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  1. I've said several times already that I already see no need for another generation of consoles; for me the current generation is "good enough". The next generation of consoles will certainly be good enough for me and no doubt for the "avergage mainstream gamer". Manufacturers would also benefit from not updating the hardware all the time as at the moment they're bringing out a new generation just as the previous one started making a profit. They get their money from games - not hardware, so if they didn't have to keep flogging new hardware they'd be sorted. Also, my natural instinct would be to hate this idea due to my loathing of Microsoft; however, I really like the idea as JP has laid it out (though there are many variations of the idea I wouldn't like). Plus, with an IBM PowerPC processor and ATI graphics card in there: ports to the Mac should be a doddle! (and maybe Apple could make a super-sexy-sleek minimalist-design version of the console)
  2. It's hold down Shift - tap Break - release shift Otherwise referred to as Shift Break. Well, everyone I knew referred to it as Shift-break-shift
  3. I guess you never owned a BBC micro. It'd boot up the menu on disks (for a not very technical description).
  4. They take a load of different online payment options (such as paypal and the like) Do none of them take Solo?
  5. Surely you mean 'Shift-Break-Shift' Which would be an ace name - as would Clive's 'Byte Me'
  6. I think as gaming becomes more mainstream backwards-compatibility will become more of a selling point. Also, I can't see games being greatly superior on the next generation of hardware (personally I see absolutely no need for another generation of console - especially not as soon as we're likely to get it) so people may be more inclined to stick with the old game than they were this generation. However, from a console manufacturer's point of view this could be a bad thing as they make money from selling games not consoles.
  7. The one thing that Microsoft could have on there side with this one though is the fact that they own quite a substantial number of graphics patents (see the MS vs OpenGL stuff) and could probably use some of these against nVidia to enable them to get rights to emulate the XBox stuff in the XB2.
  8. I thought that MS had already used hard-drives from at least 2 different manufacturers in the XBox already (or was that the DVD Drives?). Anyway, as was already pointed out, nVidia were in a much more powerful position for contract negotiation than Seagate. MS would have needed to tie nVidia into a contract to cover the life-span of the XBox because they wouldn't be able to switch to another manufacturer. With Seagate there would be no reason to tie themselves down to a long term contract as they could quite easily switch to a cheaper alternative if it became available. I cannot believe that a company as ruthless in its business practices as Microsoft would have got tied to a contract where they were paying more for a hard drive than they needed to.
  9. But it's a relatively new thing in consoles. As far as I know, the PS2 was the first console to offer it out of the box. After then, it's kind of caught on (though the GameCube couldn't easily offer it due to the switch from cartridge to disk).
  10. That's a good point actually. Though maybe they'll go for selling a standard X-Box 2, and an X-Box 2+ which has all the multimedia PVR stuff in it too.
  11. But if the hard drive isn't there as standard I think developers will be less liekly to make use of it, and it will definately put them off developing games that need a hard drive (and I though having a built in hard-drive as standard was supposed to open up console gaming to a whole new world of possibilities).
  12. I think lack of backwards compatibility and lack of as hard-drive as standard would both be big negatives for the X-Box 2. I thought Microsofts stratergy was to build up a fan-base with the first console, making a loss along the way, then get the money back by holding onto them in the second generation. I'd have though a lot of original X-Box owners would be put off X-Box 2 by the lack of both of these features.
  13. The complete results would have been nice - though I guess we could work them out ourselves from t'other thread.
  14. Luke

    Ambient Ai

    But how about a "Hard" setting that becomes more difficult if it can tell you're still finding it too easy. It could increase the challenge. Rather than making game easier if people were finding a game too hard, "Ambient AI" could be used to make the difficulty curve of a game more natural for players with different abilities. I think that would be an amazing thing if someone could pull it off. It would also give games added replay value as the second time you played through them they'd become more difficult more quickly, giving you that satisfying challenge. Something in a similar vain that I think would be good, would be if bosses tired more easily. For example, that plant boss in Metroid prime, you can be blasting away at it for ages and each time it comes back just as string as before. I think after batteling with it for a good long while the boss should tire and become easier to defeat. This wouldn't reduce the challenge particually as you'd still have had to stay alive all this time, it's just adjusting the focus of the skills slightly - rather than having to be good at quickly moving towards that 4 mirrors you'd instead need to be good at avoiding the plant whilst keeping blasting it constantly to tire it out.
  15. I had a quick bash at the demo of this - and it was pretty good fun. It has a fairly 2D style and linear feel to it - which is very good. However, it's so close to being 2D in some ways that it just really makes you wish they had just been brave enough to risk losing mass market appeal and had done it in 2D.
  16. I know I do this, but can't think of any examples off the top of my head.
  17. Quest for the Golden Figurine (not at all recent) Super Monkey Ball (does exactly what it says on the tin)
  18. I think what he was trying to make the point that he didn't feel that any games this year were true classics that would stand up against games from the past. Which may or may not be a valid point. My 10: - Amplitude (PS2) - SSX 3 (PS2) - Made in Wario (GC) - Donkey Konga (GC) - Viewtiful Joe (GC) - Mario Kart: DD (GC) - Wario Ware (GBA) - Mario Golf (GC) - 1080 Avalanche (GC) - F-Zero GX (GC) (not in that order though)
  19. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3334679.stm
  20. Whaaaa...!!!!! Have I overslept and missed something??! Only a few months. The follow up was confirmed at E3 (I think) So there hasn't been "two ... so far" then. Just one so far and another on it's way.
  21. Whaaaa...!!!!! Have I overslept and missed something??!
  22. The thing I like most about these threads is that when a reply is up in the latest post on the mainpage it reads something like (taking the most recent example): "Shock! Someone who dislikes... sausage"
  23. Do you know what annoys me most about these threads? No - of course you don't! What annoy's me most is the"Part X" bit of the subject. "Shock! Someone who dislikes: Halo, Part 7" Suggest to me, this is the 7th part of the "Shock! Someone who dislikes: Halo" discussion. AND IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF!!!!
  24. Certainly can, nearly new boxed USA DC that plays the lot out of the box. Squirtle is up for some maracas so I just need to nail down the game. More news when I get it. That would be great. Especially with the 'having the same birthday as you' discount that I'm bound to get. Could you also throw in some insurance against being killed by my girlfriend?
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