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  1. Christ. The UFC card looks like the organisation only remembered they had to put a card on three days ago. Will probably have 10 KOs and two FOTY contenders.
  2. I picked one up over the summer from Smyth’s. Worth dropping in and asking if they have a pre-order list, which is what I did. It was £20 deposit, with that taken off the final purchase. Wait was around three weeks from signing up to stock arriving. The chap behind the till said they were doing in store only sales with a proportion of stock, hopefully that’s still the case and some on here will be able to get themselves a PS5
  3. Sony put Venom in the Halloween window, which turned out alright for them in the States at least. But yeah, reviews dropping over a month before release feels odd. It wasn’t NDAed when we saw it, unlike [redacted]
  4. Played about three hours, now off the first island (secret ending ) and… I like it. Definitely more now than the first few missions where the computer-controlled allies kept getting in the way. It’s none more Far Cry but that’s pretty much what I signed up for having enjoyed 4 and 5. Like those reckon I’ll get 50-60 hours out of it and that’ll do fine. Keen to try the co-op if anyone’s on PS5. I generally play on mute, so don’t worry about making small talk innit.
  5. Thursdays episode was the first episode I’ve not finished. That copy Alex task was utter, utter shite, made worse by the irritating music. As others have said, there’s hardly any variance to the outcomes of tasks this series, compounded by the cast not being particularly spontaneously funny so far (think the lack of a crowd contributes to this, the studio bits feel pretty flat) Other than that, enjoying it.
  6. Having seen it, and thoroughly enjoyed it, those reviews sound about right. Sure that some really won’t like the schmaltz, but I found the film to be incredible warm-hearted and fun.
  7. Dune - 3/5 I’ve neither read the book, or seen Lynch’s version, so had next to no expectations going in. On the plus side, it looks spectacular, with every cent of the budget visible on screen. Solid performances throughout too, I just found it all a bit emotionally cold. Admittedly, that may well be the point, and Villeneuve is too good a director to not do such things deliberately. I can’t speak of the lore or how well it captures such things, but everything made sense if that helps?! Enjoyable, very enjoyable in places, and it’s great to see a big old slab of thoughtful sci-fi in a cinema.
  8. I watched the original a few hours before Afterlife, and felt tonally the new one is more akin to 80s family film than the more adult humour of the original. As a child of the 80s that grew up on films like The Explorers and The Goonies, this stoked those fires. I’m intrigued how it will fare; expect around 55-60s on Metacritic. _______ 9-5: The Story of A Movement - 3/5 (Netflix UK) A timely reminder of how far office culture has progressed and yet hardly at all. Some really interesting talking heads offering some perspective on a turbulent period for women’s rights at work. Can’t fathom disparaging someone’s ability or standing in their way because of their gender but watching the doc did serve as a reminder that I can always do more to support colleagues and peers.
  9. Halloween II - 2/5 (Netflix UK) Such a comedown after the original. Has a couple of moments of promise but largely feels flat throughout. Ghostbusters: Afterlife - 4/5 (Work. Cinemas soon!) Enjoyed this so, so much. I’m sure some will find holes at which to pick at, and expect it to review like a 3/5 film in most places, but found it to be a hugely enjoyable throwback of a film. It’s made with a lot of love, and as such is pretty sentimental but sometimes sentimental is hugely comforting, especially after a weird as fuck couple of years. I’ll forgive its stumbles and slightly saggy middle purely because it made me grin with childlike glee more than a few times. Athlete A - 3/5 (Netflix UK) Depressingly familiar story of institutional abuse, this time within USA Gymnastics. Highly disturbing and heartbreaking in places. That many of the women affected still competed at an elite level even while being abused is testament to their courage and mental strength. Can only hope those affected now have closure, even if the scars will never completely fade. Fuck Larry Nassar, may he rot in his cold, dank cell and die a slow, painful death when his time comes.
  10. Almost 65 hours played and I’m still on Act 2 This game, despite some minor frustrations, offers such a beautiful environment to escape into.
  11. It looks fine but is a bit underwhelming, isn’t it? At least Anik can mention Venum 562 times in the next broadcast instead of P3.
  12. I play but too infrequently to be any good at the minute. When I did play regularly was down to about an 18 handicap. Would like to get to that again, maybe now I’m in my 40s golf is the ideal sport to start playing again, at least for a decade before my back and knees give out.
  13. Think the yellow one is brilliant, proper ‘Crown Paints’ throwback, but the other too are just Nike templates in not-quite-Liverpool colours. Pink trim? Black on red? Collar looks like a dolly mixture shacked up with an old Man United shirt.
  14. It may be no other service came in for the rights and Prime renewed. Or the rights were set to renew all along, but whatever content management system Prime uses didn’t override the renewal. Hence why an end date was visible to users when, if the series was set to renew, it shouldn’t have been shown as leaving the service. Usually just means someone along the data chain forgot to tick a box. Speaking from experience, it, umm, happens.
  15. I enjoyed it, especially Niamh Algar who is proving watchable in everything she’s in. The film is low-key, more of a drama edge to it than cattle-prod horror but the atmosphere is decent. As much as I liked it, think the ending will be both decisive and divisive. Fully expect pretty polarised reactions to it.
  16. Not yet renewed for a seventh season. There is seven episodes this time around rather than the usual six though. It’d be surprising if this is the last run, but also hope there’s not too many more.
  17. Watched it at one of the online festivals (EFM). Think it’s out soon, bids are open on it for TV/streaming services.
  18. THE LETTER OF THE LAW, THE LETTER Good ep, question is Kate knows she’s being played by Davidson, but how much? Feel like there’s a big swerve coming to keep the pace over four more episodes.
  19. Started today, having picked the game up in the PS Store’s current sale, and can already see it’s going to be hugely enjoyable. Playing on a Pro, it looks lush. Controls all feel pretty intuitive (albeit can’t get the parry timing at all so far) and Jin is a likeable, compelling character. Feel like he’s about to go on a journey... Stand offs are the best ‘new’ thing I’ve played in ages too. So delightfully brutal. Solid start
  20. Massive given the earlier results. Sure, Arsenal were toothless but was lovely to see Fabinho controlling midfield, and Doug being clinical. Nat and Kabak could have worn slippers. A fair way to go, and scraping into the top four wouldn’t exactly be a red letter season, but not a bad time for the team to start finding form.
  21. Doug is fucking mustard.
  22. Oh Salah, you naughty minx.
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