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  1. To me it sounds like they may be going to release a GameCube with build in DVD player (which I think would be mising the boat somewhat), or with a built in GameBoy Player. Or maybe a GameCube controler, that was also a GameBoy Player. Or a portable DVD Player with built in GBA and Gamecube, plus a memory card slot for iQue games. Or a microwave with built in GBA.
  2. Isn't it going to be a hardware product?
  3. I forgot I had Wario World for the Cube until I looked through my previous orders on DVDBO.
  4. Gah - don't get me started on Amazon's customer service's inability to read emails. They just seem to match up random words in your emails to pre-set answers. Me: I've got 30 items on my wish list but people viewing it can only see 9 and they're all sold. Amazon: To view your wish list..... Me: I know how to view my wish list, I can view it, when I view it it has 30 items, when anyone else does, they see 9 - all sold. Amazon: To add items to your wish list.... Me: I don't want to add items, and even when I do people can only see the same 9 items as before. Amazon: We have checked your wish list, there are currently 30 items on it. Me: I know - BUT OTHER PEOPLE CAN ONLY VIEW 9 OF THEM!!!! Amazon: The correct URL for your wish list is... Me: I know that, people know the correct URL, that's why they can see 9 items. They cannot see all 30 items though!!! Amazon: To edit your wish list preferences..... Me: AAAGAGAGAGAGAGAAAHHHHH - I know all this, I have a f*cking degree in computer science, I think I can cope with setting my wish list up correctly. Now, for the last f*cking time, I have 30 items on my wish list, it is a public wish list, people know the correct URL, however, they can only see 9 items on the list, all of them sold. Amazon: There is a known problem with some wish lists, our technical team is currently working on it. Me: <mumbles to="self">well the problem can't be very f*cking widely known!!!</mumbles> ah - see, you went and got me started!
  5. If you're asking me, then nobody. I'm pretty sure I've said/implied several times in this thread that I have no problem with that. It's when they become available again that I have the problem with it, and am just curious as to whether people who go along with the "no longer commercially available" argument would then buy it.
  6. A winky smilie clearly followed the bread comment, I saw it as a lighthearted reply to my post. It's a valid point made in a cryptic way. Or something . ha ha - yeah - way to go and completely miss the point Wiggly! The bread joke was actually a joke pro-pirating argument spun twice round and stood on it's head. It is generally accepted that it is OK to steal a loaf of bread. It was more a joke about how DR's post sounded something along the lines of the standard moral question of whether it was all right to steal bread to feed your starving family. I wasn't asking if people would happily go and steal a loaf of bread, or cake, as in Stuart's warbling (which, though I happen to agree with, I also find it quite redundant, and get annoyed when people use it as a pro-piracy argument). I was going to give the Fat Tony quote of something along the lines of "and what if your family doesn't like bread, and instead they like cigarettes" but I couldn't remember it any couldn't be bothered to look it up. But yes, anyway, you were all too keen to jump in and miss the point of my post, and now you look silly - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I'm not suggesting piracy is the same as stealing bread to feed your family - in my opinion, it's a lot worse!
  7. ha ha - a boot disk for a boot disk - sounds fun! I think I remember hearing that the UK GameBoy Player boot disk worked with the Japanese GameBoy Player, and that you could trick Nintendo into sending you a "replacement" one.
  8. Yes, certain Japanese games (Zelda, Doshin, Mr Driller - off the top of my head) refuse to save to a US/PAL format memory card (and a GameCube running in US mode will always produce US format memory cards, freeloader or no freeloader). Edit: Oh, and F-Zero has other issues that you need an Action Replay disk to solve.
  9. Yes. Yes you do. mumble, mumble, mumble, pesky kids..... Ha ha, what with being 26 in less than a week, 'kid' is a complement :-)
  10. I have <runs off to count> 39!! Yay I win!! I've got about 5 on the way too. Oh - and I didn't count duplicate Japan and US copies of Sunshine or Animal Leader/Cubivore. Do I win again?
  11. appreciated. was a genuine answer, not having a go. 8) Also, for me, my USB ports tend to be more accessible than a free mains socket. Also, a dock would be handy as when I got home in the evening I could pop my SP into a dock alongside my iPod, mobile phone and Palm.
  12. Because your PC is plugged into it. Also, having to carry one mains adapter for you laptop, is a lot better than having to carry several for your laptop, SP, phone, PDA, camera, etc...
