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  1. Oh yeh, the link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/3479989.stm
  2. There's a Tetris article in the BBC News Website magazine today. I haven't read it yet but I think it's going to be along the same lines as the documentary.
  3. Monkey Ball, played by tilting the device, and you can stop your balls dropping (tee-hee!) by touching the screen.
  4. I think the lack of physical feedback would even prevent the touch screen being used as a standard d-pad. Although we all assume we can hit the right button because we know where it is, I bet it would actually be bloody difficult if we couldn't also feel where it was. Plus, if action is on the other screen, then at the time you won't have the chance to see where it is. Also, without the physical feedback of a button actually being pressed it's very hard to tell if you've actually pressed it or not. Have you ever tried typing on a touch sensitive keyboard where the keys don't actually move? - it's a bloody nightmare!
  5. Pah - I just use my finglonger for that!
  6. Wow - now you can eject a CD from across the room! I've never understood the point of being able to eject things remotely - you still have to walk across the room to actually change it or take it out! The eject button for my old video player used to really annoy me as pressing 'stop' twice on the remote would eject the video - the number of pointless trips I had to make to push the video back in - aggghhh!!!
  7. Luke

    Zelda Cel-Shading

    Yes, to be honest I will probably keep it. More as a peice of art and history than as a game though. I very much doubt I'll play it enough to come anywhere near to completing it though.
  8. Luke

    Zelda Cel-Shading

    I bought WW for the cel-shaded graphics. I probably wouldn't have bought it otherwise. I'm probably going to sell it anyway (it's just not my sort of game - even with the great graphics).
  9. He means BBC 4. Also, to be pedantic, Sky don't have a BBC 4 - The BBC have a BBC 4. It is however broadcast on Sky Digital (along with digital-cable and freeview).
  10. That would explain why Edge never mentions it's existence on other platforms.
  11. well, to be honest, I doubt I'll be buying a PS3 anyway. or, for that matter, any next generation console - at least not until I've fully played through all my games on the current generation. (though this will probably turn out to be a lie)
  12. I've owned and loved every SSX game. I now have 1080: Avalance too, but haven't put much time into it yet; however, this is mainly because I've not really got into it. I tried it again at the weekend but just got a bit bored by it. I'll give it a couple more chances, but soon I'm going to give up on it - I just don't find it very exciting. Oh - also, if it's of any relevance, I did enjoy WaveRace: BS.
  13. Phew - I'm glad I'll still be able to play Vib Ribbon and One Piece Mansion.
  14. I'm sure it was announced ages ago that the PS3 would not be backwards compatible with the PS1 - just the PS2.
  15. Luke

    The Yanks.

    I have to admit that it took me a long time to realise what your forum name actually was.
  16. because the PS2 is easy to program??!
  17. Christ, you're not happy enough with the $180 (or whatever it is) it cost them to get an XBox into your home: you also want them to make huge losses on the next one too! (actually, personally I do, but then I'm anti-MS)
  18. http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&ie=UT...yUK%7CcountryGB http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&ie=UT...le+Search&meta=
  19. http://www.coathook.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ss/ss3.htm
  20. Red, Green and Blue are the primary colours in light. Cyan, Magenta and Yellow (usually called - Blue, Red and Yellow) are the primary colours in paint/ink/etc. They are primary because all other colour can be made by mixing them.
  21. but I wouldn't but a Pop Idol album (though I also wouldn't buy FF7 for that matter). But yes, obviously it does depend on the CD and the Game, however, on average I get more use out of a £10 CD than a £30 game.
  22. I get more hours of use out of a £10 CD than a £30 game.
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