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  1. yes - this is all a bit deja-vu.
  2. That's odd. According Planet GameCube they've said the screens will be backlit and better quality than the SP - C&VG suggest they will be the same as the SP.
  3. Because you lot swear like a bunch of fowl mouthed neds I can't actually access all the pages of the thread so sorry if this info has been posted already. Anyway, more info on the DS from PlanetGamecube: http://www.planetgamecube.com/forums/messa...7&threadid=7750 http://www.planetgamecube.com/forums/messa...7&threadid=7760 (links may contain pop-ups and loads of adds - I wouldn't know though as I have a decent well configured browser!)
  4. Luke

    What is better?

    and after they close? Closing time is what party games were invented for (well, except Mario Party as it's so slow moving you'd all pass out).
  5. Luke

    What is better?

    I just feel odd sitting at a desk and playing games (especially ones that use a joypad/stick) - so consoles win hands down for me. The exception is for games that are best with a mouse like Sim City or Theme Whatsits.
  6. But that wasn't your original statement. You said having two at similar prices was a bad idea. If what you're now saying is your argument you should have said that having a cheaper offering would be a good idea. Having two at the same price will not do them harm, it just may not do them good (though I suspect a lot of people will own a GBA and a DS). People who can afford neither couldn't afford a GBA before the DS existed so Nintendo aren't losing any market share.
  7. Why not? Do you think the confusion will cause people to buy neither? People who would buy noe will buy one or the other or both - how's Nintendo losing out?
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3414157.stm
  9. Maybe Nintendo is trying to appeal to all those people who say they don't have time to play all their games: now they can play 2 at once!!!
  10. Yes, he should really have said: "Surely the biggest advantage of two screens over a double-sized one is that you could fold it in half, GBASP style" to prevent the statement being so silly.
  11. The biggest advantage of having 2 screens is that you can fold it in half??! Just like the single screen device in your example!!? ??!!?
  12. I have the US import - still shrink wrapped though!
  13. ha ha, I almost posted the same thing.
  14. I'm fairly confident it won't be intened to be used by two players at once. You all know how much people jerk their GBAs about whilst playing games - you'd end up yanking it out of the other player's hands!! (though maybe not if just playing battleships!) also, I'm sure on PlanetGameCube it said that it wasn't intended for 2 players.
  15. Aaaggghh - please put warnings by noisy sound filled links!!!
  16. Yeh, but on the other hand I still know I'm going to get one! (probably on import, day one, from Japan)
  17. Then why would they not offer something more exciting in their press release than: "For example in a football game, you can view the whole game on one screen, while simultaneously focusing on an individual footballer's tackle or goal on the other screen." or "Players will no longer be forced to interrupt game play to shift perspective, such as moving from a wide shot to a close up, or alternating between a character's ongoing battle and a map of their environment."
  18. Well, I've been racking my brain to try and think what the second screen could be used for; however, I think it will rapidly become known as the 'map' screen. I can't really see many other uses for it - the only other ones being for link-up games so you can see where the other player is, or maybe a rear-view mirror in racing games.
  19. now, someone with photoshop to hand - get to editing!
  20. I think you mean "another possible definition of a PC is that...". Oh, and no PCs are "completely" customisable - they're customisable with compatible components. Just like how you can put a bigger hard drive in the XBox, or a new DVD drive, or change the operating system. Oh wait - does this mean the XBox is a PC after all?
  21. Actually, some ATMs are PCs. In the Victoria Centre in Nottingham, there's a Nationwide one that keeps crashing with a Windows dialogue box And yes, this makes us nerds. You too for posting that to try and allay your nerdiness. You've got the nerd. And the gay. EXACTLY! When you're next out and someone says, "Hang on, just need to go to the cashpoint" I fucking dare you to say "well actually, it's a PC" This conversation is freakin' stoopid. That would be a stupid thing to say. Just because it's a PC it doesn't stop it being a Cashpoint. IT'S BOTH!!!! You may however say: "Do you know that that particular cashpoint is a PC?". A rectangle is also a polygon. A square is also a rectangle and a polygon. Some rectangles are also oblongs whilst still being polygons and rectangles (actually, all of them that aren't squares are). All of these things are also shapes. It truly is amazing. A cashpoint can be both a cashpoint AND a PC. A console can be both a console AND a PC. A console can be both a console AND a DVD player AND a doorstop. Amazing isn't it - and it doesn't even require any slight-of-hand trickery! Anyway, this whole thread should just be renamed "does an XBox fit your definition of a PC" and given a yes/no poll - then there'd be no need for all this pointless arguing.
  22. But by that logic, I could say that this post is a console. That's it's intended function, but it doesn't make it true. So what do you think Willei's Post #179? I've not come up with a catchier name yet... So, explain to me what makes the fridge door that you've just bludgeoned me with still a fridge door? Other than the fact that the manufacturer declared it to be a fridge door and fitted it to the front of a fridge?geonin It would still be a fridge door: it would also be a head bludgeoning device. Police would probably report that you'd been beaten round the head with a large blunt instrument, meaning the fridge door is also a large blunt instrument. Isn't it amazing how something can fit more than one definition at once!
  23. Would the people who are in the "Xbox isn't a PC" camp also claim the same for the ApeXtreme (and similar devices)? - Their intended use is as a console. - You plug them into your TV - They come with a Joypad - They play games out of the box All of these, and others, have been used as claims the XBox isn't a PC - so what about these others? True, their functionality isn't as locked down as that of the XBox - but what are the exact rules here?
  24. And if there was a term used to define devices running off the SH2 processor then both the Sega Saturn and your device would be one of these. It doesn't mean their both consoles or both whatever your thingy is. For people who use PC to define a computer system based on the standard x86 architecture as used in standard WinTel boxes and as used by the XBox - the XBox IS a PC.
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