  13. I like to try and get USB charges for everything I can. That way, when I'm away from home, I can charge everything via my laptop and don't have to carry 100s of mains adapters around. Of course, I prefer cables to docks though, as docks tend to take up as much space as a charger anyway.
  14. Hmm, I wasn't at all tempted by this game. Pictures of it just made it seem like a dull (in my opinion) 3D action adventure type game. A Tomb Raider sort of affair. But now I'm hearing things like "Platformer" and "Linear" and things are starting to sound good again. Although Clive did refer to Metroid Prime and Sunshine as linear too, and personally, though their linearity was great, I could have done with them being a little more linear. And people do refer to games such as Mario 64 as platformers, despite them having very little in common with what I would regard as platform games. However, once I've cleared my upcoming backlog (if that's not an oxymoron) of games, I may well give this one a go.
  15. and if a man cannot afford the bread to feed his family, is it all right for him to steal it? ;-)
  16. no, on second thoughts, I'm not going to bother.
  17. I'm be quite impressed (and worried) if you could list 10 games that I think are good. I don't know if I'd confidently be able to list any games you think are good. I also fail to see what me listing 38 Cube games that I think are good would prove. Other than there are 38 Cube games that I think are good, and even with them listed you'd still just have to be taking my word for it that I think they are good, so quite frankly I can't be bothered. Oh, or had you missed that I said they were games that I think are good?
  18. Yes, personally I see no problem with you pirating this game, and never said I did. I was merely questioning God's stance of the old "if it's not available lets pirate it" argument, and whether if the game then became available again, would he stop using the illegal ROM? It was a general question, not applying to this game in particular.
  19. Well, clearly you're too dense to realise that that's the whole point I was making. "one thing is for sure" That is not stating something as one's own opinion. You were stating something as a fact. I was stating something as opinion, to show how opinionated you post, stated as fact, was.
  20. That's asking for it. The LEAST impressive? Why? Simple, the 75% of the good games on the Cube are multi platform (and those are usually better on the Box). Well, I have 38 GameCube games, all of which I think are good, of which a maximum of 5 (less than 14%) are available for the PS2 or XBox. Which means that 15% of good Gamecube games, at minimum, equals 33 games, which means there are 220 good Gamecube Games in total. Wow - that should be enough god games to keep most people busy!!! Plus I've got several more exclusive titles on their way this month that I suspect will again be good. On the other hand I have 9 PS2 games (and I've owned my PS2 for twice as long at least), 3 of which (over 33%) are multi-platform. I don't have an XBox - it doesn't have any games that attract me enough. I'm not trying to say that the Gamecube has the best games, it simply has the most games that are attractive to me. Simple as that. Fact. Saying that it surely "has the least impressive line-up", or that "75% of the good games on the Cube are multi platform", is clearly mindless. opinionated bollocks of the sort I'd expect from Free Stephen or Haribokart.
  21. No, not unless they are as retarded as you clearly are.
  22. umm, someone who didn't pay proper attention to the site? http://shop.game.net/lowdown.aspx?lid=3533 Edit: Though someone who had paid proper attention would notice that on the 4th day of Christmas they did recommend all 4 major consoles. However, the GameCube is recommended as the number 1 Christmas gift.
  23. They have already benefitted from the sale of game you are buying secondhand when the first person bought it. The rights of ownership of the game are transferred to you when you buy it second hand. Someone else owned it, they no longer do. You didn't own it, you now do. One copy was sold, one copy is owned. If you don't want to buy the new version because a secondhand one is cheaper, that doesn't make piracy right. You're depriving the developer/publisher of a sale, buying a secondhand copy isn't depriving them of a sale in the same way, as they have already made a sale for the copy you are obtaining. With piracy, loads of people could own a copy for every copy sold. I agree there isn't as much of an issue with this if the game isn't available, however, if it becomes available again, then I see this as a big issue. It then means that rather than buying the game - you are still just pirating it. It contradicts people's arguments that the game isn't available. Also, you can argue that the people who should be getting the money for a sale of a re-release arcade classic (ie. the developers) probably aren't getting the money, however the fact is, the people who have the right to make the money off the sale are making the money off the sale.
  24. well I pretty sure I gave the reason why, did you miss it, or just not understand?
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