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  1. The original game was £50*. If you screw your eyes up real tight it's a bit of a bargain. * £85 on import including N64 universal adaptor ... worth every penny. but surely it's 100% profit for the companies selling it.
  2. Yeah, apart from a few scum-mongers who're getting them just to flog on eBay - most people who're getting them will either have a Cube already are will be buying one. I doubt the disks actually cost much to make. The shame though is the scummy companies making a profit out of it.
  3. Don't diss the J-Pop, ma~n! Although "COLORS" isn't Utada Hikaru's best... unfortunately... I have to say that it isn't really what I expected J-Pop to be. I always imagined J-Pop would be crazy lively cheesey happy music (like on Vib-Ribbon). The stuff on Konga seems quite ... umm ... dull.
  4. Though I haven't tried it (I was double bongoing yesterday with my house-mate), the menus would suggest that this is very much a possibility. With the controller the controls seem to be: Left Stick = Left Bongo A = Right Bongo L = Clap
  5. If it is a Japanese format memory card then a PAL cube will not accept it, and will ask if you want to format it. If it isn't a Japanese format memory card (and is simply one you formatted on a PAL or US machine whilst playing a Japanese game via freeloader) then it sounds like the game will not accept it, and will you if you want to format it. A PAL or US machine cannot read and cannot produce a Japanese format memory card. A lot of Japanese games don't care and will just write to a card the hardware is happy with, some however, are more fussy. If this game does have the same issues as Mr Driller then you will not be able to get round the problem by trying different formats of memory card.
  6. Had a play when I got home. It is great fun, but the music seems to be absolutely awful. It probably didn't help that I had a headache though, so I'll try again once the painkillers have kicked in.
  7. Seeing as someone will point out that Namco developed it - it may as well be me. Or 4 player with 4 Not very. No. But you can get a Freeloader boot disk (or Action Replay).
  8. No, because a US or PAL Cube cannot read a Japanese formatted memory card, even if you're playing a Japanese game, the hardware will not recognise the memory card. If he has a US Cube, I'd suggest getting a switch fitted. If he has a UK Cube, he aint going to be able to save from Drill Land. With all Japanese games, when playing with freeloader, I'd STRONGLY recommend testing them with a BLANK memory card first of all. Otherwise you could end up losing saves like SnakeBoy did (then if they work, you can just save them alongside you US and PAL saves)
  9. Yeah, but they could have just shoved the top selling ones in there, or the most obvious ones, and have given a list full of Fifas and the like. They seem to have missed Mario Golf off the list though :-)
  10. Chuckie Egg Quest for the Golden Figurine Dare Devil Dennis please - thank you
  11. ooooohhhhh - and according to the UPS tracking system, my game is now at home waiting for me!!!!! Gah - and I'm stuck at work for 3.5 more hours!!!
  12. That is an arse for you freeloaders out there. I can't really see a way round this problem, unless Datel released a new Freeloader or some Action Replay codes that over-ride the formatting/region checking for the memory cards (in a similar way that Freeloader currently tricks the Cube regarding disc regions). However, from the fact that Datel say you need a seperate memory card for Japanese games (which simply isn't true for those games that will save properly), I'm not sure if they have much of an understanding or have done much investigation, regarding the memory cards.
  13. Oh and SnakeBoy - where did you order from and did the UPS man hit you with any nasty import/customs charges? (and did you get any extra bongos?)
  14. Hmm... this may cure my Mr. Driller/inability to save problem. Nothing will solve the Mr Driller problem as far as I'm aware. The problem is that it requires a Japanese formatted memory card and a Pal or US Cube can only create and read Pal/US format cards. Some Japanese games just ask the console if it has a formatted memory card, other, such as Mr Driller, seem to ask if it has a Japanese formatted memory card, if not they'll get the console to format it, however next time the game checks, it'll have the same problem. It sounds to me that Donkey Konga may suffer the same problems - I hope for all your sakes that this is not the case (I'll be fine though with my switched US Cube :-) )
  15. Are you playing on a Jap/Switched Cube or with Freeloader?
  16. A very nice, neat, well designed little site (unlike nearly all other games related sites out there). Some nice desktops too, though I think my dock would obscure the images on most of the ones I like :-( (and I'd either have to resize them or get a bigger monitor)
  17. I think Mario appears in at least one of the games on Nintendo Puzzle Collection on the Cube.
  18. Enjoy: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-70-3b7-71-7g.html&main=fly (oh - and sorry if old, I did search)
  19. He even had one of those pippin thingies.
  20. Hey - that's the one I was talking about!
  21. Don't some of the NES games in Animal Crossing feature Mario, mean Animal Crossing could be added to the list? I think some of the mini games on the Wario Ware titles feature him too. (I knew this barrel bottom scraper would come in handy)
  22. Game and Watch: Mario Bros Donkey Kong GBA: Mario Party-e
  23. ..ist that the same game? Nah, one's an old game and watch thing with cakes on a conveyor belt or something. Various Mario Golfs and Tennises. Luigi's Mansion Mario Teaches Typing
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