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  1. You don't agree that I was disappointed that 'Lost in Translation' didn't win? ;-) It's phrases like that that will put me off a film as quickly as 'massive explore-able worlds' would put me off a game. To be fair they could be great films, but I doubt Ill get round to watching them before they're on TV. They just don't strike me as being my kind of thing, and there's lots of films I'd like to see beforehand that do strike me as such. I also believe that Jackson and co. have probably done an excellent job at turning the books into films; however, neither the books or the films have inspired me to watch/read them (just a personal taste thing).
  2. You should try it, I've ended up with many great DVDs this way, and only 1 or 2 that I'm not too sure I'd have bought if I'd seen them beforehand. Also, I will usually read up a little on them before making the final purchase, but I find Bafta and Cannes are great ways to draw up a short-list.
  3. I think Lynch's films are great as works of art; something to view and appreciate on an aesthetic level. However, I also think the guy sounds like a complete cock. I really enjoyed Mullholland Drive, that is until the film ended and my house-mates got out the cards that came with the DVD and started discussing the "story". Gaaahhh - fcuk off! There was no story in the film, it was just a beautiful series of random scenes. Yes, you can make up a story to go with it if that makes you feel more comfortable, but it just pisses me off. Enjoy it for what it is. I refuse to read anybody's interpretation of the film as that would just ruin it for me even more. On a similar note, it also pisses me off when people try to dissect other visual art-forms, such as Picasso's paintings, and can't cope with just enjoying them because they look good; "ooh, I think here he was trying to show the deep confusion of self image felt by each of us" - oh do fcuk off, it's a pretty drawing - live with it!
  4. I quite often buy DVDs that I know very little about. I guess this is because I tend to favour Art House and World Cinema, and these films to get little media coverage and have small advertising budgets. As such I tend to base my DVD purchase on the following things. - Bafta Awards - Film Festival Awards (particually Cannes) - Amazon Recommendations / Also Boughts - Other DVDs shown inside DVD sleaves - Other DVDs with the same directors/writers/actors/etc. Also, DVDs I've got recently seem to have trailers now - these are a bonus. I'll then also buy DVDs of films I enjoyed at the Cinema or on Sky Box Office and think I'd like to watch again. My Cinema and Sky Box Office descission process is quite different though and is based more on trailers, adverts and what I've heard of the film, and, in SBO's case, the description of the film and the actors in it. So, what influences your DVD buys?
  5. Was watching some DM on Boomerang the other day - the non-stop pun based jokes are just fantastic! Plus Danger Mouse gave us Count Duckular!
  6. in no particular order: Boggle (PC/Board Game) Minesweeper (PC) Sol Free (Palm) Dope Wars (Palm) Pac Man (Multi) Escape from Orion (BBC) Break Out (BBC) Bust a Move 2 (PS) Tetris (GB) Frenzy (BBC)
  7. The film wasn't really what I was expecting, from the trailers I'd seen I hadn't seen any of the bits with the old bloke and his family - just all the stuff with Ewan. It also took me a while to get into the film (possibly because I'd been thrown by it not being as I expected, possibly because I'd just drunk a bottle of wine), but once I did get into it I did enjoy it. I didn't really find it that emotional though - except for the whole dying of Cancer bit. Of the 4 films I saw at the Cinema that day I'd say it was fighting for second place along side 'School of Rock'; behind 'Lost in Translation', but miles and miles and miles and miles ahead of 'Scary Movie 3'.
  8. I'd describe that films as 'a lot better than I thought it would be'.
  9. Some films I wish I'd walked out of: Scary Movie 3 Slipstream When a Man Loves a Woman In all cases watching them was just painful (and in two cases one of the people I was with fell asleep).
  10. I enjoyed it, and would rate it as a good film. Nothing great, but still better than the majority of films. The cute short haired girl helped too.
  11. On a side note, are these only available in NTSC format, as surely that contradicts the "highest technical quality" bit.
  12. OK, to (kind of) answer my own question, from the Criterion Collection site:
  13. To me it just seemed like another 'Tom Cruise playing an irritating git that you're supposed to like' film. Unbearably irritating. Are there actually any films where Tom Cruise doesn't play an irritating git you're supposed to like? (excluding ones where he plays an irritating git you're not supposed to like). gah - now you've got me started on a Tom Cruise hating rant again!
  14. The only two films I have from that list are (the bizarrely similarly titled): My 'Life as a Dog', and 'Man Bites Dog'. I'm not sure they're Criterion ones though - what's special about Criterion Colect DVDs then? Edit: Oh - I also have Royal Tennenbauns (missed that one).
  15. Theres been a couple of films we tried on Sky Box Office (out of desperation) that we gave up on. 'Snow Job' and 'Blue Crush' are ones that spring to mind. I also went to watch TV in my room instead when my family were watching a rented Jerry Maguire.
  16. I was dissapointed that 'Lost in Translation' didn't win. There are many movies, ack! - I mean films, that I think are more deserving.
  17. I remember something about an upcoming wildlife documentary series presented by (and probably written by) David Attenborough. However, the only thing I can remember about it was that it was going to be about insects and stuff. Does anyone remember any more about it? (like what it was called and when it'll be on).
  18. The Baftas are far superior to the Oscars. I have no interest at all in the Oscars but tend to buy up a good number of Bafta nominees on DVD. Even though they've started trying to suck up to the Oscars and be more comercial in recent years, they're still way better. I was dissapointed that LoTR won though.
  19. Isn't that just product placement rather than subliminal advertising? When I think of subliminal advertising I think of images being flashed up on screen so quickly that you don't know you've seen them. Though the point is that you don't know you've seen them, so those McDonald's ones aren't really subliminal. oh - and what's a "pink"?
  20. I wish I'd walked out of Scary Movie 3. It's the only film I can even remember being tempted to walk out of ... actually I must have been tempted to leave 'Slipstream' and 'When a Man Loves a Woman', Christ they were bad. Oh - and I did walk out of the lounge when watching we were watching 'Jerry Maguire'.
  21. Pah! - it's just a rip-off of Scooby Doo. I keep expecting him to say "Jinkies!".
  22. Last three would have been: Scary Movie 3: Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really shit. Completely utterly crap. Best of the 3 my ass. Painfully bad. Totally unfunny. Avoid at all costs. Hope Springs: Perfectly acceptable, not a classic by any means, completely watchable though and with the added bonus of the lovely Heather Graham (and the even better bonus of the lovely Heather Graham dancing about in her undies). Ghost Ship: Not too bad. Not great. Not super scary, but OK. Worth watching if you're lost for something to watch on Sky Box Office (as I was hence this and Hope Springs - oh, but if you don't have Adaptation sitting around on DVD anyway then book that one straight away as it's brilliant!). Nothing great in those three, however the three I saw before that were: Lost in Translation: Brilliant. School of Rock: Excellent. Big Fish: Not what I expected, took some time to get into it, still a very good film though and I like to watch it again some time (and not straight after drinking a bottle of wine next time).
  23. but then what would stop you importing a Japanese cartridge and console? I don't understand how having both in the same country (which you obviously need to have anyway), would solve anything. John was suggesting that they could lock you out from buying import games because the console would know where it was and that the game wasn't allowed in that region. If I bought a UK console and game and took it to Japan, the console would think "I'm in Japan, I'm not supposed to be".
  24. But then you wouldn't even be able to play games when you went on holiday!
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