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  1. They should just stop making VHS and then bring down the price of DVDs to that of Videos. VHS is surely more expensive to produce than DVDs, sure you get extras on the DVDs (though I personally wouldn't miss these and so also agree with the original proposal), but how much do these really cost to put on the disc? If VHS was abolished then the market for DVDs would be forced to expand and would allow the driving down of prices. I also think one of the only reasons for the price of DVDs at the moment is to justify the prices of VHS. If the price difference between DVD and Video was removed then pretty soon people would stop buying VHS and so it would be pointless producing them - the quick solution to this is to simply abolish new VHS releases. It should be criminal to buy new VHS videos anyway.
  2. I liked it. Much less cheesey than I was expecting (well, except the 9/11 speech at the start).
  3. I think it's great. The Catherine Tate show before it was also great. Coupling, before that, was as painful as ever (although Emelia Fox = YUM!)
  4. Fraiser - Is It Racist? Have you seen how English characters are portrayed in this "comedy"? Buffy - Is it Racist The way Spike has to say something like "bloody hell Buffy" almost every episode. Blatant stereotyping and racism. Austin Powers - Is It Racist? Well, yes, obviously it is. Probably not such a great example. Independence Day - Is it Racist? Again, possibly not such a great example. "Oh jolly good show, those spiffing Yanks have saved us again, what. Well, tally-ho!".
  5. I've lived in the midlands all my life and had never heard of that one until I came to this forum. Seems it's true though (though just in a Birmingham City Council events program it seems). Madness indeed.
  6. The main characters wouldn't necessarily have to be American.
  7. I agree with that absolutely. I've been thinking about it and this film could have been set anywhere really, even in New York or Texas, and the characters would have acted in the same way. Also, in the articles I linked to there are complaints that all the Japanese characters are represented as "dolls or cartoons", "one-dimensional and dehumanised". Surely ALL the characters except Bob and Charlotte are represented that way. The stereo-typed Hollywood air-head bimbo, the aged bar singer, the nagging wife on the phone. It's simply that there are very few non-Japanese characters in the film.
  8. Indeed, and it also seems that adding 'AND racist' also returns the relevant thread. Hmm, perhaps if you didn't have to wait 2 days between each search you perform then I may have put in a little more effort.
  9. And surely having a stubborn and ignorant (or racist) character doesn't make a film racist. Should all characters within a film act in a politically correct manner? And surely Bill Murray's character is a racial stereo-type of an American - ignorant, stubborn, uninterested in other cultures, tall, etc - nobody seems to mind about that.
  10. pah - and the search is shite. Even now when I search for 'lost in translation racist' no results are returned. Crappy, shite search function.
  11. Gah! I feared someone would post something like that, so, do you know what I did? - I used the bloody search. No results! I guess I made the mistake of assuming the posts would have been in the relevant forum though, and so I just used the search function at the bottom of the page.
  12. I'd caught bits of it on 3 but never really gave it a chance. Watched it last night on 2 - was fantastic! The thing on before it was very funny too.
  13. Though I had noticed the obvious exaggerations of Japanese stereotypes through-out the film, I hadn't really considered it to be racist. Surely the cultural differences are part of the plot, and the stereotyping no worse than that in any other film (if lost in translation is racist then surely almost every American film that has ever featured English characters is racist). Anyway, yesterday my girlfriend went out for drinks with some people from work and got on to talking about Lost in Translation. One of them said that she hadn't been looking forward to the film as she'd heard it was very racists and had herself found that to be the case. I think this is the article she had originally read that gave her the impression it's racist: http://www.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,...1130137,00.html and here's another link too: http://www.asianamericanfilm.com/archives/000602.html So - what do you think? Is the film racist? are all these things talked about just part of the plot/story/film. Are we laughing at the Japanese or are we laughing at the obviously comical exaggerations? Are we really laughing at the Japanese man for not understating Bill Murray? I certainly don't think so and think this is one of the points that misses the most. I'll try and put together in more detail exactly what I think, but in the mean time - what do you think?
  14. I tend not to like supposedly "mature" games. I like simple games with bright colours that only require a short attention span. I'm not at all attracted to the graphics in games such as Halo, Metroid Prime or Vice City but love the look of supposidly kiddy games such as Mario, Viewtiful Joe and Super Monkey Ball. I also dislike games full of aimless wandering (sorry, massive exploration and vast non-linear worlds). Games should be quick simple and fun, and about beating your previous high score. Most of all though, they should be fun. I just don't find most "mature" games fun - though it seems some people do. (oh, and for reference, I'm 26).
  15. I clearly needed SKY+ so I could rewind and watch it again. When he landed and then just kept on running my girlfriend and I just looked at each other and thought (and said) something like "eh? how'd he manage that". I guess that makes sense though as otherwise it wouldn't have made sense how he'd managed to get on at the topeither. I'm sure his hands were in the wrong position whilst sliding though - damn if only I could watch it again (for free). SPOILER: The bit that annoyed me most though was all the people who unnecessarily died on the boat just for the sake of saving Will from having his throat cut - innocent victims are a standard dislike of mine with most action films though. I just couldn't work out what Jack's plan was supposed to achieve though - other than saving Will.
  16. Saw three films over the weekend of varying goodness: Mona Lisa Smile: Didn't really know what to expect from it but it turned out to be a rather splendid film. Obviously any film with Julia Roberts, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst in it is going to have some perks; however, even past the obvious this was still a rather excellent film. It was also quite difficult for a soppy bastard like me to hold back the tears at the end. Funny, moving, well acted, good story and interesting view of women's lives/expectations in the 1950s. Pirates of the Caribbean: I seem to remember hearing that without Johnny Depp this would have been a pretty dull film - well, I'd go along with that. Luckily Depp was in it though which made it a mildly enjoyable film but nothing great. A few plot holes though in my opinion and an annoying part where Depp magically manages to slip a chain through a rope after sliding down it. Goodbye Lenin: Absolutely brilliant. I think it's probably the best film I've seen of late, and I've seen some good ones. Great idea for a story and pulled off well, well acted, the little baby/toddler is brilliant and Lara is so pretty she's worth watching the film for alone. A really great film.
  17. But don't you need to have a TV to go with a freeview box?
  18. Just got an email from Yes Asia saying they've tracked down some more copies of the limited edition. They're $199.99 which is way to much for me, but if anyone's interested here's a link: http://global.yesasia.com/en/PrdDept.aspx/...section-videos/
  19. Tom Cruise as Billy Blue Hat
  20. I thought it was a great film. Saw it on Box Office and have since bought the DVD. And Gwyneth Paltrow is simple adorable with the black eye-liner - yum!
  21. Absolutely, and your impression was spot on. Watched it once and couldn't help laughing.
  22. The gun was definitely the best thing. Got me in trouble though. I think I've probably got all the stuff somewhere (except the elastic bands - which have probably perished anyway). Wonder if a Dragons Lair mug would fetch anything on eBay.
  23. Yes, it is better (assuming it's the one with Uma naked).
  24. With salt, vinegar and ketchup on it! I'm glad there's a skinny person on it though - I'm fed up with the fatties thinking their the only ones with weight issues. Shame there's only one though, and so the focus is still on the people who could just stop eating so much.
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