great to be in, and that’s the main thing.
  5. After them losing to Hungary, reckon 0-0 with both teams happy to take a slither of positivity into the World Cup.
  6. Caved and bought Horizon Forbidden West, even though Cyberpunk has finally hooked me. Still, HFW for £22.84 (£24.99 minus some koins or some shit) feels like it will be good value. Generally I prefer the disc versions of games for the trade value, but the cheapest I could find HFW is still over £40, and the highest trade-in price I could find is £16. #gamermaffs Get those two done and might just have time to squeeze in one more new game before the end of the year. Purchased Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (January) Lego Skywalker Yortcakes (April) Cyberpunk 2077 (April) - trade Wolf Mountain - Sniper Elite 5 DLC (July) Anbernic RG351MP (July - cost equivalent of two new AAA games) Hero Emblems 2 (August) PS+ Plus Premium (August) Horizon Forbidden West (September) (three games remaining) Completed 2022 Black Ops: Cold War Crackdown 3 (GP) Deathloop Doom Eternal (GP) Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Power Wash Simulator (GP) Sniper Elite V (GP) Two Point Campus (GP) Wishlist (2022) God of War Ragnarok Saints Row The Callisto Project Currently Playing (owned/subs) Cyberpunk 2077 (PS5) Hero Emblems II (iOS) Backlog (owned not subbed) Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Cyberpunk 2077 FIFA ‘22 Horizon Forbidden West Mortal Kombat 11 (story mode) Resident Evil 7 Soma
  7. Fall - 3/5 (screener) Really enjoyed this. When I say ‘enjoyed’ my palms were sweaty throughout and I was constantly shouting ‘nope!’ at the TV. Would have loved to have seen it on an imax screen, but even at home it’s an effective b-movie. Next 10 films I watch will be set on firm ground where no character even thinks about climbing stairs, let alone a 2,000ft tower in the middle of the Mojave desert. (#705)
  8. Breakdown is such a great b-movie thriller. Had a grand day out watching that with @b00dles back in the day.
  9. Found it a bit twitchy but got to used to it fairly quickly. I’m not much good though, so better players might find more glaring shortfalls.
  10. Todd Boehly reading this and thinking, ‘let’s call it a World Series’.
  11. You Suck At Parking is a fun game, giving me Micro Machine vibes. Perfect for quick goes, but also got that replayability factor (and leaderboards) to keep chipping away at scores.
  12. Film #700 of the year, so obviously I went with something big, something memorable... King of the Travellers - 2/5 (Prime) Drama focusing on warring Irish families. It's pretty standard fare for this type of film - the cover tagline is the eyeroll-inducing, 'Love Betrayal Friendship Revenge'. John Conners (Cardboard Gangsters) is watchable but overall you'd be better off watching the similarly-themed documentary Knuckle (2011) instead. (300 films to go to reach 1,000 with 101 days left in 2022...)
  13. Yeah, watched that this morning. So dour. Naomi Watts puts in a shift to no avail really.
  14. Meanwhile, Puma in we made a good kit shock:
  15. Grealish's looks less like a 7 and more like a rune.
  16. Think they skipped specifying the enemy jets (in this case SU-57 Felons) because they'd be linked to certain countries who currently own and fly them. There was also some throwaway line about why the US didn't use F-35s, think that was tied to the brief drone conversation too (in reality it's because they're single seat jets, so the actors wouldn't have been able to film in them)
  17. Not even .5 points for Terry Stone’s wig?! (agree though, it’s the weakest of the films) The Miracle Season - 3/5 (screener) Pretty by-the-numbers sports drama, albeit one built on a pretty tragic true story and with some good supporting performances from William Hurt and Helen Hunt. Wholesome ending, including very touching end credits. Live Like Line indeed. (#698)
  18. glb


    Not played Dishonored, so not sure what the powers are called there, but in Deathloop you get 'slabs'. These are dropped by the main characters and can be levelled up by repeatedly killing them (up to three times) The repeat kills will be necessary to figure out what's going on. Once you get in a rhythm the progress through a 'level' is pretty swift. Some slabs are way more OPed than others but they're all quite fun to play around with to get the best pairings for your play style.
  19. Haha, I getcha. Itching to get back to Night City now. Probably a good thing I’m in the office and not WFH to be honest.
  20. “A good few hours” That’s more than a few, obvs
  21. Okay, this has its hooks in me now. Played a couple of hours today, and feeling much more drawn into the world. The main jobs I’m doing are still in the tutorial phase. Enjoyed the BD one, is fun scoping around the feed. Met Jackie, Dex, Evelyn and Judy. Eve’s offered a proposal. Will have to think on that one. Had a few floating objects but nothing majorly buggy. The floating takeaway bag I just waved away as something the future will have anyway. Home alone for two weeks in October. Had planned to get Horizon Forbidden West, may do anyway, but also see Cyberpunk getting a good few hours of play. Just need to book a few days off to completely lose myself in it.
  22. I liked the cuckoo clocks. Erm… that’s about it.
  23. Personally, nope. If anything seeing some footage, even in leaked form, does raise a bit of excitement that the game is further along than realised. Realistically though, the game is not out for at least 18 months, perhaps two years, so the amount of polish and upgrading that will be added between now and then will make the final release look like it’s a remaster of the footage seen this weekend.
  24. Ryan Murphy’s involved? Hopefully it can’t be worse than Ratched.
  25. Fulham having a beano at Forest; they’ve been impressive on their return to the top flight.
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