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  1. You need to see that clip of the chappy playing that mental rythm action game where he has to whack all those different wostsits in time to the music. It is insane!!!
  2. The funny thing is, Microsoft, a huge IT company, were unable to prevent people copying the games, yet your mate thinks you might know a way to do it.
  3. 1 to 3 days they reckon. I hope it comes Saturday or Monday as then there'll actually be someone in to receive it (and it's my birthday on Monday). I'm a little scared about the import tax that may get slammed on it though.
  4. Someone suggested Mario Paintball once. That would be ace!
  5. Hurray!!! Play-Asia have shipped my Donkey Konga, and even though they emailed me yesterday saying they probably wouldn't have any extra controllers, it seems they've shipped the extra controller too! And they shipped Atsumare!! Made in Wario, which I'd even forgotten was in that order! Hurray!!
  6. It's limited yes, but I think it pretty clearly indicates that the GC is not "dead on its arse" as NumberSix was insisting. Oh yeah, it's clearly not dead on it's arse. I think you'd have to be mad to think otherwise.
  7. Though I'm not defending NumberSix's view, I don't really think you can use the top 10 on each format to prove anything. Also, looking at the figures for the Cube, the indictation is that though the start higher they do seem to peter off sooner than for the X-Box. This would suggest to me that whilst the figures may be close over the top 10, over the top 20 or 50, the XBox may have a more substansial lead. Personally though, I think as long as Nintendo are not losing money on the hardware or software then what's the problem? I think they will survive quite happily. Someone ealier likened them to Apple, this is something I started a thread about before as I think there are several similarities between the two companies, the main one, in my opinion, being that they could survive perfectly well with a small market share and dedicated fans.
  8. Yes you can. You can flog anything at any price if you want... Sky was doing it for years before they started giving their box's away for free. Yeh, lots of things are sold at a loss where the money can be made back elsewhere. Digi-boxes, mobile phones, game consoles, and umm, well that's all I can think of actually.
  9. Bah! Just because I said 'wouldn't' instead of 'doesn't'! It's a matter of perspective, man. You assumed too much! Or possibly, you didn't pay enough attention.
  10. Well, I think you've backed out of that one pretty well then - though it would all have been a lot simpler if you'd just admitted you were wrong. ;-)
  11. No, not specifically. Firstly, I said if that level of technology was available then there would be 'some evidence' of it now. Secondly, if it could exist now, then it would exist now. When discussing a possible product to be released in a years time you said: "Yeah, but realistically, factoring in battery life, energy efficiency, overheating, size, etc., it just wouldn't happen... otherwise it, erm.. would have." It wouldn't happen otherwise it would have. A product, to be released in a years time, wouldn't happen, in a years time, as otherwise it would have happened already. Nobody at that point, as far as I'm aware, claimed it could exist now. We were discussing a product to be released in a years time. Oh - and for the record, I find it pretty unlikely it could happen, I'm just arguing against your nonsensical argument.
  12. It would be nonesense(sic) if that was my argument. But it wasn't. Right then, to reiterate, again, one last time, to make myself clear about this: Factor out marketing strategies (like I said I did in the first place - naively or otherwise, irrelevant for the moment) and focus just on the technology, the price, the practicality, etc. If the technology was available to create a new '10xGCpower' handheld then it would exist. It doesn't, meaning (again ignoring the other bit) that it cannot. Umm, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think anyone claimed the technology was available now. The product is scheduled for worldwide release at the end of 2004, in a years time. Yes - that's the point. Spot on. Well done. Pat yourself on the back! Your first statement was claiming that something due to be released in a years time couldn't happen as otherwise it would exist now - clearly (as you pretty much confirm yourself) nonsense.
  13. No... it would exist when it can exist. Well, I'm glad we finally agree on that. So, your initial argument - that a hypothesised product Nintendo are going to unveil in 6 months time (or 4 or 5 or whenever - in the future), couldn't be going to exist, as otherwise it would exist already - was nonesense. Thank you. Why's that then? Just interested, like. Because I find it very unlikely that a consumer device would be pushing technology to it's extremes. I said realistic and usable. Of course there is better technology than the PSP, but could you get any more practicality out of it? (ie. without the cost, size, battery life, etc. suffering as a result?) I think cost is the only one of those that would prevent it having a commercial release. And as Microsoft have proven, companies are sometimes willing to make a BIG loss on hardware.
  14. Well yes, that's true IF (like I initially did) you ignore financial and marketing reasons for not releasing it. What, so ignoring sales and marketing stratergies and what-have-you, if a product could exist in 6 months time it instantly would exist, now, just like that? Why's that then? Just interested, like. Because I find it very unlikely that a consumer device would be pushing technology to it's extremes.
  15. Correct. Incorrect. I accept that the same thig is also true of the next Ninty handheld as well. I never say that I didn't. No, but you said it was surely not going to exist, as otherwise it would exist already: "Yeah, but realistically, factoring in battery life, energy efficiency, overheating, size, etc., it just wouldn't happen... otherwise it, erm.. would have." I don't consider the PSP to be "pushing realistic and usable handheld technology to its extremes" at all.
  16. WHICH IS THE WHOLE SODDING POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!! So you're happy to accept that those consoles don't exists yet because they can't (even though, they actually probably could) but you're not happy to accept the same with the 10 speed GameCube handheld thingy?!
  17. Umm, you didn't read that did you. It was nothing to do with Gregory Horror show. Or even about me buying something.
  18. Well, if you ignored the 'purposely delaying the advancement of technology' reasons like I did, then that's precisely true. It's not true at all. Although a Caveman could have gathered up all the elements necessary to make a PS2, ther eis no way at all what so ever that he would have had the technological know-how to make one. New technologies have to be developed, and often at the start of the development process, at the specification stage, the final product may not be possible, but in theory the technology will be available when they get to that stage. By the end of the development these things will be possible, but that doesn't mean that it would have been possible half way through the development process. By your argument we're never going to see a PS3, XBox 2 or N5, as otherwise, we'd have them already. That Jupiter probe thing that's due to be ready in about 10 years time - that'll never exist otherwise we'd have it already.
  19. Well that would be right, wouldn't it? They couldn't, until they did, when they could. What the hell are you on about. Using your argument, before anything came out, you'd say it couldn't possibly come out, otherwise it would have already. Nintendo announce the GameCube - "poppy-cock!" you say "if they really could have such a console, they'd have released it by now". What planet do you live on?? (because I'd quite like to live there actually seeing as EVERYTHING EVER already exists there - just so long as you know it).
  20. ah, so you were just talking out your ass then.
  21. Nope. Well, I'd like to know the semantic nit-picking or bizarre theory behind that claim. Like I said, not here and now. Been boggling my mind with perpetual motion and free energy theories all morning thanks to that thread about aviation fuel taxing over in OT. Ouch. Well, PM me when you have the time :-)
  22. Nope. Well, I'd like to know the semantic nit-picking or bizarre theory behind that claim.
  23. Curious logic. With that logic you'd never get new things. Strangely enough, we don't get new things... but this isn't the time or place for that. What we (as in the human race) don't get new things? So microwave ovens, digital watches and playstations have always existed? Are do you mean we as in consumers, and you're making a strange point that by the time consumers find out about things they're no longer new? Either way, just because it doesn't exists, or just because we don't know it exists, it doesn't mean it won't or doesn't.
  24. Curious logic. With that logic you'd never get new things.
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