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  1. Marsh - could you put together a bundle that included a Dreamcast?
  2. DONE! Thank you - having them as links is super ace! You are super ace! The whole site is super ace! (and I'm super ace for the suggestion too!)
  3. Cool, I'll check out gamefaqs to try and get some harder levels going. Had some friends over yesterday and I feared for my bongos the way they were smashing them about.
  4. I now have my copy and so have discovered that Bomberman Jetters is the GBA version and not the Cube version I've had for ages - doh!
  5. gah, I hope the payrise I get today is big because I really want one of those babies! Every time I see one they seem sexier and sexier.
  6. I'll see what I can do. The banners are just randomly created png's by myself and aren't linked to their original wallpaper id numbers by anyway so I'd need to go and do some shuffling to see if I can make that work. I'm not promising anything. I just through of an easy way to do it though.... is the easy way just adding text to the image?
  7. Eh? Like 30 'move away from bomb' mini games? They say there are two main modes, a simple standard bomberman and a sub standard pinball game. They say the mini games last too long as well and are too easy. A tetris style game is mentioned as is a crazy golf style thing. They don't like it. Let's leave it at that. Firstly when you said it was reported to be a Wario Ware clone I though "umm, what, even though it came out ages before Wario Ware??". However, when you went on to describe it it seems the UK version (or whichever they reviewed) is VERY different to the Japanese version I've had for ages (which is Jetters - yes I checked the box!). Either that or there are loads of cool sounding mini games I've not yet discovered (which is possible if they're unlocked via single player or hidden away in the depths of Japanese menus).
  8. eh!!!! Has this only just come out in the UK? I must have had the Japanese version for over a year already. I'm not sure it deserves a 2. The main game is pants but I understand that tends to be the way with Bomberman; the multiplayer is great fun though (though not worth a full game price tag - especially not when compared to the multi-player madness of Monkey Ball). I've never played any other Bomberman games to compare it to though.
  9. Yeah, it had looked so good too. Too late for me to cross it off though - it arrived yesterday, played it for the first time today, and sat there thinking "hmm, there must be more to it than this". I couldn't remember if Edge had reviewed it already or not. I'd be interested to read the review though - the preview had seemed so promising (damn them!). Regarding OP2M coming free - I guess it's there for the same reason Computer Arts comes with a sheet of brown cardboard - it's to stop the quality magazine getting damaged in the post :-)
  10. Microsoft would have to be Sky - both evil capatilist scum! I agree with EA = ITV Capcom would have been CNX - cool quirky stuff with a smattering of kidyness. Sony = E4 Whoever does the Army Men Games and the like = All the crap that you have to flick through.
  11. try the mode where the drums don't have any symbols on to tell you whether to clap, hit left/right or both! Eh? Are they still different colours though? Or does it just become guesswork (which I guess would be annoying). I'd only really noticed the clap being symbolic anyway - aren't the others just different colours?
  12. Regarding the debate earlier as to whether it was Mario or Wario who has to jump on the Goomba in Ware Ware - the answer is both! (there's a mini game where Mario has to and one where Wario has to).
  13. oh - I should however add that there are about a million different menus in this game and I have only just started to scrape the surface (Christ! - I just spelt that "serfice" - eeek!)
  14. You have Super Mario Brother Special listed as a NES game - this is wrong isn't it? (you also have it listed as a PC-8001 game which I believe is correct - though I'm not sure if it's "Unofficial").
  15. Hmm, this game does seem quite easy. Last night I played through a mode where songs keep coming one after another and you seem to have an energy bar (that re-sets for each song) that goes down whenever you miss a beat. I completed it (30 songs I think) on my first go with my energy bar barely taking a hit.
  16. Hmm, I'm sure I posted earlier asking if you could put labels or hints on the banner things at the top that keep changing - I guess my post must have got lost. I keep seeing the banner bit at the top and thinking it looks great - but I then don't know what the game is.
  17. Luke

    Donkey Konga

    Bongos of mass destruction.
  18. Shite name. Nice price. At least I won't keep thinking it's a game about pirates (patches, parrots and all) with that name. I wasn't going to by this game as RPG Stratergy type games aren't really my cup of tea, hoever if it's that price on the Cube in the US I may well give it a go.
  19. Oh - and the clapping makes your hands hurt (although you can cheat and just hit the bongos instead)
  20. Why? It's clearly as good, if not better than OoT. Yeah - and hell - it's only money!!
  21. Oh, I've just remembered one of my favourite aspects of the game: Towards the end of each song there's a section where you need to do a drum-roll. Whoever gets the most beats in then gets a bonus at the end of the game (5000 + something to do with the extra beats you got). It seems I the drumroll king and even when I got a lower score before bonuses were added on, I nearly always won the game anyway. :-)
  22. Mario appears in Donkey Konga (GC) as one of the symbols on a fruit machine power-up-type-thing. He's not a playable character though (at least not as far as I am in the game).
  23. Ah --finally somebody has said it. Admittedly, this has more to do with my --shall we say-- deep, deep dislike of the recently-released version of "My Grandfather's Clock," (which is included in the game) but I have to admit that the songs on offer are, overall, not that appealing to me. Yep, Gradfathers Clock is awful. So far there has only been a couple of tracks that are at all lively/fun/enjoyable. Even the versions of Labamba and Mambo No. 5 seem to have been dullified. I'm not sure what exactly it was that I didn't like about the music, but it did all just sound pretty bad (and not in a fun kitch way). THough, I am sure the headache didn't help, so will give it another go soon (probably not today as my head is still achey and full of snot). Yeah, I'd like to give that a try, but it would probably involve getting a new PS2 to get chipped (my current PS2 is a first gen UK 'ain't touching that with a barge-pole' one).
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