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  1. I thought it was almost painful to watch.
  2. You win the prize!!! Oh wait - there wasn't a prize, sorry!
  3. The cartoon was great - never played the game. Second best cartoon based on an invertebrate ever.
  4. Can you actually post the link please - I have signatures disabled (and know at least one other person does as they gave me the idea). Cheers.
  5. The only Bond films I've seen all the way through are the first to Peice Brosnan ones I got drag to see at the cinema. Sorry.
  6. Yeah, I was looking at trying to get 21 Grams after it got a few nominations at the BAFTAs.
  7. Excellent film. The dog fighting is quite horrific though - but I hate dogs so didn't care too much! ;-) It would be worth watching the rest if you could stomach it.
  8. Oh - and EVERYONE on this forum needs to see the 'Game Slave II' episode.
  9. Coupling??!!! Sorry, it's just about watchable, but top 10 my arse! For those who can't be bothered to follow a couple of links, here's the list from 11 down to 100: 11 - Father Ted 12 - Keeping Up Appearances 13 - 'Allo 'Allo! 14 - Last of the Summer Wine 15 - Steptoe and Son 16 - Men Behaving Badly 17 - Absolutely Fabulous 18 - Red Dwarf 19 - The Royle Family 20 - Are You Being Served? 21 - To the Manor Born 22 - Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em 23 - The Likely Lads 24 - My Family 25 - The Office 26 - Drop the Dead Donkey 27 - Rising Damp 28 - Dinnerladies 29 - As Time Goes By 30 - Hancock's Half Hour 31 - The Young Ones 32 - Till Death Us Do Part 33 - Butterflies 34 - The Thin Blue Line 35 - Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin 36 - Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights 37 - Waiting for God 38 - Birds of a Feather 39 - Bread 40 - Hi-De-Hi 41 - The League of Gentlemen 42 - I'm Alan Partridge 43 - Just Good Friends 44 - 2.4 Children 45 - Bottom 46 - It Ain't Half Hot Mum 47 - The Brittas Empire 48 - Gimme Gimme Gimme 49 - Rab C. Nesbitt 50 - Goodnight Sweetheart 51 - Up Pompeii 52 - Ever Decreasing Circles 53 - On the Buses 54 - Coupling 55 - George and Mildred 56 - A Fine Romance 57 - Citizen Smith 58 - Black Books 59 - The Liver Birds 60 - Two Pints of Lager and... 61 - The New Statesman 62 - Sykes 63 - Please, Sir! 64 - Dear John 65 - Barbara 66 - Spaced 67 - Bless this House 68 - Love Thy Neighbour 69 - Man About the House 70 - Desmonds 71 - Duty Free 72 - All Gas and Gaiters 73 - Happy Ever After/Terry & June 74 - Only When I Laugh 75 - Brass 76 - The Rag Trade 77 - Sorry 78 - Kiss Me Kate 79 - Doctor in the House 80 - I Didn't Know You Cared 81 - Shelley 82 - Nearest and Dearest 83 - Fresh Fields 84 - The Army Game 85 - Robin's Nest 86 - The Dustbinmen 87 - Whoops Apocalypse 88 - My Wife Next Door 89 - Never the Twain 90 - Nightingales 91 - Early Doors 92 - Agony 93 - The Lovers 94 - Father Dear Father 95 - Hot Metal 96 - And Mother Makes... 97 - Life With the Lyons 98 - Marriage Lines 99 - A Sharp Intake of Breath 100 - No Problem
  10. Invader Zim is amazing. Sadly I think I've now seen all episodes. It also features the best cel-shading ever!
  11. It is indeed the official list from the BBC. There is no way I'd have included it personally. Also - the list was voted by the public, and the trouble with the public is they generally have very poor taste.
  12. Maybe I'm being hard on Dad's Army - I did used to watch it every week after all. Perhaps it was just a 'too much of a good thing' thing.
  13. I went for the first option. It's only half true though as I'll probably import the next Nintendo (US) but wait for a UK PS3 (although, as I'm very tempted to get a Japanese PS2, and I don't really play any games where text is an issue, I may go for a Japanese PS3 - I'd probably wait a while though). Oh - and my importing of the Nintendo isn't really a matter of waiting - more one of cheapness and game availability (hmm, which is to do with waiting - doh!).
  14. Well if you'd been properly educated (or if you'd read 'Eats, Shoots & Leaves') you'd know that apostrophes should (or at least can) be used to indicate plurals of words:
  15. Apart from Dibley and Dad's they'd all stand a damn good chance of being in my personal top 10. Each of them is utterly brilliant. I'm pretty impressed with the British public for their top 10 choices - now let just hope they don't let us down like they did when picking the winner of The Big Read. [ducks for cover]
  16. Only have 9 what? Sitcoms better than Dad's Army and Vicar of Dibley?
  17. ooh Phoenix Nights - another sitcom loads better than Vicar and Dad's.
  18. The $39.99 isn't Canadian Dollars is it?
  19. I should have known Blackadder would get the Geek vote! (though I don't really understand why it's so popular with geeks). It's is bloody good though, I certainly had trouble chosing between it, Fools and Horses, Fawlty Towers and One Foot in the Grave. Oh and Good Life, Porridge, Yes Minister and Open All Hours are great too. Bugger - Just noticed I missed Yes Minister from the poll! Edit: double bugger! - seems I can't edit the poll. Could a mod edit it in please?
  20. VoD's certainly better than a load of sitcoms (My Family, My Hero, Mad About Alice, Last of the Summer Wine, etc), but then there's a load of Sitcoms easily better than it (The Office, Father Ted, Peep Show, The Royal Family, Early Doors, etc).
  21. Personally I'm shocked that boths Dad's Army and Vicar of Dibley are in their. REALLY shocked! Anyway - Only Fools and Horses got my vote. oh, and here's the website, if anyone's interested: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sitcom/
  22. Doesn't it really annoy you how Americans use commas instead of and's in headlines?!
  23. or alternatively (if you've gone for an order like me most times): Don't eveolve the windmill thing until the pipe has blown clouds out over the mountain and then the mountain doesn't evolve into a volcano.
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