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  1. What if it becomes available? it won't. get over it. This particular game - no, it probably wont. Why not buy the second hand originals then? And no, that doesn't benefit the developers/publishers either, but in that case they have made one sale for one copy of the game to exist in circulation.
  2. What if it becomes available? would you then delete it? Lots of companies release old arcade games on compilations from time to time, do you delete the ROMs for these games as soon as the compilations are released?
  3. Vib Ribbon = good call. I also like the 'bepp beep' track on V.Joe
  4. Indeed, it is difficult to put it better than that (though it would have been better put without all the other bumpf on the page).
  5. Oh christ, you even wrote in in capitals! and you wrote 'in' instead of 'it'!!
  6. Luke

    Galleon update

    Which given the timescales Galleon has been developed to, will probably mean the PS3 and N5 will be out by the time Galleon becomes multi-format.
  7. This game finally arrived on Saturday. All I can say is that I really do not understand how people can think this game is bad. I bloody love it, and am very impressed by it in many ways. It's a super game and I've had a great time on both single an multi-player. I certainly haven't noticed the slowness that Edge mentions. Even on 50cc the speed seemed spot on to me. Mario Kart 64 on the other hand never really impressed me much (I was a very late comer to the N64, and so most of the game just seem very dated to me). But yeah, DD is going into my rllmuk award nominations as soon as I get home (as I can't access the damn thread at work!)
  8. Yeah, in the last version we'd be lucky if we'd got more than one star between us by the end. In this version we seem to have about 10 between us by the end of the game (though it varies from board to board).
  9. There's a hell of a lot of expansion packs in that list.
  10. I'm sure I remember seeing/hearing/reading something somewhere once about how British Rail had a patent for a UFO.
  11. It's Reader's Wives isn't it!?
  12. But just seeing what these people write is bad enough. Having to listen to them must be awful. And I bet they actually say things like 'LOL' or 'GG' or 'ASL?'
  13. oh, and it's funny how they have the structure for different areas (for want of a better word) at different skill levels and a special one for people with headsets (I can't imagine anything worse than online gaming with a headset) yet everyone tends to be in one room in the begginer area. Yeah - and why the chuffing hell does it not return you to the room after your game?? and have (x) as - yes please disconnect me from the network after each game. Gah - I'm just starting to remember how awful it is in sooooooooo many ways!!
  14. Amplitude is great online. It doesn't have a friends list - but I don't want a sodding friends list. I just want to go online and play against people. Also, in SSX3 someone has somehow ended up on my friends list - how the hell do I delete them off it?
  15. But it's the same player. As I understand it a firewall will either block or not block. It won't sometimes block and other times not. Though I guess it could be based on who it decides is hosting a particular game. It is indeed pants though, and they could at least put a test in when you connect that tells you what to do if your firewall isn't correctly configured.
  16. Yeah, I read all that firewall stuff. I don't really understand though why a firewall would allow me to connect to one player, and then not allow me to connect to the same player again two minutes later. I guess I'll try setting up the firewall stuff they go on about - though it is a hassle, and not really what I expect from console gaming!
  17. Which ones? (then I can slag them off too)
  18. If the rest of their online stuff is as shoddy as that in SSX3 then they're doing you a favour by dropping it from the PAL version. I must have spent more time with SSX3 waiting to be connected to another player (and having it fail) than actually playing the game.
  19. Luke


    Insane only I'm afraid. I don't think you'd be able to get good enough scores on Brutal to make the tables anyway. Cool, I had it in my head that it was Brutal, and so the score I think I might have in Insane wouldn't count. However, as it's Insane, I'll have to check my scores tonight to see if I do have one good enough.
  20. Luke


    What difficulty setting are the scores for? Brutal or Insane? or whatever you choose?
  21. Indeed, examples being Cat Stevens and The Flaming Lips or Wire and Elastcia
  22. Luke


  23. They should have just bought the game and distributed it for free on the internet!
  24. Luke


    I've just realised I'm going to have (hopefully) all the following games turn up this month: MK:DD I Ninja 1080 Midway Arcade Treasures Pac-man vs Mario & Luigi Gotcha Force and possibly (depending on wish list purchases): Metal Arms Gregory Horror Show Simpsons Hit & Run Bombastic Pokemon Pinball Sim City 2000 Aaaggghhhh!!!! and I still haven't got even round to unwrapping Wario World or Sonic Adventure DX yet! Gulp!
  25. pop-ups...? hmm, I'm sure I remember something to do with them in the dim and distant past. Aren't they something you get if you're using a naff outdated browser?
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