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  1. I won a Megadrive (and sold it) from some multi-format magazine. When it arrived it looked like it had been played on loads already (the writing on the buttons was all worn out). I was quite famous in school when I won it as quite a few people had seen my name in the mag. I also won Dragons Lair 3, Guy Spy and some related stuff from an ST magazine.
  2. I was looking for a portable DAB radio yesterday - they're not cheap are they?!
  3. after the Finding Nemo credits when the tiny little fish eats the big ugly scary fish (plus Nemo and friends swimming around the credits is good too).
  4. I agree with Buscemi and Broadbent. Also, the appearance of any of the following in a film always sparks my interest: Timothy Spall Brenda Blethyn Jane Horrocks Julie Walters Kathy Burke Rhys Ifans (though this may just be because I'm a sucker for "gritty" British Films)
  5. Wow, just been looking through the BBC 7 listings a bit more and they also have some great drama on there too: - Kes - Martin Chuzzlewit - The Day of the Triffids (and lots of the ones I've never heard of are probably great too).
  6. (OK, I shouldn't strictly be posting this in this forum, but personally I think it's the one it's best suited to. Anyway...) I've recently be enjoying the greatness of radio. I've never really been a radio listener; however, this week I started a new job and am working from home and have had the radio on most of the time. Well, seems there's some great stuff on it these days, and it's added to by the fact that I have a digital radio. I have particularly been enjoying the delights of 6 Music (for example as I type this they're playing Sparkle by My Life Story), but have also now discovered the comedy treasure trove that is BBC 7. Here's just some of the great shows that they have on 7: - Who's Line is it Anyway? - Little Britain - Yes Minister - Just a Minute - Hancock's Half Hour - I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again - Steptoe and Son - Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? - Dad's Army - The News Quiz - The Goon Show (You can also catch a fair few of these shows on Radio 4 too). I mean - wow! You just don't get that much quality comedy on TV these days (although, I guess it is a bit like the radio version of UK Gold - with a few new shows thrown in for good luck). Digital radio is the way forward.
  7. and hopefully my 'edited to make sense' version is even better.
  8. Well, I played video games as a kid and now I can recognise Ikea furniture instantly. I'm not fat or violent though.
  9. I assumed he whispered something like "I had a great time and will never forget you. I hope you have a great life and everything works out for you", I didn't think for a milli-second that he whispered that he'd leave his wife and come back to see her in Japan.
  10. 2nd Best Film or TV romance EVER! (after Tim and Dawn obviously)
  11. When is this currently due to hit UK cinemas?
  12. That film about Ted Bundy. I think it was called 'Ted Bundy' ......... yes it was.
  13. Clue for D: ...where are you? Clues for S much appreciated.
  14. Clue for Z: Which old witch? Clue for B: Too sharp to be Wile E. Coyote's prey
  15. Yeha - I hadn't tried it since that advice was issued.
  16. Damn - I did actually try that (even though I didn't even know it was a film). I guess I didn't try it without the dots!
  17. I've been through all those thoughts - couldn't conme up with a thing though.
  18. ooh - and rllmukforum.com is now in today's top 10 referrers! (which is pretty impressive as most of the others seem to be search engines)
  19. j, q, s, v, and y to go (only got some with your clues). I was pretty sure I recognised y, but I thought my answer was a bit obscure.
  20. I watched Coupling the other nights - it's shite!
  21. Because it's shit and only geeks like it?
  22. I don't see in what way it's Family Guy style stuff. Family Guy is hillarious.
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